Chapter 456: Blood Cursing Magic

“Princess, where did he go? I didn’t see him for an entire day and night.” Yinyin asked Nalan Ruyue after returning.

Nalan Ruyue shook her head and replied with some hidden bitterness in her voice, “I have no idea… Only the gods would know where he went. He probably went to look for his mistress.”

Behind the rock, Mu Hanyan who was lying limp in Long Yi’s bosom used her little hand to pinch Long Yi’s waist. It was because he was really with his mistress, just like what Nalan Ruyue said.

As for Long Yi, he was speechless. Come to speak of it, he had truly went to look for his mistress. Liuli was one of them and Mu Hanyan was no exception. It was just that he found the other mistress instead of the one he was looking for.

“Aren’t you jealous? There are so many other women beside him.” The eyes of Yinyin glimmered as she asked with a smile.

“What’s the use of being jealous? Since I am unable to control him, I can only let him do what he wants.” Nalan Ruyue sighed softly. It was impossible for any woman to say that she didn’t care about these things. However, since she loved Long Yi with all her heart, everything else seemed unimportant. Sometimes, accustomization could also be a terrifying thing. For instance, Nalan Ruyue was already accustomed to Long Yi having other beauties around him. She was also used to him sleeping with the rest of them. What else was she supposed to do? She was already used to it.

“Is that so?” Yinyin had a pensive look on her face.

“Yinyin, why on earth are you asking so much? Don’t tell me you also……” Nalan Ruyue looked at Yinyin with a grin on her face and teased her.

“What? Are you afraid that I will snatch him away?” Yinyin provoked.

“If you have the abilities, you can snatch him away for all I care. However, it’s getting late. We should return. Perhaps, my husband is already back.” Nalan Ruyue smirked. She appeared to be very impatient. She felt as though something was missing and her heart was empty when Long Yi wasn’t beside her.

The two women gradually got further away and disappeared before long.

“Yu, was that stimulating enough for you?” Mu Hanyan chuckled as she turned her head to look at Long Yi. At this moment, she was shining with splendor and she was extremely satisfied.

“Messing around occasionally is not too bad. However, there is a psychological issue.” Long Yi pinched Mu Hanyan’s ** and he gently pushed her off his body. He used a water ball to wash himself before wearing his clothes.

“Do you suspect that I have a physiological issue?” Mu Hanyan snorted.

“What are you talking about? If you have an issue, won’t I have more of an issue? Only a few women in this world can be as open as you.” The corners of Long Yi’s mouth curled upwards and he pacified Mu Hanyan.

“That depends on who I’m with.” Mu Hanyan also began to wash her body.

“Are you open to many other people other than me?” Long Yi narrowed his eyes and started to question her.

Mu Hanyan chuckled as she replied, “Why on earth are you looking at me like this? Currently, you are the only one. However, if you don’t know how to cherish me, I’ll go and look for another guy.”

“You dare? You little succubus.” Long Yi laughed out loud. Even though he was laughing, he had no idea if she was joking about it or not.

After the two of them were done washing up and fully clothed, a white shadow flashed. Mu Hanyan’s big white crane appeared and started to walk around Mu Hanyan.

“I say, proprietress, this huge bird of yours is really good. How about giving it to me?” Long Yi looked at the white crane who was walking around Mu Hanyan as it combed its own lustrous feathers. He asked with a cheeky smile on his face.

“Well, I have no objections if Bai Yu is fine with that.” Mu Hanyan lightly laughed and replied Long Yi.

“Bai Yu, come here! I’ll help you look for a handsome and strong bird to be your husband.” After hearing that Mu Hanyan had no objections, Long Yi used a gentle voice to call for Bai Yu.

Bai Yu stood still as if continued to comb its lustrous feathers. It completely ignored Long Yi. Mu Hanyan covered her mouth with her little hand as she laughed, “That’s enough, Bai Yu is definitely not a rogue like you.”

