Chapter 444: Petty advantage is still an advantage

“Xiao Yi…… Don’t go. Xiao Yi…” Long Yi reached out his hand as if he was trying to catch something in front of his eyes. However, he didn’t manage to catch it. With his entire body shaking, Long Yi woke up with a start.

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When the Violent Lighting Beast saw that Long Yi was awake, the Violent Lightning Beast rubbed his body on Long Yi excitedly. It started whimpering like a puppy.

Looking all around, Long Yi wanted to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the surroundings. Only after making sure it was safe, Long Yi started to look at his own body. After a long time, he let out a faint sigh. Long Yi muttered under his breath, “My end would come at the end of light and dark? Xiao Yi, could it be that I can only see you in my dreams? Why aren’t you coming out even after so long?”

Long Yi thought about the prophecy in his dream. This was the second time he had seen Xiao Yi’s prophecy in his dream. However, he didn’t understand anything as it was unclear and disorganized. He gently stroke the prophecy pearl on his chest and he could sense Xiao Yi’s aura inside the pearl. That proved that she was still alive. Xiao Yi had once told him that if he was unable to sense her aura from the pearl one day, it would mean that she had completely vanished from this world.

After a good while, Long Yi washed his body and took out a new set of clothing. He slowly wore his new set of clothing as he thought about what had happened the night before. At that time, when Long Yi was sleeping, he felt as though the lightning spirit tablet in his sea of consciousness got out of control. It caused the collision between several other magic elements. The feeling he felt when the various magic elements collided in his body was truly terrifying.

Long Yi sunk his spirit into his sea of consciousness and saw that the silverish purple magic vortex was still rotating in the center. The lightning spirit tablet was hovering above it. There was no changes at all. However, Long Yi could feel that there was something wrong.

“Strange… How are the other magic elements existing together within the lightning magic vortex?” Long Yi stared at the vaguely visible black, white, and red lines. He subconsciously fell into a daze. Those lines were made up of dark magic elements, light magic elements, and fire magic elements respectively. Could it be that several different types of magic elements could be combined when casting magic spells? However, the origin magic power in the sea of consciousness could only be pure. He had never heard of the origin magic power being made up of two or more magic elements fusing together.

“Lightning Chain Magic.” Long Yi waved his hand and along with the movement of lightning origin power in his sea of consciousness, two thick and long lightning chains appeared in midair. The lightning chains swept towards the nearby rocks with ferocity. Along with some rumbling sounds, the lightning chains swept everything into dust. They left behind two long and deep lines. The lines were the burnt marks left by the lightning chain.

Stepping forward, Long Yi carefully examined the aftermath. He could sense the magic elements of the four other attributes from the burn marks. Naturally, lightning was the primary source of magic elements. The corrosion capability of the dark magic elements, the explosive power of the fire magic elements, and the light magic elements he sensed were secondary. The fusion of these four types of magic elements seemed to have amplified the power and range of his lightning chain.

Long Yi was endlessly happy in his heart. He looked up at the countless number of twinkling stars in the sky before putting away the Violent Lightning Beast. After putting the Violent Lightning Beast away, he flew towards Blue Moon City.

Even though the typhoon died down, Blue Moon City was damp. The streets were very messy and there were bits and pieces of things everywhere. Once in a while, he was able to see lingerie of women fluttering on top of trees. They should be the clothing which wasn’t kept in time when the typhoon struck.

Long Yi was floating in the sky above Blue Moon City along with the night breeze. When he flew above the Emerald Mist Pavilion owned by Mu Hanyan, he stopped all of a sudden. After thinking for a little bit, he descended in her backyard. He wanted to ask her about Lafaer.

Mu Hanyan’s chamber was pitch black, and it seemed as though she was already asleep.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth slightly curled upwards. He didn’t bother to conceal his aura because he knew that the white crane like magic pet Mu Hanyan had had sensitive senses. He believed that Mu Hanyan already knew of his arrival long ago. However, she wasn’t doing anything about it. Could it be that she was waiting for him to pick the flowers [1] like in the past?

When he thought about it, Long Yi’s heart started to pound furiously. He pushed open the door and went in. The room was filled with fragrance and even the scent of cosmetic was unable to conceal Mu Hanyan’s delicate body fragrance.

The exquisite curtain on her bed was already lowered. When Long Yi thought about how Mu Hanyan was sleeping on her bed in her sexy bra and panties, he felt even more excited. This woman emitted a charming aura from her bones and she was extremely attractive to Long Yi.

“Proprietress, your lord husband is here. Why are you still sleeping?” Long Yi lightly smiled and walked over to her bedside.

Even though he announced his arrival, there was no movement even after a long time. Long Yi frowned as he lifted the curtains abruptly. To his surprise, he discovered that there was no one on the bed. He used his hand to feel the insides of the quilt and he found that it was icy cold. Obviously, Mu Hanyan left quite a long time ago. However, Long Yi was surprised as he could sense the spirit fluctuation of someone inside the quilt. Moreover, the spirit fluctuation was consistent with Mu Hanyan’s.

