Chapter 445: Dare to bet?

“What are you saying? I don’t understand you.” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Don’t feign ignorance. I can clearly see some strands of hair on your body. Quickly, tell me, how much advantage did you take?” Mu Hanyan smiled and slowly walked over to Long Yi. Hugging his arm, she pressed her soft meat buns on them.

Long Yi felt his heart start pounding as sweat started to form on his forehead. He muttered, “This isn’t fair. You saw the hair on my body, but I haven’t seen the hair on your body. I don’t even know if you have hair on your body. Quickly strip naked and let me look.”

Mu Hanyan slapped off Long Yi’s wolf claws. Rolling her eyes, she lightly scolded him, “Don’t speak nonsense. The sun is about to appear, shouldn’t you be returning?”

With a sly smirk on his face, Long Yi looked at the wall behind Mu Hanyan. He started to throw questions at her instead, “What is your relation with her?”

Mu Hanyan looked at Long Yi with her glittering eyes and caressed his handsome face. “Everyone has their own secret. You are no exception. Of course, I have my own secrets. If I feel like I should tell you my secrets one of these days, I will do so even if you don’t ask.”

Long Yi looked back at Mu Hanyan and smiled. Yes, everyone has their own secret. Although he had already made love to Mu Hanyan twice, she didn’t truly belong to him. Such a seductress-like woman wasn’t easy to capture at all.

“Are you going back or not? I would like to take a bath before going to bed.” She had a feeling that Long Yi understood her words. A brilliant smile broke out on her face as she winked at him. She knew that she had successfully seduced him.

“Take a bath? That sounds good. How about we take a bath together?” Long Yi smirked and said. He extended his arms to hug Mu Hanyan’s slender waist.

“If you want to take a bath with me then what are you waiting for, I’m not afraid of you. Let’s go.” Mu Hanyan slightly opened her cherry red lips and her charming eyes became watery as she looked at him. When Long Yi saw that this out-of-this-world beauty was teasing him, he became unable to control himself.

Long Yi’s heart swayed. He carried Mu Hanyan in his arms and ran into the bathroom which was located in the inner room.

** arose passionately and rapidly as the two of them hugged and kissed in the bathroom. When they were ** around under the magic bath item attached on the wall, they became thoroughly drenched.

In the blink of an eye, Long Yi got rid of Mu Hanyan’s outerwear. She was left with her pure white underwear and it became dripping in mere moments. As her white underwear was soaked, coupled with Long Yi’s ** stimulation, the bright red n*pples on Mu Hanyan’s bosom stood erect. She looked even more alluring as water slowed off her body. Her white panty was in a similar state. It was practically transparent and a clump of shadow between her legs was visible. The small valley shaped outline was completely exposed.

Long Yi lowered his head and nibbled on that protruding n*pple from above her drenched underwear. He occasionally looked up at Mu Hanyan’s face and a cheeky smile would be plastered on his face.

“Why are you smiling? You are so hateful.” Mu Hanyan’s pretty face was scarlet red and she reached her hand downwards. She gently pinched Long Yi’s member which was standing tall and straight.

“I was wondering if you were sisters with Mist Fairy. She appears to be noble and aloof on the outside, but she wears sexy black lingerie inside. She is truly a woman who seems cold on the outside but passionate on the inside. As for you, you appear to be so seductive but you only wear lingerie of the purest white color. The two of you are truly a perfect match! Aiyo!” Before Long Yi could finish speaking, Mu Hanyan pinched his family jewels which hung below his little brother.

“You saw what kind of underwear she wore but you told me that you didn’t take advantage of her? You also said that she is noble and aloof… Does that mean that I let anyone play with me?” Mu Hanyan glared at Long Yi. If his answer didn’t satisfy her, she would break his balls.

Long Yi begged for mercy with a bitter face, “You heard it wrong! I said that she appears noble, but in reality, she is lusty. She appears to be cold to everyone but she is actually a passionate woman. Even though he appeared to be seductive, I know that you have an extremely pure heart.”

Mu Hanyan loosened her grip and her heart palpitated after hearing Long Yi’s words.