Long Yi simply curled his lips upwards as he continued, “I must have made a mistake. Bai Yu is definitely a male. Everyone says that the same kind repels each other. I refuse to believe that this bird isn’t a perverted bird.”

Mu Hanyan giggled, “Don’t speak nonsense, my Bai Yu is a genuine Divine Luan Princess from the Tianya Mountain Range.”

“Such a big background. However, where is that Tianya Mountain Range?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“It’s in… Nevermind, I’m not telling you. Perhaps, you will know one day.” Mu Hanyan stopped talking halfway and she slowly broke out into a smile. She stared into Long Yi’s eyes with her seductive gaze.

“Forget it. Since you don’t want to speak, I won’t force you. The night is long. Since I’m done with having an affair outside, I’ll return to accompany my beloved Ruyue.” Long Yi smiled and prepared to leave.

“Damned heartless person! You’re leaving the moment you’re done eating. Are you treating me fairly?” Mu Hanyan said with hidden bitterness in her voice.

“Since we were carrying out a clandestine love affair, we should naturally follow the rule of the clandestine love affair. If you want fairness, then you should return with me to the imperial palace.” Long Yi said with a cheeky smile on his face.

“You think I won’t dare to return with you?” Mu Hanyan raised her eyebrows and asked.

“You should have already heard what Ruyue said. She definitely won’t say anything even if you appeared in the imperial palace with me. Let’s go, I’m really sleepy.” Long Yi said and pulled Mu Hanyan’s hand.

“Well, don’t play anymore. Hurry up and go back to enjoy your happy fate of the man from Qi. I have no time to fool around with you.” Mu Hanyan said with a smile as she struggled free from Long Yi’s grasp. It was impossible for her to enter the imperial palace with him.

Long Yi looked at Mu Hanyan with a warm smile and pulled her into his bosom. He gave her a light kiss on her smooth and bright forehead and said, “Then, I am leaving. You should also return and rest early.”

“Mmm.” Mu Hanyan agreed with a cute voice. Long Yi’s gentle and caring behavior made her feel warm in her heart.

Looking at the disappearing back view of Long Yi, Mu Hanyan still felt the warm kiss on her beautiful face. She sighed softly and started stroking Bai Yu’s soft feather. She started talking to Bai Yu instead, “Bai Yu, should I truly keep going on this path? Is my choice correct?”

Bai Yu lightly cried out. It seemed to be consoling her master who was immersed in her own thoughts.

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Under the moonlight, Long Yi entered Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarters from the balcony. The bed curtain was already lowered and he could sense that there were two beauties sleeping on the bed.

He threw off his outer robe and lifted up the curtains. He squeezed his way into the middle of the both of them. In any case, he was already accustomed to sleeping together with the Nalan sisters. He didn’t feel that it was inappropriate for him to sleep in the middle of the both of them.

Long Yi’s arms wrapped around the two beauties and pulled them into his embrace. Currently, the soft mounds of the two women were pressed against his arm.

Long Yi suddenly felt that something was wrong. Nalan Ruyue was fine. Her breasts were firm and elastic. However, it was impossible for Nalan Rumeng’s to be as big as Nalan Ruyue’s.

“Ah!” A scream resounded and a few light balls floated above the big bed. Yinyin who was only in translucent lingerie used the extremely thin bed sheet to wrap her body and her beautiful face flushed bright red.

Long Yi touched his nose awkwardly. He slowly turned his head to look at Nalan Ruyue who had pulled a long face. Turning his head again, he looked at Yinyin who was embarrassed and looked at the floor. Knowing that it was his mistake, Long YI got off the bed obediently.

“This…… I didn’t know…… What is Yinyin doing here?” Long Yi sat on the sofa and asked.

Nalan Ruyue who was also wearing sexy underwear got off the bed and snorted, “I asked Yinyin to sleep together with me. Who would have thought that my husband would suddenly return from whatever he was doing. I thought that you would continue to enjoy the warm and fragrant jade outside tonight.”

“Eh……” Long Yi wisely chose to not speak.

