Chapter 538 – Secretly Happy

Qing Luo exclaimed in surprise, “You; you are not dumb?”

“So it was because you saw that I had gone dumb, that made you dared to seduce my man! Now that I have recovered, you can forget about trying.” Huan Qing Yan no longer bothered about her and looked towards Dorna, “Bally, you should properly educate the gnome ladies…”

Dorna lightly coughed as the gnome guards had once again caught the twin princesses and dragged them away.

“Silly girl…”

As those words came out of his mouth, Dorna instantly felt that the term was no longer suitable, “Huan Qing Yan, congratulations on ranking up. How is the state of your soul, do you still feel any discomfort?”

Huan Qing Yan giggled, “Bally, you can just call me Little Yan. No matter what, I was once your master, calling me by my full name sounds too foreign! Right?”

Ji Mo Ya stood there gracefully, silently, however due to his halo, his sense of presence made it impossible for people to ignore him.

Dorna threw a glance at Ji Mo Ya before he called a trusted aide, “Go to the treasury and bring me seven hundred thousand spirit stones…”

From the looks of things, if he do not redeem his freedom, Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan would forever treat him as a pet that they bought.

As the leader of race of gnomes, he could not allow it to continue!

At that moment, Ji Mo Ya casually said, “There is no need for the spirit stones. If you still have Treasure Vines, just give me half or a piece of it will do.”

The value of a Treasure Vine was not worth seven hundred thousand spirit stones, but Ji Mo Ya wished to hold on to one in case Huan Qing Yan had a relapse of her condition.

Dorna did not hesitate as he stopped his aide, “On top of the spirit stones, take out a piece of high star Treasure Vine out as well.”

There weren’t many Treasure Vines left within the treasury; the only Nine Star Treasure Vine that they had had been swapped by him so that Huan Qing Yan could eat it.

What they have left were only Seven Star and Eight Star ones.

The aide acknowledged his orders and left.

Huan Qing Yan jokingly said, “Bally, aren’t you rich! Be careful of being rob by others.”

The treasures within the national treasury were accumulated by many generations and did not solely belonged to Herbu. When Herbu was in charge, due to greediness and being a miser, he did not use much of the contents within the treasury. Now that the ruler has changed, everything belonged to Dorna now.

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Dorna deliberately ignored her teasing and pretended that he had not heard her while he secretly sighed in relief.

He had originally thought that she would distanced herself from him when her soul was restored, little did he expect that she was still so carefree and willful… and for that, he was secretly happy.

“Young Master Ya, please take a seat. I am truly grateful for your help this time!”

As the group entered the palace building, Dorna sat on the throne while Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan sat at the position directly in front of him, a position meant for the most esteemed guests, and with them a group of old gnome officials.

Outside the palace on standby, Mo Si and the Feather Guards waited.

Within the palace, when they discussed about the matter of the totem without any powers from now on, all the gnomes felt a deep pain.

Then they discussed about the matter of migration.

“This place had indeed turned into a desolated dead land, Lord Sage had urged us migrate, but where do we go?”

“We are used to living in this land and truly did not wish to leave, but if we don’t, the current drought that caused a shortage of food and water has made survival impossible for us…”


Everyone did not want to move, but the situation did not allowed them to stay even if they wanted to; only death awaits if they continued to stay.

In the end, they all turned towards Ji Mo Ya, “Young Master Ji Mo, Lord Sage had asked you to help as a God Chosen. Please help us, do you perhaps know of a suitable place for us to live?”

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