“What’s wrong?” When he saw that Mu Hanyan was behaving strangely, Long Yi couldn’t help but ask.

“What do you mean what’s wrong? You’re really hateful! Just when I’m feeling good, you had to interrupt me.” Mu Hanyan came back to her senses and hugged Long Yi’s neck. She extended her own neck as she planted her lips on his.

Long Yi didn’t disappoint this beautiful woman. He returned her kiss with passion before turning her entire body. He pushed her towards the magic mirror in the bathroom.

“What do you want to do?” Mu Hanyan turned her head back to face Long Yi and rolled her eyes.

“Of course, I want to ** you. Hurry up and stick your butt up.” Long Yi slapped the plump buttocks of Mu Hanyan. He was addicted to that mellow, full and beautiful curve.

A trace of shyness flashed in Mu Hanyan’s seductive eyes. There was even a look of bashfulness in them. However, she obediently stuck up her buttocks. Biting onto her lower lip, she moaned in an alluring voice, “If you want to ** then do it. Who’s afraid of you. ** me, come on.”

Long Yi’s breathing stagnated and his black pupils became deep and serene. Panting roughly, he pounced on Mu Hanyan.


Currently, the sky was already bright. After **, Long Yi and Mu Hanyan affectionately hugged each other as they sat in the bathtub filled with water and flower petals. The aftertaste of that lovemaking session didn’t disperse even after a long time had passed.

Long Yi subconsciously kneaded Mu Hanyan’s creamy and towering ** with his eyes half closed. He had a lot of things which he didn’t understand. However, he knew that the answer to those questions lied in the hands of this person he was hugging. The problem was what she told him earlier. “Everyone has their own secret.” Those were her words. These were the words which caused him to be unable to voice out his questions.

“Yu, do you want to help Nalan Ruyue ascend the throne?” Mu Hanyan asked Long Yi all of a sudden.

Long Yi’s eyes snapped open and stared straight at this beauty sitting in front of him. How was she able to guess his thoughts so accurately?

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“You don’t need to hide it from me. I don’t believe that you are not tempted by such a big piece of meat. The Proud Moon Empire would be destroyed and the Nalan Empire would fall into your hands. The world would belong to your Ximen Clan. Isn’t that right?” Mu Hanyan said.

“I used to have such thoughts. However, the waters in the Nalan Empire is very deep. There is you, Mist Fairy, and also the Light and Dark Church. There are so many people causing the water in the Nalan Empire to become muddy. Even if I had thoughts of obtaining the Nalan Empire, I could never achieve it.” Long Yi pinched Mu Hanyan’s erect ** as he complained.

Mu Hanyan moaned and her breath quickened, “Don’t tease me! I can help you achieve your goals…”

Long Yi was startled and he had a doubtful expression on his face, “You would help me?”

“Why on earth are you using this kind of tone when talking to me? Didn’t I tell you before in Soaring Dragon City that I might lend you a helping hand?” Mu Hanyan said in dissatisfaction.

“But why?” Long Yi frowned and asked. Mist Fairy supported Nalan Wen. Lafaer supported Nalan Wu. So what was Mu Hanyan’s role here?

“Are you afraid that I will harm you? How about this, do you dare to have a bet with me?” Inside the bathtub, Mu Hanyan turned over faced Long Yi. She used her jade finger to raise Long Yi’s chin towards her face.

Long Yi curled his lips and grabbed onto Mu Hanyan’s hand. His playful tongue escaped his mouth and he licked her hand as he said with a grin, “Of course I dare to bet. However, are you sure you have the ability to persuade Mist Fairy and Lafaer?”

“Since I am willing to help you, I naturally have my ways. Just you wait and see. However, if you lose, you are not allowed to blame me.” Mu Hanyan smiled and she appeared to be just like a fox spirit.

“I will not blame you. However, I’m afraid that you will be the one blaming me.” Long Yi smiled and said.

“Why, are you afraid? Maybe… Maybe I want to blame you throughout my life…” Mu Hanyan chuckled and said.