Seeing as Long Yi had admitted defeat, Nalan Ruyue broke out into a smile. She started to signal Long Yi with her eyes.

Long Yi was startled and he shrugged his shoulders.

When Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue were arguing, Yinyin was done wearing her clothes. Her beautiful face was still somewhat red as she quickly said, “I will go back now. I won’t disturb you two any longer.”

“It’s so late, you can stay. I’ll go look for another room to sleep.” Long Yi stood up and said.

“Right, Yinyin, stay. It was my fault just a moment ago. It was my fault for thinking that my husband wouldn’t return for the night.” Nalan Ruyue also persuaded Yinyin to stay.

“No, I will go back.”Yinyin persisted.

Seeing as Yinyin was so persistent, Nalan Ruyue helplessly looked at Long Yi and urged, “My husband, this is all your fault. As a punishment, escort Yinyin back.”

“Fine.” Seeing that Yinyin was persistent, Long Yi no longer persuaded her.

Leading Yinyin away from the balcony, he flew towards the direction of her house.

All along the road, it was silent. When they finally arrived at the man-made woods not far away from her residence, Yinyin descended. Her expression had already reverted back to normal and she said to Long Yi, “It’s enough that you brought me all the way here. You can go back now.”

“I am truly sorry for what happened just now in Nalan Ruyue’s room.” Long Yi opened his mouth and apologized.

Yinyin shook her head and she replied Long Yi, “It doesn’t matter, I was also at fault. Yesterday, I originally came to look for you. However, I couldn’t find you and I started to chat with the princess instead. Maybe it had been too long since I chatted with another person. I poured my heart out to the princess and she was really understanding. She was extremely gentle and good at understanding others. ”

Why did these words sound so…… Long Yi’s heart started thumping. Was the trauma suffered by Yinyin too deep? Did she change her sexual orientation because of Ling Feng? This was no trivial matter.

“Why on earth are you looking at me like this? Are you thinking that I……” Seeing the strange expression on Long YI’s face, Yinyin knew that Long Yi was letting his imagination run wild. When she thought of the possibilities, she couldn’t help but fly into a rage due to her shame.

“No, I’m not thinking about any wrong things.” Long Yi hastily pleaded innocence.

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“You’re still denying it… Humph!” Yinyin was so angry that she wanted to tear Long Yi up into many pieces. However, after extending her hand towards Long Yi to hit him, she retracted it again. She realized that it was inappropriate for her to do something like this.

“Well, since I was in the wrong, I’ll let you hit me.” Long Yi grabbed Yinyin’s retracting hand. He pulled the hand towards himself as he used it to hit his chest. After hitting himself with Yinyin’s hand, he wished her good night and left.

Yinyin stood where Long Yi left her and she looked to the sky in a trance. She blankly stared at her own fist after Long Yi disappeared into the distance. That limp and numb feeling she felt when she came into contact with him made her heartbeat accelerate. What exactly was that feeling? Yinyin had no idea what she was feeling at that moment.


Proud Moon Empire, in the secret altar of the Dark Church, there was a spacious secret room underground. Inside that secret room, a beautiful woman with sea blue beautiful hair was seated cross-legged on the ground. She wore a pitch-black magic robe that had dark golden mysterious runes drawn on it. A thin dark mist circled around her and she appeared to be extremely strange.

Suddenly, the beautiful woman opened her eyes. Her blue pupils became black and it appeared to be a black hole spinning at high speed.

“Fire of soul, burn with the parent blood as a medium. Blood Cursing Magic.” The beautiful woman flicked her finger and a drop of blood flew into the air. It exploded into flashes of dazzling bloody light before disappearing into the air.

At this very moment in the Mea Holy Magic Academy, Shui Ruoyan who was sleeping soundly opened her eyes. A strange black light flashed in them and she got off the bed. Looking at the color of the sky outside her window, a strange smile appeared on Shui Ruoyan’s face. She muttered, “Isn’t tonight the last time grandmother has to be treated? She should be cured very soon.”

