Chapter 537 – Nine Star

The two spirit treasures each had nine stars.

With similar Goose-Egg size star talent, the nine stars floated above their heads and shined brightly!

When the pig spirit treasure came out, it happily ran in circles around Huan Qing Yan.

The size of Piggy had increased by one circle; even fatter than before, it  gave off a much more powerful feeling than before.

The leaf spirit treasure was the same; free after being locked up for such a long time, it floated around Huan Qing Yan’s head and lazily let itself be carried around by the breeze in the air.

A small and slender branch had sprouted from Leafy’s stem but it was still in a translucent state

As they were in the territory of the gnomes and there were no outsiders around, Huan Qing Yan was not worried about summoning both of her spirit treasures at the same time.

Leafy used to be at a lower rank than Piggy, but now, it was also a nine star like the pig spirit, and it started to feel arrogant.

It extended its branch and targeted the pig spirit treasure with its tickle attack.

Being a nine star, the pig spirit treasure was naturally confident about its abilities as well, the attack initiated by the leaf spirit treasure immediately prompt it to chase after it.

After less than 10 seconds of peace, the two spirit treasures had started fighting again.

Ji Mo Ya lightly curled his lips as he looked at Huan Qing Yan in adoration, and he chuckled.


The incident that had befallen the Gnome Kingdom this time had damaged it greatly.

Herbu’s group have all been caught and locked away; while news that the Life Totem would forever remain dull and that the gnomes had just lost the blessings of their sage had caused panic and fear to arise in everyone’s heart.

Fortunately, the situation was eventually stabilized thanks to Dorna’s strong capabilities.

By the time Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya returned to the gnome palace, Dorna had completely taken control of it and had already cleared out most of the remnants of Herbu.

Two gnome ladies in red and green respectively stood at Dorna’s left and right and pulled at his arms.

“Elder Cousin, please do not lock us up, we are not involved with our father’s plans…”

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“Exactly! Elder Cousin, Hong Luan grew up with you; since then young Hong Luan’s heart had always been with you. That time when Hong Luan learnt that Elder Cousin has ran away from home, Hong Luan had cried till my eyes turned puffy, every single day,…”

When Dorna saw Huan Qing Yan and group approaching, he felt somewhat uncomfortable and quickly pushed the two of them away and instructed someone to drag them off.

Hong Luan had wanted to pounce at Dorna again, her sister Qing Luo chose to not do the same as her twin when she saw Ji Mo Ya, instead she turned and pounced towards Ji Mo Ya instead.

“Young Master Ji Mo, my Cousin cannot keep me here thus Qing Luo no longer has a place to stay. Can Young Master Ji Mo bring Qing Luo along to the place of human? Qing Luo guarantees that she will be obedient, I am even willing to be a servant…”

Just as Qing Luo was about to grab hold of Ji Mo Ya’s legs, Huan Qing Yan released her pig spirit treasure and it placed itself in front of Ji Mo Ya.

The nine shining stars on the pig spirit treasure was exceptionally glaring.

Although it was still in a translucent state, it was able to emit a powerful energy field that it used to easily blast away Qing Luo.

It even gave a couple of grunts while displaying a look of disdain at Qing Luo who was blasted away… as if it tried to make a point across; that dumb and ugly gnome dared to snatch master’s man, she’s asking to die!

Qing Luo was only a low rank spirit master, the blast from the pig spirit treasure had caused her to fly several meters away; fortunately, she was not badly injured from the fall due to her small size and light weight.

Huan Qing Yan lightly coughed, “Eh, isn’t that Princess Qing Luo? The one who had offered some love wine to my family’s Young Master? I use to hear the idiom, a small person but big ambitions, and did not understand it. But now that I met Princess Qing Luo, I instantly understood!”

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Ji Mo Ya displayed a calm smile and did not speak, and allowed Huan Qing Yan to do as she pleased.

For him, he only have her in his eyes.

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