Long Yi looked outside and saw that the sky was already bright. When the thought about how Nalan Rumeng and Nalan Ruyue, these two sisters, were waiting for him, he gently pushed Mu Hanyan away from his body. Getting out of the bathtub, he started to wear his clothes.

As for Mu Hanyan, she was still lazily enjoying herself inside the bathtub. She was enjoying the view of Long Yi wearing his clothes. Who said that only men enjoyed watching beauties wear their clothing? For beautiful women, watching their beloved man wearing his clothes was also a kind of pleasure.

“I am leaving now.” Long Yi blew a kiss to Mu Hanyan.

Mu Hanyan puckered up her cherry red lips. When she looked at Long Yi’s disappearing figure, she had a complacent and delighted expression on her face. All of a sudden, a chuckle escaped her lips and she held up the flower petals in the bathtub with both her hands. Slowly letting the water slide off her smooth hands, her expression became extremely strange as she looked at the flower petals and sparkling water slide into the bathtub.


From the balcony, Long Yi entered Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarters. Before he could plant his legs firmly onto the ground, two fragrant and delicate figures ran into his bosom.

“My husband, are you okay?” Nalan Ruyue looked into Long Yi’s eyes. Her eyes were filled with tears and she used her hands to feel Long Yi’s face. She was extremely afraid that something happened to Long Yi.

“Brother-in-law, yesterday, big sister and I were frightened to death. However, I was sure that you would be fine.” Nalan Rumeng happily cried out. Long Yi could see that she had dark circles under her eye.

Long Yi felt guilty in his heart. After waking up, he should have returned immediately as he was fully aware that these two would be worried sick about him.

“I am fine, no need to worry.” Long Yi patted the head of the two sisters and he reassured them.

Nalan Rumeng yawned and hugged onto Long Yi’s waist. With a tired expression she complained, “Brother-in-law, I haven’t been sleeping well. Hold onto me and let me sleep for a little while.”

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Long Yi held Nalan Rumeng in his hands and sat on the sofa. As for Nalan Ruyue, she placed her head on his shoulder.

“My husband, don’t frighten us again. Now, both Rumeng and I only have you left. If something were to happen to you, I will really kill myself.” Nalan Ruyue muttered. Now, Long Yi was her only emotional support.

“Of course I will not die. Haven’t you heard? Bad people have a lifespan of thousands of years. Since I am worse than a normal bad person, there is no way I will die that easily.” Long Yi said with a smile. He wanted to make Nalan Ruyue feel better, even if it was just slightly.

A slight smile appeared on Nalan Ruyue’s face. She giggled, “Who in the world would say that they are a bad person. Not to mention that they would say it with such confidence?”

“Other than some people who are wicked beyond redemption, there is no clear distinction between good and bad people. Many people just want to survive. You should know how difficult it is to survive in these troubled times.” Long Yi said.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head and shot an unexpected question at Long Yi, “My husband, what should we do next?”

Long Yi pondered for a while. He eventually explained his thoughts to Nalan Ruyue. He clearly stated his intention of allowing Nalan Ruyue to ascend to the throne. He also told her that if she ascended the throne, the empire would eventually fall into the hands of the Ximen Clan.

Nalan Ruyue became silent for a long time before saying, “As long as my husband desires it, Ruyue will do anything.”

Long Yi found his actions somewhat unbearable. When all was said and done, the Nalan Empire was the empire which belonged to her father. She was also a princess of the empire. Not to mention the fact that she had a strong sense of belonging towards the empire. He was telling her to ascend the throne of the empire before giving him control of the empire. Wasn’t it too cruel?

As though she saw through Long Yi’s thoughts, Nalan Ruyue smiled and gently pounded Long Yi’s chest. “My husband, wasn’t everything pre-planned? At that time, our agreement was, other than my body, everything else belongs to you. When I become the empress, I will naturally follow the agreement. The entire empire will become yours.”

Long Yi wanted to say something but Nalan Ruyue used her finger to block his lips. She earnestly said, “My husband doesn’t need to say anymore. I am most willing to hand the empire over to you. I believe that handing over the Nalan Empire will make the people happier.”

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