Shui Ruoyan opened the wardrobe and retrieved a wooden box from the bottom part. She opened it and three long blood-red needles appeared before her eyes.

Picking up these three blood-red needles, Shui Ruoyan walked out of her room. She walked slowly towards her grandmother, Shui Linglong’s, room.

There was a layer of water magic barrier blocking her, however, she pressed her hand which was flashing with a dark light on the barrier and it disappeared. After waiting for some time, she walked into the room as usual. The only difference was that Shui Linglong who was sitting cross-legged on the bed in meditation didn’t notice her at all.

Shui Ruoyan stood in front of Shui Linglong as if she was a ghost. She sized up her grandmother who had raised her up for so long with a strange smile on her face.

“Grandmother, I want to help you with the treatment.” Blood red light flashed in Shui Ruoyan’s hand and she held a single needle between her fingers. Her beautiful eyes glimmered and the blood needle in her hand stabbed into Shui Linglong’s head as fast as lightning. It went all the way into Shui Linglong’s head, revealing only the base of the needle outside her body.

Shui Linglong trembled but she didn’t wake up. However, her consciousness sank deeper.

Shui Ruoyan took out the second blood needle and pierced it into Shui Linglong’s head from her left ear.

“Grandmother, this is the final needle. You will be fine soon.” Shui Ruoyan broke into a twisted smile as she stared at the final blood needle. All of sudden, she stabbed it towards Shui Linglong’s right ear.

When the blood needle came into contact with her skin, it easily pierced through. However, when the sharp tip of the needle pierced the skin, a golden douqi appeared and blew against Shui Ruoyan. She was sent flying by the golden douqi with the final needle in the hand.

A figure wearing a purple gown appeared in this room out of thin air. She carefully observed Shui Linglong’s condition. Her graceful and beautiful face slowly became tense. She was precisely Swords God, Aunt Ou.

“Demonic old woman! You actually stopped me from curing my grandmother. I’ll kill you.” Shui Ruoyan crawled up from the ground as she screamed. Several black lights made a surprise attack towards the Female Swords God from different angles. This was the Ninth Heaven Dark Magic from the Dark Church.

Bang, the golden light flashed around the female Swords God’s body and the black lights were instantly dispersed. She hit the back of Shui Ruoyan’s neck and she quickly lost consciousness.

The moment Shui Ruoyan lost her consciousness, the beautiful woman in the Dark Church trembled. Her chest rapidly rose and fell as she vomited a mouthful of blood. She had a ferocious and vicious expression on her face.

The female Swords God turned before placing her hand on Shui Linglong’s head. There was a golden glow on her hand which forced the blood needles out. The two blood needles slid out of Shui Linglong’s head and blood sprayed out of the wounds. Shui Linglong’s complexion became pale like paper the moment the needles left her body.

The female Swords God took out a crystal bottle and took out a snow white transparent pill. She stuffed it into Shui Linglong’s mouth.

Shui Linglong’s pale complexion improved and the color returned to her face. She regained consciousness before long.

The next day, Shui Ruoyan entered the hall while patting her neck. For an unknown reason, she felt a weird coming from her neck. The pain was there the moment she woke up and it felt as though someone ruthlessly hit the back of her neck when she was asleep. The moment she entered the hall, she saw her grandmother, Shui Linglong, sitting at the dining table. There were different kinds of breakfast on the table.

Shui Ruoyan was startled. Although the relationship between Shui Ruoyan and Shui Linglong had improved greatly due to Long Yi, there was still the shadow of her childhood. It was very difficult for Shui Linglong care so much about Shui Ruoyan. Moreover, they never had breakfast together before.

“Ruoruo, come over and have your breakfast.” Shui Linglong looked at Shui Ruoyan with tenderness in her eyes.

Shui Ruoyan’s nose became sour and tears were welling up in her eyes. It had already been many years since she had last heard this intimate nickname coming from her grandmother.

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