Chapter 160: Did She Have Anything To Do With Our Break-Up Five Years Ago?


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The most important point is, where is Si Zheng Ting?  Wasn’t he on the car with her?

The red wine she drank was pretty mellow, so she isn’t really suffering from any bad hangover, just her body feels a little sore.

She searches for her phone on the bed, wanting to look at the time.

When she cannot find it, she gets down the bed, wanting to turn the light on so that she can search easier.

The moment her feet gets in contact with the soft rug, her eyes catch the silhouette of someone standing in the balcony.

She is initially shocked, but after thinking about it, other than her, only one other person can enter the room as simply.

Her heart trembles in happiness.  She walks to the balcony and slides open the door separating them.  The moment the cold air hits her, her mind clears up a little.

She momentarily pauses, before walking over to him.

The night is still dark.  No stars can be seen on the dark canvas, only a lonely crescent moon.

The faint outline of the mountains can be seen from afar.  The night is quiet and cold.

Her heart becomes quiet and cold as well.

Some words can cause estrangement, so it is better to say them more clearly.

She walks on to him.

Si Zheng Ting is wearing his white dress shirt, his hands tucked inside his pant’s pockets.  He stares into the distance for who knows how long, to the point where he looks like a stone statue.

When he hears the sound of the door opening, he continues to watch the view icily.

Zhuang Nai Nai bites her lips as she stands next to him.

This silent atmosphere is giving her courage.

There are no expensive suits and protective guards here, only Si Zheng Ting and her.  He almost feels like the Si Zheng Ting he was, five years ago.

Zhuang Nai Nai follows the direction he is looking at, none of them saying anything for the longest time.

After a while, she breaks the silence, “I was wrong with how I handled that gift, I am sorry.”

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Now that she has said that, she feels like admitting fault isn’t really that hard after all.

Si Zheng Ting is not that high-and-mighty, they can still communicate.

She does not care if he is listening or not.  She smiles a little before saying, “Your mother and I met once, five years ago.”

She purses her lips, “She…… She did some bad things to me.  I already promised her I will not tell you anything.”

She recollects everything that happened these past few days.  The housekeeper secretly contacted Ding Mengya for her, and instead of obstructing their relationship, Ding Mengya actually helped her by giving her Su Yan Bin’s number.

Zhuang Nai Nai sighs.

No matter how many disgusting deeds she has done, Ding Mengya does not seem to be planning to separate them this time.  Zhuang Nai Nai will never like her, but things can definitely work if they don’t have to meet each other.

Zhuang Nai Nai lowers her head, “We already said we would forget the past.  Let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Forget everything?

There is finally a change in Si Zheng Ting’s expression.  Who is right or wrong, does not matter anymore?

A feeling of relief washes over him.

He suddenly realizes that even he is scared.  Scared that his wife and mother might not make it through this obstacle.

He is quiet for a while before asking, “Five years ago, you suddenly broke up with me.  Did it have something to do with her?”

Zhuang Nai Nai’s expression turns frozen.

Did it have something to do with her?

Her memory takes her back to five years back.



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