Chapter 544 – An Additional Allure

Huan Qing Yan was unable to endure the stimulation and seduction, and she quickly pushed Ji Mo Ya away, “I think it is better that you go out and get busy with you matters!”

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The both of them appeared within the wooden cabin again, their bodies were still thoroughly soaked.

Huan Qing Yan’s slender figure was perfectly displayed, the image of her wet an additional allure.

Ji Mo Ya’s gaze instantly started burning with flames of passion, “Little Yan.”

As he stretched his hand and about to sneak an attack, Huan Qing Yan suddenly blurred and disappeared as she entered her dimension, leaving only a small bowl behind.

The camouflage spell that he had placed on the little bowl before was completely gone already.

Ji Mo Ya’s lips curled as he picked up the bowl and kept it on him. He should address the urgent matters first…

He needs to send men to properly investigate the many things that Huan Qing Yan had brought up.

What was Huan Lass’s birth identity? There were still too many layers of secrets wrapped around her; if these secrets were not unlocked, it might turn into potential dangers, he would never be reassured.

In addition, he has a need to determine Bai Cheng Feng’s current location as well; Bai Cheng Feng has information of the future so he needs to constantly place surveillance on him and observe Bai Cheng Feng’s action.

Even if nothing came out of it, just the fact that Bai Cheng Feng had dared to kiss his woman was enough reason to warrant a visit!

Currently, Bai Cheng Feng’s matter has increased in complexity, it will be fine if he will be willing to cooperate with Ji Mo Ya, but if he didn’t want to, then Bai Cheng Feng will be an unpredictable factor.

In addition, what was the reason that led Mo Si to disturb him? His instincts was telling him that it was likely nothing good.


Lion Demon Clan.

Within a cave was countless palace buildings and they all gave off a majestic feeling.

Having experienced countless pains and suffering, Bai Cheng Feng finally reached the place. Along the way, he had encountered many demons as well as many other demon men.

To the demons, demon men do not possess any rights or status while the type of demons they obey also varied as well.

The demon men displayed various levels of demonization but generally when demonized, their human form would change and they would turn into a half-human and half-demon form.

Once a human willingly turned into a Demon Man, their emotions and will would also be affected and controlled by the Greater Demon that demonized them.

The Lion Emperor that received Bai Cheng Feng was merely a shred of its divine sense, its original body did not appear before him.

The Lion Emperor’s divine sense was a huge illusion of a lion, it looked down on Bai Cheng Feng from its palace and spoke in a voice akin to rumbling thunder, “Human, you dare to come to the place of the Lion Demons with such a pitiful and weak cultivation, aren’t you afraid of being teared apart by other demons along the way?”

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Bai Cheng Fen was not anxious or fearful; in fact, his current appearance did not look much like a human anymore, his clothes were in tatters while his face could not be clearly seen.

“Lord Lion Emperor had once promised me that it would bestow me a piece of Soul Essence Stone, I am specially here to retrieve it.”

The Lion Emperor’s divine sense was startled for a moment before it laughed out loud, “Good, good! Only a lowly True Spirit Master, yet you are not afraid of the oppressive pressure coming from this emperor’s divine sense. You have guts, you have courage!”

How could Bai Cheng Feng not be afraid? Such a powerful pressure being emitted from him despite it not being his actual body, this shred of divine sense was enough to kill him in one move!

In addition, having learnt its cultivation technique, his body would more or less be influence and affected by it.

All he could do was to forcefully resist and control his actions, being a person who had died before, what else was there for him to be fearful of?

It was unknown what was the current state of Little Yan’s soul, he hoped her condition has not worsen yet, he must obtain the Soul Essence Stone.

Bai Cheng Feng bowed his head, “Lord Lion Emperor, I don’t deserve so much praise.”

“As a human, you truly have guts, this emperor really admires you! How about this; this emperor shall bestow you a drop of essence blood, after you absorbed this emperor’s essence blood your cultivation would improve greatly, and if you are lucky, it might even be possible for you to become a Mystic Spirit Master. Come, accept it!”

Out of the empty air, a drop of ruby red blood materialised and descended from the sky.

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