Chapter 455: The pleasure of clandestine love affair

The sea breeze whistled and great waves roared. The sandy beach under the starlight appeared obscure yet beautiful. The seawater was glistening, reflecting the starlight off its surface.

Long Yi stepped on the waves to return to Blue Moon City. Unknowingly, he had gone out to the sea for more than a day. Floating in the air, Long Yi arrived on the sandy beach with just a few flashes. Now, AoTianJue had already broken through to the fifth layer. This was the level which he had achieved after 25 full years of training in his previous life. It took him less than five years to re-cultivate to this level in this different world. Moreover, the power he possessed now was almost twice of what he had in his previous world.

Feeling the internal force which was surging in his body, Long Yi felt a sense of loss and sadness flash through him. The distant memory shot at the soft part of his heart and Long Yi felt pain in his heart.

Clang, Long Yi took out a sword from his space ring and started a sword dance under the moon. The shadow of the sword fluttered in the wind and became one with the shadow of the human wielding it. It restrained the bloody killing intent and left only elegance and gracefulness in its wake. He remembered that this agile swordsmanship was Little Qi’s favorite technique.

Long Yi soared into the sky and the sword instantly slipped out of his hand. It brightly streaked across the sky just like a shooting star, flying towards a distant boulder on the beach. Along with a loud rumbling sound, the boulder and everything within the radius of ten meters was leveled to the ground. Turning around, the sword acted as if it had an intelligence of its own. It returned to Long Yi’s arm and continued with the dance. Swinging about in the air, the sword sent out invisible sword waves which made deep marks on the sandy ground. After his AoTianJue broke through to the fifth layer, he could use the Void Severing Sword Technique. It was a sword technique which could kill people without any trace from some distance away. It could sever the head of the enemy general even if he camps in the midst of thousands of soldiers.

Swish, Long Yi’s hand pointed behind him and the sword in the sky emitted pallid light. It shot into another boulder which was behind him. A gentle and graceful figure beside that boulder didn’t even bat an eyelid. Instead, she just watched Long Yi with a smile on her face.

“This is truly an amazing sword skill. There isn’t even the slightest fluctuation of douqi, but it seems more terrifying than douqi. Ximen Yu, how many skills do you have hidden up your sleeves?” Mu Hanyan smiled and said. She stretched out her jade hand to grab the hilt of the sword. The moment her hand touched the hilt of the sword, the boulder changed into a pile of dust.

Long Yi’s mood had already reverted back to normal after performing the sword dance. He walked over with a smile and said, “My proprietress, why are you everywhere? In the dead of the night, why would you run over here? Could it be that you already know that I’ll appear here?”

Mu Hanyan looked at the pile of powder in front of her and sized up the sword in her hand. She quickly replied Long Yi, “I am not a roundworm inside your stomach. How would I know that you’ll appear here? The reason why I came out was because I couldn’t fall asleep. Who would have thought that I’ll be able to see you practicing your sword skill here? Anyway, I think that the sword dance would look better if a girl was the one performing it.”

“This sword skill is originally meant for girls.” Long Yi indifferently shrugged his shoulders as he threw the sword into his space ring after getting it back from Mu Hanyan.

Mu Hanyan’s eyes flashed but she didn’t speak about the matter of the sword dance again. Walking over to Long Yi, she hugged his hand. She pulled on Long Yi as she dragged him along the sandy beach. A kind of warm feeling filled the heart of the two of them as they strolled along the beach. Under the starry sky and dim light of the night, the heart of the two people seemed to have gotten a lot closer. There were no misgivings and no schemes. This was an extremely refreshing feeling for the both of them.

After walking for a bit they picked a boulder and sat down.

“If this moment can last for a lifetime, how wonderful would that be?” Mu Hanyan leaned on Long Yi’s shoulders and muttered with her eyes half closed.

“If this moment lasted for your whole life, wouldn’t that be boring?” Long Yi smiled and said.

Mu Hanyan looked up at Long Yi and grumbled in a flirty manner, “Why don’t you have a bit of fun with me? We’ll see if you want to cherish this moment throughout your lifetime.”

“Fun?” Long Yi touched his nose. With a cheeky smile on his face, Long Yi replied Mu Hanyan, “As a matter of fact, I already want to have fun with you. If you can do something, I don’t mind staying here for my entire life.”

Mu Hanyan bit her lower lip and watched Long Yi with her bewitching eyes as she teased, “Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Long Yi’s heart shook and he lifted Mu Hanyan’s chin with his hand. Bending over, he kissed her lips and softly said with a smirk, “Degenerate like this.”

“Is this enough?” Mu Hanyan hugged Long Yi’s neck as she stuck out her fragrant tongue. She licked Long Yi’s lips with her eyes filled with seductive stirrings of love.

“Lascivious hussy, don’t seduce me again. Be careful or I will eat you on the spot.” The heartbeat of Long Yi involuntarily accelerated. Facing the teasing of such a great beauty, which man would be able to endure?

“Do you dare?” Mu Hanyan giggled and slightly opened her lips. She nibbled on Long Yi’s earlobes. Moreover, her nimble little tongue often moved around his ears to tease him. She put good use to the techniques Long Yi used on her body.

Long Yi used his big hand to firmly pinch Mu Hanyan’s buttocks. He followed that up with a direct attack on her most important place. His hand entered her skirt and began to play dirty tricks on her private place. It was already moist and ready for Long Yi.

Mu Hanyan moaned and was unwilling to be outdone. She reached out her little hand and kneaded Long Yi’s family jewels.

