Chapter 533 – The Sage Manifested!

Huan Qing Yan looked at him with a pained heart; no one knew why the totem spoke in this manner but from the look of it, it was very powerful and fierce. She thought of going over to Ji Mo Ya and assist him but was stopped by the gaze he sent her.

Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, This junior is indeed a God Chosen, about the reason I came to the land of gnomes, it is a long story and could not be easily described in a few words. Dare I ask, is senior the gnome Sage who had ascended?

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His words shocked everyone.

Dorna and his fellow gnomes had made the same assumption as well, but none had dared to confirm it.

The Sage had manifested!

The reason they dared not make the guess was because the sage had never manifested in front of them before, they had secretly assumed that their sage might have fallen after so many years had passed. Yet why did the sage suddenly appear now?

No matter what, the sage manifesting was great and wonderful news for them!

Dorna and the gnomes all displayed excited expressions, if not for the fact that the situation was still unconfirmed, they would have gone up and worshipped.

The totem replied, This sage is indeed the gnome that ascended all those years ago, this totem was left behind by this sage to support my race and to give them a chance to establish a foothold in the world, yet it attracted the greed of you humans! Earlier on, did you tried to obtain the sealed power within the totem?

The voice was filled with dominance and authority, there was also a shred of killing intent hidden within as well.

Ji Mo Yas expression was bland as he confidently replied, This junior is a God Chosen, the disciple of the Book Sage, do I need to covet after the esteemed Sages totem power?

The totem expressed surprise and its voice turned hopeful, So you Book Sage that old guys cross dimensional disciple, then this old man has indeed wrongly accused you. How often do you communicate with that old Book Sage?

Its words were direct and from the tone, the gnome Sage seemed to know the Book Sage personally. Ji Mo Ya did not try to hide any information, The timings that my master would contact me varies, however, in recent years, there has not been any news from him.

The totem replied in an extremely disappointed tone, Then so be it, the Book Sage should be safe and sound. Simply the fact that he still has the ability to select a suitable disciple from the lower realm has already proved that he is stronger than this old man If the Book Sage ever contact you again, please pass him this message: Be careful of the devil eye, somethings brewing at the turning wheel platform…”

Only Ji Mo Ya heard the last sentence.

Be careful of the devil eye, somethings brewing at the turning wheel platform

Despite Ji Mo Yas knowledge, the sentence also made no sense to him.

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The totem also did not give him the chance to ask further questions as it had stopped speaking to him.

And instead, had turned to face Dorna and the gnomes, to address the juniors of his race.

The young one of my race, earlier on when you tried to activate the totem, this sage was in a tight situation and was unable to answer you, causing you to be unable to activate the totem. This is this sages mistake, I never expected that this mistake of mine would cause our race to undergo such great changes…”

When Dorna heard him, his eyes turned red, he had always assumed that the reason the totem did not activate was because he had been forsaken by the ascended Sage for his lack of qualification as royalty, he did not expect that it was due to other factors.

Lord Sage, us gnomes would lay down our lives to protect Lord Sages honor!

The totems voice paused for a moment before it replied with a slightly listless tone, A pity the time that this sage has in the upper realm is numbered as I am dying. I have been in a state of suspended animation for some time. Without any other alternative, I devoured the cultivation energy of the people you sent to activate me, that was why the soul I left behind within the totem was able to last till so long. Fortunately, encountering a God Chosen had caused this sage to wake up…”

Lord Sage? Dorna asked in a surprised tone.

Dying? The Lord Sage was someone who had ascended to the upper realm, how could such a powerful individual say he was dying?

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