Chapter 134: Flying Leaves Assassination!

When they saw how Cheng Yu was eager to continue singing, Lin Yuhan and Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu curiously. Lin Yuhan could no longer hold back her curiousity as she asked, ”Cheng Yu, have you not sang before?”

“Nope. This is my first. How was it? Am I very talented?” Cheng Yu did not know whether the previous owner of the body had sang before, but at least the current him had not. That was why after he sang, Cheng Yu felt that this activity was quite interesting.

Lin Yuhan and Yao Na looked at each other and forced a smile, ”This…is not bad I guess. Actually I feel that you should listen to your singing after you finish a song. This way, you can easily improve yourself.”

“Hmmm…what you said is reasonable. Although I am gifted, there will still be somewhere that I am can improve. Next time, when there’s a chance, I will sing and hear myself afterwards,” Cheng Yu was still in a singing mood. Evidently, he did not notice the strange look everyone was giving him.

“Cough! Cough!” When the duo saw Cheng Yu was so pleased with himself, they did not wish to strike Cheng Yu down. They told Cheng Yu that they were going to the washroom before leaving the private room.

When Cheng Yu saw everyone was so high-spirited and outdoing each other in picking their songs, Cheng Yu could no longer endure it as he went forward to sit at the song machine. However, the songs Cheng Yu knew was too few. Even though he had remembered parts of the songs his classmate had sang, he did not like those songs.

When the others saw that Cheng Yu once again wanted to pick a song, everyone immediately became anxious. When they noticed Cheng Yu had already picked a song, they quickly pushed his song to the bottom of the queue.

Cheng Yu waited and waited, but his song did not appear. Thus, he asked Fatty, ”Why is it still not my turn yet?”

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Fatty smiled awkwardly, ”Hehe! Boss, there are so many people who have picked a song, so your turn will definitely not be so quick.”

Cheng Yu was still unable to grasp the meaning behind Fatty’s words, so he continued to wait foolishly. However, at this moment, Cheng Yu suddenly felt that Yao Na had met some troubles outside. His expression changed as he quickly rushed out. Fatty noticed Cheng Yu’s reaction as he quickly followed him out.

When they exited the private room, they saw Yao Na and Lin Yuhan were encircled by a few men.

“Two pretty ladies, come over to our private room to play! We have a lot of delicious stuff to eat as well!” A vulgar man looked at the girls and laughed.

“No thanks. We have our own private room and our own delicious food. Please move aside,” Yao Na blocked Lin Yuhan behind her as she frowned when she looked at the few men who harbored evil intentions.

“Hmmm…does your private room also have a lot of other beautiful ladies? How about we go to your room to play? We are fine with that as well!” The vulgar man’s eyes shined brightly as he changed his idea.

“We don’t welcome you to join us. Move aside! Otherwise, I will shout for help!” The girls saw that the men were so unbridled, as their eyes kept on checking out their bodies, and this caused Yao Na and Lin Yuhan to feel disgusted.

“Haha! Move aside? Do you know who we are? The whole of Moxie KTV is under our Zhonghun Hall. You can try to call for help. I would like to see who would dare to interfere with us!” The vulgar man laughed arrogantly.

“Is that so? What if I stubbornly wish to interfere?” Cheng Yu’s voice echoed from the back. Yao Na and Lin Yuhan’s expression quickly became delighted. However, when they remembered that this group of people was with a gang, they couldn’t help becoming worried.

“Who are you?” When the vulgar man saw that there was someone who dared to provoke people from the Zhonghun Hall, he asked impolitely.

“Who I am isn’t important. What’s important is for you to immediately release my friends. Otherwise, the consequences you will face will be very dire.”

“Haha! I have met arrogant people, but to dare to continue being arrogant in front of our Zhonghun Hall, there are only a few. However, the end they faced was very tragic. We have taken a fancy to your friends. You better not meddle in this. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will not be able to handle the consequences!” Facing Cheng Yu’s words, the vulgar man did not even put them in his eyes.

This district had always been managed by Zhonghun Hall. The vulgar man was called Wang Pao. He was sent out by Zhonghun Hall to inspect this district. Zhonghun Hall was one of the halls of Yunhai’s number one gang, Dark Justice Gang. Every hall would guard a large district. And in every big district, there would be a lot of people like Wang Pao who would manage the sub-districts. Wang Pao, who had been managing this sub-district, had gotten a lot of benefits. There was no one who dared to not give him any face here.

“What Zhonghun Hall? However, what I can be sure of is no matter what hall you are from, even if you were from the heavens, I would still send you back!” Cheng Yu was never once interested in the underground society. Therefore, he had never inquired anything regarding about the other influences in Yunhai from Qin Canghai.

With regards to this, Cheng Yu currently only knew of Blood Wolf Gang and Azure Bamboo Gang, who had fought against him previously. However, the Azure Bamboo Gang had never come over to bother him again. Perhaps it was because he had taught them a lesson last time, so they had finally become aware of his strength. Cheng Yu was also too lazy to bother with them. Since they did not come to bother him, it would also save Cheng Yu a lot of trouble.

“Kid, I can tell that you all are students. You all better be a bit more tactful. Zhonghun Hall is one of the halls of Yunhai’s number one gang, Dark Justice Gang and it is not something you can provoke. This kind of hero saving the beauty act is not something you should be doing now,” Wang Bao looked at Cheng Yu and saw that behind him was also another group of youngsters that seemed to be a group of students. Wang Bao became even more unconcerned about him as students were always easily frightened by this sort of thing.

What Wang Bao thought was extremely correct. When those behind Cheng Yu heard that he was from a gang, their complexions immediately became ugly. To them, a gang is a symbol of terror.

