Chapter 545 – The Greatest Problem

It dropped onto Bai Cheng Feng’s palm, to him it felt as though it weighed a ton; it caused Bai Cheng Feng to uncontrollably bend his waist while his legs went firmly half an inch deep into the ground…

A torrent of emotions flooded Bai Cheng Feng’s heart, if only a drop of the Lion Emperor’s blood contained so much might, then how much power would its main body have?

His previous life’s experiences gave him some information about the Lion Emperor; it was one of the strongest, a Half-Emperor of the demon race…

Despite the feelings going through his heart, he did not reveal those emotions with his face.

“I thank the Lion Emperor for this blessing! This one is called Bai Cheng Feng, the crown prince of Hanging Cloud Empire. I am willing to serve the Lion Emperor and follow your instructions.” Bai Cheng Feng calmly kept the blood essence away.

It was definitely true that his cultivation would increase greatly when he manages to completely refine this drop of essence blood!

However, at the same time, the control the Lion Emperor has on him will also increase. He was already being mildly affected by the Lion Emperor when he practiced and used its cultivation technique. If he were to refine and absorb the Lion Emperor’s blood, then things would be very different, the will of the Lion Emperor would be enough to affect him and determine his life or death…

It was that domineering.

There are no free meals in this world; the Lion Emperor might have said that the blood was bestowed to him because it admired him. But in fact, it was to allow the Lion Emperor to have better control over Bai Cheng Feng.

Others not aware of this detail would definitely received the gift with gratitude and appreciation and would already had refined it without holding back; but to him, a person who retained his previous life’s memories…

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The Lion Emperor curiously asked, “Why did you not refine this emperor’s essence blood on the spot?”

“The blood of the Lion Emperor is too precious, this one wishes it to be effective and use it when I have encountered a bottleneck in my cultivation; I believe it would easily aid me to overcome the bottleneck.” Bai Cheng Feng respectfully replied and continued, “Lord Lion Emperor, having summoned this one here, may I know what your orders are?”

The Lion Emperor was very satisfied with his words, this Demon Man knows to plan for his future, “Do you know the genius of the humans, Ji Mo Ya?”

Bai Cheng Feng’s gaze sharpened, “I do.”

The Lion Emperor coldly said, “He is currently the greatest problem of the demon race, he must not be allowed to develop and grow any further…”

Bai Cheng Feng instantly understood the Lion Emperor’s intention, as he replied with difficulty, “He is now a Mystic Spirit Master, this one might not have the ability to handle him.”

“There’s no need for you to act against him, it is enough to just report his location and movement to this Lion Emperor in detail.”

So, that was the reason the Lion Emperor wanted to see him, Bai Cheng Feng immediately understood why the Lion Emperor chose to demonize him.

It must have had an investigate done about his background…

However, Bai Cheng Feng did not point it out; being intelligent individuals, there were no need to speak any further about this matter, to be used by the Lion Emperor also proved that he was worthy of use. From the start, it was simply a case of using each other for their own mutual gains.

“Then there will be no problems, please be rest assured Lion Emperor.”

After a moment, Bai Cheng Feng continued, “Lord Lion Emperor, please allow this one to receive the Soul Essence Stone from you…”

The Lion Emperor did not hold back on his promise, from mid-air, it tossed a shiny stone over!

“Properly work for this emperor from now on and you will receive all sorts of benefits in the future, helping you reach the realm of King Spirit Master, even to the level of Half-Sage is also possible…”

“Yes! Thank you, Lion Emperor!”


“What’s the rush?” Ji Mo Ya asked Mo Si.

The both of them were at the entrance of the wooden cabin, the gnome refugees in this place have all moved out, leaving an empty cave behind.

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Mo Si replied, “Young Master, I just received some news from a spirit crane from the clan. As the barrier of the Gnome Kingdom prevented the spirit crane from entering, it was received by the Feather Guards outside, causing the message to be delayed. It says that a huge event would be happening at the Holy Court and this event would be happening soon; the clan patriarch instructed that you must attend this event.”

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze darkened, “What event?”

He might be a student of the Holy Court’s Holy Hall, and had been nurtured and taught personally by the Half-Sages since young; they all had great expectations from him. However, he was free to do what he wanted; as for any activities organized by the Holy Court, he had been given the freedom to decide his attendance.

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