Chapter 454: Siblings of Dragon Clan

“You… you finally showed your true colors.” Bifei took a step forward and said to Long Yi with rage in her voice.

“Strange… I’m filled with ideas for Liuli but why are you getting in my way? She is my dear maid… Could it be that you are jealous of her? Tsk tsk, although you are a bit older, I can consider taking you in with difficulty.” Long Yi smirked and teased. He pulled Liuli into his embrace and he stared straight at that pair of jade hare on Bifei’s chest. Bifei knew that she would be too ashamed to see Liuli’s mother after this as she had allowed Liuli to wander into the devil’s talons right before her eyes.

“Aunt Bifei, you and Xiaomi can and take a rest first. Young Master is a good person.” In the embrace of Long Yi, Liuli took in the pleasant and masculine smell emitted by Long Yi. Her voice was soft and tender as she spoke to Bifei and Xiaomi.

Good person? The sides of Long Yi’s lips curled upwards. Was this girl Liuli purposely talking about him like this so that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to her?

Before long, Liuli led Long Yi to her room. Looking at that big bed which was dazzling with a golden light, Long Yi couldn’t help but sigh. Magnificent, it was indeed magnificent. However, it was made from ice-cold jade stone and other similar stuff. It lacked warmth and softness. However, the body temperature of a mermaid was a lot lower than mankind. Perhaps sleeping on a bed like this was more to their preference.

“Little mermaid, go and play a song.” Long Yi looked at that harp in the corner and urged Liuli.

“Young Master, you… Aren’t you going to rest?” Liuli said with a red face.

“Hehe, silly girl. I was just joking! However, if you want to accompany me to bed, I don’t mind.” Long Yi smiled and stroked Liuli’s sturdy **

Liuli trembled and her body temperature instantly rose by a few degrees. She hurriedly swayed her fishtail and sat in front of the harp. Calming herself down, her heart rate slowly returned to normal. She reached out her jade hands towards the harp and a beautiful melody appeared in the room.


In the extreme southern part of the vast sea, there was a misty area which looked extremely holy. It was unknown why a steady stream of pure energy was produced, but there were green islands surrounding the place. The islands were hazy and they appeared to be fading in and out of the mist. It appeared just like a fairyland.

These few islands were dominated by the legendary Dragon Race. They had been thriving here for many generations. It was said that many years ago, there used to be people with the Dragon Slayer profession who would cross the vast sea to come to this place. They would risk their life to slay the dragons living on the island. The Dragon Race was fond of collecting and storing treasures. Also, the entire body of a dragon was considered a treasure trove. Dragonskin had a strange ability to defend and resist against magic. Dragon bones and Dragon horns were extremely good material to forge good weapons. The blood of a dragon was said to have the ability to permanently enhance the physical body of a human being. Other than the physical body, it can enhance their magic power and innate resistance.

However, things were different now. The deep blue sea had long changed into a mulberry field. The glorious days of mankind had long since passed. The golden age of Magic Gods and Swords Gods flying everywhere in the sky had already turned into a legend. The Dragon Race had already gone into hiding. Moreover, the magic civilization which mankind had had greatly deteriorated. It had regressed to a point where it was worse than it was centuries ago.

At this time, a golden light flashed through the sea of clouds and landed right in the middle of the largest island.

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The golden light instantly changed into a human form the moment he touched the ground. That badly battered appearance, if he was not the youth from the Dragon Clan who was trashed by Long Yi, who else could he be? This fellow walked on tiptoes and entered a huge cave in front of him. The four walls were decorated with glistening and luminous gems. He looked all around like a thief and sneaked into the cave on his right.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed and a long and slender jade hand grabbed on to the ears of this youth. A crisp voice sounded out and cursed in his ear, “Smelly brat, are you not afraid of death? You are going to drive me insane soon. You actually had the guts to sneak out of Dragon Island on your own. If father emperor had discovered your actions, even your big sister, me, would be implicated by your actions.”

“Big sister, I admit my mistakes! Hurry up and release me, it’s so painful!” The youth from the Dragon Race repeatedly begged for mercy.

“Humph, if there is a next time, you’ll see how I put you in your place. Eh… Your face, what happened to it? On Dragon Island, who would dare to beat you up so badly?” A young girl from the Dragon Race who had similarly transformed into human form stared at the face of her younger brother and asked with concern in her voice. She was wearing skin tight clothing which was made by the transformation of her golden dragon scales. Her figure was extremely hot. Those full breasts and pert buttocks coupled with her slender waist gave her the perfect curvy figure in every woman’s dream. As for her face, it was beautiful and elegant. She had a valiant and heroic aura which surrounded her. Looking carefully, there was a small piece of golden dragon scale buried in the space between her eyebrows.

The youth from the Dragon Race felt awkward. Where would he find the face to say that a human was the one who rode on his back? The same human was the one who gave him a good trashing until his face was as swollen as a pig’s.

“Lugexiya, will you speak or not? I don’t mind letting you taste the pain again.” This young girl from the Dragon Race ferociously said and she slammed her younger brother to the ground.

“Don’t, don’t! My good big sister, I’ll talk. Don’t do anything else to me.?” Lugexiya had never been a dragon with backbone. He was immediately scared by his big sister’s threats.

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He quickly explained the matter of him going to the bottom of the sea to his big sister. About how he wanted to snatch a piece of the Purple Gold Soul Stone which belonged to a mermaid and was beaten up by a human in the end.

“What? A human? You are saying that he used his fists to beat you up? Until you look like this?” The young girl from the Dragon Race exclaimed in surprise. All human beings were weak in the eyes of everyone in the Dragon Race. Although there used to be dragon slayers a very long time ago, when all was said and done, that was merely a legend.

“I definitely didn’t make a mistake. The strength of that fellow was truly tyrannical. His body seemed to contain a mysterious power which could increase his strength by several hundred times. He was truly an unfathomable fellow. If it was not for him suddenly losing his consciousness for an unknown reason, he might have already peeled off my dragon skin.” Lugexiya spat in anger. He told his big sister everything without concealing anything at all. There wasn’t a single lie in his words. So what if he was unable to defeat the human? Maybe, this was the path to become a strong dragon in the Dragon Race.

“So you are saying that the human is very strong?” The eyes of the young girl sparkled with excitement.

“Of course! Otherwise, how could I, the second tyrant dragon king, be defeated so badly?” Lugexiya snorted.

Although he knew that he wasn’t in his peak form due to the fight with the mermaid, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the human. He might have been exhausted after battling with the mermaid for so long but after thinking about how powerful the human was, the youth came to a conclusion. Even if he was in his peak state, he would be unable to defeat that human.

“You are a fart compared to the tyrant dragon king.” The young girl from the Dragon Race knocked the head of her younger brother. Some youths in the Dragon Race called her younger brother the second tyrant dragon king in the Dragon Race. She had similarly been named the first tyrant dragon king in the Dragon Race. From this, anyone could tell how fiery her temper was.

The two siblings whispered to each other for a long time. The swelling face of Leguxiya looked like a steamed stuffed bun which even a dog would ignore if thrown to it. Digestive fluids rose from his stomach to his mouth but Leguxiya forcefully swallowed them.

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