Chapter 536 – Young Master Is Wise!

When Mo Si and his group returned to report, they saw the celebrative and bustling atmosphere of cultivators ranking up.

When they inquired about what they had missed, they immediately felt a sense of pity; why did they have to miss such a good opportunity?

“Young Master, congratulation on reaching the middle stage of Mystic Spirit Master, your speed of improvement truly makes people want to worship!”

Ji Mo Ya smiled lightly as he stood up gracefully and looked at Huan Qing Yan who was still in the middle of ranking up.

His situation was just an improvement from an early-stage to a mid-stage Mystic Master, so it was able to be completed quickly.

However, Huan Qing Yan’s situation was slightly more complicated because she was still only a Five Star Spirit Master before the sacrificial ritual; due to the very unstable foundation from ranking up many times within a short period of time, it would take her a longer time to complete the ranking up process as she needed to take it slower…

Except for Ji Mo Ya, only Mo Si remained. To prevent Huan Qing Yan from being disturb, Dorna had gathered his people and left.

The gnomes still have many things to do, from migration preparations to celebrating Dorna’s reaching the realm of True Spirit Masters etc.


Ji Mo Ya was also not in a hurry, the lass can take as long as she needed to rank up as much as possible, he sees this as a period of training for her.

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Therefore, as he observed her condition, he casually asked, “Mo Si, found any clues about the masked men?”

Mo Si started to fidget and replied hesitantly, “We have not managed to learn anything, whenever we caught up to some of the injured ones, they would decisively end their lives while there were no special traits that we can find on their bodies, some even end themselves by corroding their bodies…”

Ji Mo Ya lightly acknowledge the report, “There’s no hurry anyway, since I already have a good guess to their identities.”

“Ah, Young Master is wise! Who are these people?” Mo Si was still confused.

Ji Mo Ya did not immediately reply; he had fought them for a period of time, and despite their efforts to conceal their identities, he was still able to catch onto some clues.

And that lanky individual; had he had not assisted him secretly, Huan Qing Yan might not had woken up so easily and smoothly.

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“It should be the Nan Gong Clan!”

Mo Si asked, “Then what does Young Master plans to do?”

“It was originally an unforgivable act that the Nan Gong Clan dared to use this Young Master to achieve their greed of obtaining the Sage’s Power within the totem!” Ji Mo Ya darkly said. “However, now that nearly all their Mystic Spirit Masters have died, it could already be considered as them receiving their just desserts. In addition, Nan Gong Bei Cheng had after all assist once again, this Young Master could be considered to have owe him a favor instead. So for the time being, we shall not report or do anything.”

Mo Si quickly replied, “Understand! The Nan Gong Clan has been falling out of times over the years, they only have a King Spirit Master who has gone missing for a century and the rest of their strongest strength are just at the level of Mystic Spirit Masters. This time, they have suffered great losses, and no longer posed much of a threat now. That Young Master Bei Cheng seems to be a person of good values, why not we support him to become the next patriarch of the Nan Gong Clan…”

Ji Mo Ya had the same intention as well earlier on, but when he remembered how Nan Gong Bei Chang had always referred to Huan Qing Yan as Little Beauty, an expression that makes him want to beat up Nan Gong Bei Cheng, he decided to put this thought aside.

“Let’s discuss about this in the future. Regarding the Nan Gong Clan, we still need to put some eyes on them for now, in case they start to act strangely.”


At that moment, Goose-Egg flying stars started descending from the sky and floated above Huan Qing Yan’s head.

Huan Qing Yan laughed in the direction of the sky, “Wahahaha, both my spirit treasures had reached the peak stage of Nine Stars! Leafy, Piggy, come out for a walk…”

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