Chapter 79 – Remnants of Xiongnu in the desert

Just when she was feeling bored, a soldier frantically ran to Qiqi’s front and knelt on the ground. He anxiously pointed to the outside, as if there was something big happening.

“Reporting to General Qi, there is a small team of Xiongnu rushing towards the camp!”

“Xiongnu?” Wei Qiqi stood up. That wasn’t right. If they were attacking from the desert, they would definitely meet up with Liu Zhongtian’s troops. How did they appear in the vicinity of the camp?

No matter what, this was the only retreat route of the Great Han army. It would be a mess if the Xiongnu destroyed the rations. By then the Great Han army will descend into a situation where they find it hard to advance or retreat. This small team must be the remnants of the Xiongnu army.

What should we do? Wei Qiqi was frantic. In this desert where there was nothing, how could they resist the attacks of the Xiongnu? Suddenly, she thought of the nettings…and the empty castle scheme by Zhuge Liang. It was an emergency, who knew if it would be useful.

“Order the soldiers to quickly bury the nettings in the sand, around the army camp!” Wei Qiqi ordered.

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“General Qi, there isn’t enough time!”

“Bury as much as you all can, but concentrate mainly on the camp’s front side!”

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“Yes!” The soldier received the order and left.

Wei Qiqi returned to the big tent and changed into armor. She took down the sword by the wall and unsheathed it. She was thinking, if she really died in battle today, it was better than living in the Great Han in an ugly and boring manner. As a woman, to be so ugly, it was better to be dead.

Also, she couldn’t bring herself to promise Liu Zhongtian to return to the capital with him. As the Duke, he should marry someone beautiful. There was no need to let the world tease him. The Royal Concubine dying in battle may be a good method.

Wei Qiqi carried the sword and walked out of the big tent. The soldiers were all trying their best to bury the nettings in the perimeter of the camp. With these nettings, they could stop the Xiongnu from attacking through the sand. They could easily finish all the Xiongnu in this manner.

What’s left was to fight it out. Hopefully her own brains didn’t rust because of the comfort of the past few days.

Wei Qiqi ordered the remaining ten over soldiers to take out all the blankets in the camp, rolling it together and place it on the empty ground in the camp. The soldiers all trusted Wei Qiqi implicitly, however they didn’t understand why she did that. Could the blankets be used as weapons to use?

“General Qi, what uses does these blankets have?” A soldier was rolling it while asking.

Wei Qiqi laughed lightly, “If I didn’t guess wrongly, this small team is the retaliation from the Xiongnu remnants. If the enemy is from the Xiongnu camp, they would’ve met up with the Duke’s troops. They don’t know our real strength. These blankets looked like men. They wouldn’t dare to enter recklessly!”

“That is great. They won’t attack us will they? We have too few men!”

“They don’t know our strength, hence they don’t dare to do a frontal assault. However they will ambush through the sand!”

“Through the sand?” The soldiers were somewhat scared. The previous time, General Qi was almost pierced to death by those soldiers hiding in the sand.

Now they didn’t know whether such a method would work against the Xiongnu.

“Creating so many fake soldiers is to force them to go through the sand. Only then would we have a chance of winning!”

To force them to go through the sand, the soldiers were somewhat depressed. These nettings could only block for awhile. The Xiongnu could easily escape from the nettings.

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