Chapter 534 – Quickly…

Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan exchanged looks, Huan Qing Yan did not know what a Sage or a God Chosen meant, but Ji Mo Yas insider information was definitely much more than her.

His expression was also much more solemn.

The totem instructed his people, Us gnomes should be rightfully living peacefully with the humans, we are after all members of the Spirit Treasure Continent and close allies, there is no need to be too xenophobic. Remember, strength in unity…”

About this point, Dorna did not object, as he and Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan could be considered friends now.

They were trustworthy humans and great friends.

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When the other gnomes, the more stubborn gnomes, heard the sages instructions, they also slowly reduced the hostility they had towards humans.

All of them replied in unison, Yes, Lord Sage!

The totem continued, As this sage will soon fall, the totem will also turn useless and lose its use; there is no need for all of you to stay in the Purple Cloud Mountain Range anymore, start migration. The disciple of the Book Sage, are you willing to help my race to look for a suitable place to live?

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Solemnly, Ji Mo Ya gave his reply, I am willing to help.

Dorna gritted his teeth, if this land loses the power of the totem, then it would only remain as a desolated dead land in the future; there would be no reason to defend or stay in this place!

Lord Sage, why are you dying? Who is the enemy? If us gnomes become strong one day, we will take revenge for Lord Sage…”

The totem laughed dryly, Some matters are better left not known, but if you guys do manage to become powerful to a certain level, you would naturally know. For now, just focus on stabilizing your country and home; properly cultivate and bring glory to the gnomes. As for other matters, just let it be. Now, all of you come stand in front of me…”

Everyone was confused but did not disobey.

Ji Mo Ya pulled Huan Qing Yan and walked up as well.

Currently there were several dozen gnomes including Dorna, plus the two humans, Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan

The all neatly stood in front of the totem.

When suddenly, a mist emerged from the totem, the mist was very dense but still smaller than raindrops, as it spreads out gently towards them

Spirit mist!

What a thick spirit energy!

Some gnomes were displayed a mixed of surprise and happiness, while some felt a sense of sorrow.

As the spirit mist spreads, the voice coming from the totem also got weaker, Stop speaking, this is the last bit of energy that this sage has, quickly absorb it. Since this sage is dying, rather than letting the devil acquire it, I rather bestow this energy to my juniors, quickly focus on absorbing, the faster the better, quickly…”

The words, rather than letting the devil acquire it, had cause everyones mood to turn extremely sullen.

This devil that could kill a sage, what sort of existence was it; it was something they could not imagine.

They could only obediently follow the last wishes of the sage.

The gnomes all sat in meditative positions with heavy hearts as they focused their attention on cultivation instead.

As Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya was about to step back, this was a blessing bestowed by the gnome Sage to his people; as humans, it had not seemed right for them to take this blessing for themselves.

The spirit mist could also benefit them greatly, even the tiny bit that was currently circling Huan Qing Yan was enough to make her entire body feel comfortable.

However, Ji Mo Ya had always been a gentleman, and he did not wish to take advantage of others.

He pulled Huan Qing Yan and was about to leave the area of the spirit mist with her

When the urging voice of the totem spoke to them, The disciple of the Book Sage, my race will be under your care in the future, this sage has no means to repay you except for this spirit mist, so just stay and absorb it as well be quick, the two of you should try to absorb as much as you can, quickly…”

The word quick was repeated several times, and was constantly urging them on, as though his current state within the upper realm was extremely dangerous.

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