“Since you are so sensible, quickly get the f*ck away. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” When Wang Bao saw that the group of people was frightened, he became even more pleased of himself. However, Cheng Yu ignored it as he walked towards them.

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“Kid, you are truly not afraid of death huh? Brothers! Go and teach him a lesson! Otherwise, others might think that I am easy to bully!” When he saw that Cheng Yu still dared to advance towards him, Wang Bao no longer maintain his politeness as he ordered the men behind him gloomily.

Although Wang Bao’s identity may seem very terrorizing to normal people, Wang Bao was actually only a small fry in the Dark Justice Gang. As long as they were to hand in the profits they collected every month, the upper echelon would not bother about what they did. Therefore, they were just using Zhonghun Hall and Dark Justice Gang’s name to scare and threaten people.

The dozen men were all very large. Furthermore, they looked very fierce and tough. The students behind Cheng Yu were frightened, and their expressions turned pale. When they saw Cheng Yu had started going forward, none of them dared to follow him to help him out.

Even though Fatty wished to go ahead to help, he was stopped by Cheng Yu. Although he had already passed some techniques to Fatty, with Fatty’s current strength, he had only managed to comprehend small portions, which means that he did not possess any battle strength.

Besides, Fatty had also witnessed Cheng Yu’s might before. Therefore when Fatty saw that Cheng Yu was facing so many people, he wasn’t worried about Cheng Yu. Formerly, the Blood Wolf Gang had brought even more people than this, but they were still handled by Cheng Yu very easily.

Reality showed that Fatty’s mindset was correct. When the men charged forward, within moments, they were all handled by Cheng Yu easily. When it came to handling ordinary people, Cheng Yu would not use his true cultivation. He would just need to teach them a lesson. If he truly wished to kill, this small amount of people was not even enough for him to warm up.

When they saw how easily Cheng Yu handled the men, his classmates immediate felt their blood boiling, and they started getting excited. As for Wang Bao and his lackeys, they were stunned. They had seen good fighters, but they had never seen someone as good as Cheng Yu. His battle prowess should be almost the same as the core figure in their gang right?!

When his classmates saw Cheng Yu had knocked down every single one of them, they applauded and walked towards him. “Gulp!” Wang Bao swallowed his saliva. Immediately, he grabbed Lin Yuhan and pointed a knife at Lin Yuhan’s neck. When Yao Na saw the situation, she wanted to escape, but was also caught by the others as they used a knife and pointed at her neck as well.

The noises at the walkway were all heard by those customers in the private rooms. They all opened up their doors and looked out. Even though they were curious, they did not dare to come out of the room as these people were playing with lives!

Cheng Yu’s classmate were astonished! They have never once expected the others to take out knives. When they saw the way the gang acted, they believed that the gang would truly dare to kill people. Until today, Cheng Yu’s classmates had never once faced such circumstances. Furthermore, the hostages were their classmate and teacher. Momentarily, they had no idea what to do. Fortunately, there were some who reacted promptly as they quickly took out their phones to call the police.

“Haha! Aren’t you very powerful? Didn’t you want to be the hero saving the beauties? Come! I would like to see if you are more powerful or my knife is sharper!” When Wang Bao saw that Cheng Yu was intimidated, his mood brightened up as he provoked Cheng Yu arrogantly.

Cheng Yu’s complexion was ashen. When he saw the frightened look on Lin Yuhan and Yao Na’s faces, his heart shivered. He had once said that he would never allow the women he loved to face any dangers. However, now, the opposite party actually dared to use knives to point at them and even threatening him.

Although Lin Yuhan had experienced kidnapping from Blood Wolf Gang and had also seen how formidable Cheng Yu was, but having a knife pointing at her neck, she was still extremely afraid. This was probably the normal reaction anyone would have.[1]

Yao Na wasn’t any better. She knew that Cheng Yu possessed some abilities, but when actually in this situation, she was intimidated. Her complexion turned deathly pale as she stood there and did not dare to move.

“Originally, I was intending to let you guys off. It seems like I should really teach you guys a hard lesson,” With so many people present, Cheng Yu did not wish to kill them. Previously, after the incident with the Blood Wolf Gang, Zhao Minglong had explained certain things to Cheng Yu and Cheng Yu understood that this place was not the Cultivation World.

Although he could not kill them, and Wang Bao had touched Cheng Yu’s baseline, Cheng Yu did not wish to display his miraculous abilities. He looked at the plant beside as he plucked off two leaves and sent it flying towards them.

“AAHHHH!!!” The two leaves flew over very quickly as it cut off Wang Bao and the other guy’s fingers. Both of them shrieked as their knives dropped to the ground.

Cheng Yu was afraid that they would do something drastic, so he dashed forward. With a kick and punch, he sent both of them flying as he pulled Yao Na and Lin Yuhan back.

“F*ck! I didn’t see it properly, did I? Is that the legendary killing move, flying leaves assassination? It was so awesome!”

“I also saw it! It’s real! This is the legendary martial artist right?!”

“His speed was very fast! He was actually able to send two people flying at once!”

“Who is this handsome guy? He is so formidable and handsome! Especially when he was saving the girls, he looked so charismatic! If only I was one of the girls he had just saved!”

When they saw Cheng Yu’s action, everyone was startled. This was like a fantasy. No matter if they were men or women, they were feeling envious, jealous or hating either Cheng Yu or Yao Na and Lin Yuhan.

“Beeboo! Beeboo!” Just as everyone was discussing Cheng Yu’s actions, police sirens rang outside. Everyone knew that the climax had finally arrived.

[1] – Editor Note – I have changed the sentence to be a little less offensive to women. The original sentence would have read, “This is perhaps the normal instinct of a woman.”

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