“Having sex outdoors?” Long Yi had this thought in his heart and was greatly stimulated. Making love on this sandy beach while listening to the sound of the sea waves, it should be extremely enjoyable.

With this thought in his mind, he immediately began to take action. The passion in his heart increased.

When Long Yi got rid of the Mu Hanyan’s outer gown, she unexpectedly didn’t resist at all. On the contrary, she fully cooperated. Conversely, Long Yi was somewhat worried. He thought about whether he should set up a barrier or not. It would be much safer if he did. When all was said and done, when wholeheartedly immersed in making love, it was very difficult to focus his spirit power on the surrounding area.

It was as though she noticed Long Yi’s intentions. Mu Hanyan wrapped her legs around Long Yi’s waist and whispered into his ear, “Don’t do those things that will get in our way. Bai Yu is there as a guard. There won’t be any problems.”

Having heard what she said, Long Yi no longer hesitated. He completely peeled off their clothing one by one and the two of them rolled about on the sandy beach. The moaning and sound of flesh colliding resounded in the midst of the sound of waves. The stars were even livelier. It was as though the stars in the sky didn’t want to miss the good play.

In the midst of making love, Mu Hanyan opened her blurred eyes and bit onto Long Yi’s ear as she said, “Carry me behind the rock! Someone is coming.”

Long Yi’s sprint had just reached the critical moment but he knew that he had to stop the moment he heard Mu Hanyan’s words. He waved his hands and the clothing on the ground rolled up. Carrying the beauty who was still entangled on his body, the two of them flashed behind a rock. Once they knew that the rock covered their entire bodies, the lower part of the two people stuck close. They made the most primitive moment.


Not long after, two figures came over from far away and stopped near the rock the two of them were hiding behind.

“Yinyin and Ruyue……” Long Yi stealthily looked over and nearly lost his consciousness. Why on earth did these two women appear here? Why did they come at such a critical timing?

When she heard Long Yi’s words, Mu Hanyan also tilted her body and looked over. She whispered in the ears of Long Yi, “Your legal wife is here and we are carrying out clandestine love affair right before her eyes. Aren’t you especially stimulated?”

Originally, Long Yi didn’t think about it this way. However, after hearing Mu Hanyan’s words, a different kind of stimulation appeared in his heart. He ferociously slammed his lower body into Mu Hanyan. Mu Hanyan trembled and bit Long Yi’s shoulder. She was afraid that she would let out a moan and reveal their position to the two girls.

Not long after, Mu Hanyan’s legs softened and she struggled down from Long Yi’s embrace. Placing both her hands on the rock, she stuck up her soft and fair private part which had spring dew all over. Under the starlight, she looked so obscene. She turned her head back to stare at Long Yi and grumbled, “What are you waiting for, hurry up and stick it in me!”

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated. He pinched Mu Hanyan’s pert buttocks and propped up his spear. Stealthily looking at Nalan Ruyue and Yinyin who were not far away from them, Long Yi entered Mu Hanyan.

The strong stimulation made these two people endlessly excited and their action created some lewd sounds. However, under the cover of the sound of the sea waves crashing against the shore and the sea breeze blowing over the ocean, it wasn’t conspicuous at all.

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All of a sudden, Nalan Ruyue and Yinyin who were in the midst of conversation turned around and started walking towards the rock.

“Yu, should we run?” Mu Hanyan looked back and whispered. However, her waist was still moving backwards towards Long Yi’s rod.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and lied on Mu Hanyan’s back. He smiled and said, “What is there to fear? There is no way they’ll circle around this rock.”

Sure enough, Nalan Ruyue and Yinyin leaned on the rock as they continued to chat. Listening to their conversation, the contents of their conversation included Yinyin’s complicated emotions towards Ling Feng. This surprised Long Yi. These two girls should not be too familiar with each other. How were they able to reach such a stage of friendship in a day? Yinyin was even pouring out the pain in the bottom of her heart to Nalan Ruyue.

The two people behind the rock became all the more excited as a faint fragrance blew towards them with the help of the sea breeze.

Long Yi couldn’t help himself. He started to move again and Mu Hanyan gritted her teeth. Her entire body trembled and the tide like pleasure made her let out a moan involuntarily.

“Yinyin, did you hear something?” The ears of Nalan Ruyue moved and she asked Yinyin.

“No.” Yinyin replied.

“Then I must have heard wrongly.” Nalan Ruyue smiled and replied.

Yinyin nodded her head and she suddenly clamped her legs. With urgency in her voice, she apologized to Nalan Ruyue, “Princess, I need to pee urgently. I will go and relieve myself.”

“Mmm.” Nalan Ruyue and no objections as she couldn’t control everyone’s bodily needs.

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Yinyin made her way to the back of the rock without any hesitation and took off her pants. She squatted down not too far away from where Long Yi and Mu Hanyan were doing the deed. Her shining white buttocks were suddenly exposed in front of their eyes.

At this moment, Long Yi and Mu Hanyan moved into the shadow of the rock. With his spirit power, Long Yi wrapped dark magic elements around them and they became one with the darkness.

Looking at Yinyin’s shining white and plump buttocks, coupled with the sound of water when she was peeing, Long Yi was so excited that he erupted inside Mu Hanyan. Mu Hanyan’s body instantly became soft and she was unable to move any longer.

Yinyin pulled up her pants and walked away. She didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and she definitely didn’t know that a pair of evil man and woman had peeped at her in the dark.

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