Chapter 535 – Recovered

Ji Mo Ya looked at the thick spirit mist in front of him,originally it descended downwards to the ground but for some unknown reasons, some of it started to spread upwards instead, as though an invisible whirlpool was sucking and devouring the spirit mist in the sky…

This strange phenomenon plus the urgent behavior from the totem had caused Ji Mo Ya to stop any hesitation as he pulled Huan Qing Yan to sit down with him to start cultivating.

“Something seems to be snatching the spirit mist, we must quickly absorb it with our fastest speed…”

Huan Qing Yan and the rest had also noticed that something was wrong; although they were not as sharp as Ji Mo Ya, their instincts told them something similar as well.

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Everyone started to use all sorts of methods to absorb the spirit mist.

Huan Qing Yan possessed dual spirit treasures that have Goose-Egg star talents, this gave her a much faster speed of absorption as compared to ordinary gnomes.

That was nothing compared to Ji Mo Ya, a Mystic Spirit Master, and he focused on absorbing the spirit mists that have floated to the sky, especially those on the verge of being sucked away by that invisible force. As for the portions that were still spreading towards the ground, he wanted to let Huan Qing Yan and the gnomes have it.

Dorna was also a spirit master, a cultivator; however he was also the same as Huan Qing Yan and not a True Spirit Master yet. From the amount he absorbed, one could determine that his talent was not low as well.

As gnomes were not humans, they were unable to attract stars despite having spirit treasures as well, this made it hard to determine how strong was their talent; the stars above their spirit treasures were all dull grey and do not glow.

The other gnomes were also doing their best to absorb the spirit mist, but their speeds were much slower.

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This is a spirit mist absorption battle!

It was unknown when the totem lost its voice and no more sounds came from it.

In less than 15 minutes, the spirit mist was completely sucked by everyone; they had only managed to absorb half of the original amount while the other was taken by the invisible force up in the sky…

If not for Ji Mo Ya’s contest with the whirlpool, most of the spirit mist would had likely been taken by the invisible whirlpool.

The spirit mist had stopped.

However, some gnomes showed signs of being on the verge of ranking up.

More than forty gnomes have managed to rank up by one to two ranks.

Sounds of cheers and celebrations were released.

Initially, Dorna’s spirit treasure was a lemur that was in a translucent state.

But after the event, its state had changed greatly as multiple areas on it showed the signs of it materializing; a black and white head that seemed highly intelligence had appeared, however the image was broken when it started screeched and rolled on the ground.

It has a half solid state!

Dorna had managed to breakthrough and become a True Spirit Master!

As for Huan Qing Yan, the scene of her eighth flying star descending and floated above her head, had sparked waves of envy amongst Dorna and the gnomes.

The gnomes does not have a Star Guiding Pond and would be useless even if they have one built as the Holy Court would not be able to sense their star talent and then send a flying star to strengthen them. This had led to a gap in strength between a gnome and a human cultivator of the same rank.

The Flying Star was a unique blessing bestowed by the Holy Court onto low rank human cultivators only.

As one of the greatest powers of Spirit Treasure Continent, this was a foundation built with the great efforts of countless sages of the past; for the wellbeing of their descendants.

It was also because of the boost from the flying star, that allowed Humanity to resist against the demon race who were innately stronger.

As for Ji Mo Ya, his was low-keyed and no flying star appeared.

The Holy Court has yet to possess the ability to bless a Mystic Spirit Master and to enhance their abilities. Even if a flying star was bestowed, it would only become a waste as the enhancement would be like adding a drop into a bucket.

Human cultivators at the realm of Mystic Spirit Master and beyond do not receive support from the Holy Court through this method.

However, everyone could see the changes that happened to Ji Mo Ya; the power emitted from him was increased greatly, his pale face had also turned rosy and the injuries that covered his body had also completely recovered!

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