“Strange, the sky is about to brighten. Where in the world could that little ** be?” Long Yi muttered as he turned sideways. He eventually lied down on her bed and he could smell the orchid-like fragrance assaulting his nose. His heartbeat quickened and the more he came into contact with Mu Hanyan, the more he was fascinated by her. He really couldn’t see through her…

All of a sudden, Long Yi’s eyebrows shot upwards. Without thinking any further, he completely concealed his aura. Just a moment ago, for the sake of stealing a whiff of her fragrance, he had set up a few spirit nets in this courtyard. Sensing some disturbance in those spirit net, Long Yi became alert right away. From the reaction of the spirit nets, he could sense that the intruder had human characteristics. The intruder should be a woman according to his senses. Her shape was similar to Mu Hanyan, and she wasn’t a girl from the Emerald Mist Pavilion.

Creak, the door was pushed open and all of the magic lights in the room lit up. Long Yi looked through the gap in the bed curtains and he was so startled he almost screamed.

She was that noble woman. She emitted a natural noble aura. The tucked up pink lips in her face were sexy and gave her an ice cold appearance at the same time. Those beautiful eyes contained her pride. Conquering such a woman was something many men long for day and night. However, the great majority of men would become extremely timid in front of such a woman. They would feel a sense of inferiority which would make them act like mice in front of her.

“Mist Fairy? Why is she here? Could it be that……” Long Yi was shocked.

“Hanyan, don’t pretend to sleep. Don’t you already know that I am coming?” Mist Fairy sat down in front of the dressing table started to sort her hair out.

Long Yi was stunned. What was the relation between Mist Fairy and Mu Hanyan? He was in a state of confusion right now. He had seen Lafaer coming out from this room last time, and now Mist Fairy was here. Moreover, Mist Fairy and Mu Hanyan seemed to behave like sisters. Long Yi was instantly confused and disoriented.

“Strange… Is she meditating?” Mist Fairy talked to herself. When she took off the amethyst hairpin on her head, her beautiful hair cascaded down her shoulders. As for Long Yi, he emitted a lewd light in his eyes the moment he saw this alluring and tempting sight. He had never thought that this swan-like noblewoman would have moments when she emitted such charm.

When Long Yi was deep in his lewd thoughts, Mist Fairy stood up. With her back facing Long Yi, she began to reach towards the belt on her gown.

Long Yi’s throat became dry and his eyes started to shine. Although Mist fairy had her back towards him, he could see the front of her body in the mirror. Those towering breasts were truly big. He guessed that they should be about the same size as Mu Hanyan’s.

Mist Fairy loosened her belt and her gown slid to two sides, revealing her translucent black underwear. Even if he didn’t see where she bought it from, he knew that this was a product from the Beauty Shop.

“She is actually wearing black… She has the potential to be a fox spirit.” Long Yi muttered in his heart and looked forward to her getting rid of the rest of her clothes.

The lapel slid backward and that smooth shoulder slowly became visible. With her beautiful hair draped over the alluring bare shoulders, Mist Fairy looked extremely captivating.

However, when her clothes were halfway off her body, Mist Fairy became startled all of a sudden. She slowly put on her clothes again and turned towards the bed. She said, “Haven’t you seen enough? When do you plan to reveal yourself?”

Well, he was discovered in the end. This was unexpected… Long Yi lifted the bed curtain and jumped out of the bed. With a smirk on his face, he retorted, “It’s just peeking. What’s wrong with looking?”

Mist Fairy snorted and interrogated him, “Why are you here?”

“I should be the one asking you that. Don’t ask me questions I should be asking you. This is my mistress’s room, why are you here? Not to mention the fact that you didn’t even knock. If we were actually doing something, what would you have done?” Long Yi stared at Mist Fairy with a serious gaze. He didn’t seem flustered at all.

Mist Fairy didn’t shy away from Long Yi’s gaze. Neither did she answer Long Yi’s question. On the contrary, she countered with another question, “Mu Hanyan, where is she?”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said, “How would I know? I was here to look for her too… I wanted to do the deed with her, however, I can’t find her as well. This is really disappointing.”

Mist Fairy glared at Long Yi before giving him a cold snort, “Then, you can leisurely wait for your mistress here. I will not disturb you any longer.”

After scolding Long Yi, white light flashed around Mist Fairy’s body. She instantly disappeared without a trace. The only thing left of her was the fragrance she emitted.

Long Yi retracted his smile and was lost in thought. Looking towards the dressing table, he opened the two bottle of perfumes. The perfumes were of the same brand, but they had a completely different fragrance.

After putting the bottles of perfume down, Long Yi stood up and opened Mu Hanyan’s ultra-large cupboard. He saw that it was full of various kinds of clothes. However, they were divided into two styles. One was the sexy series worn by Mu Hanyan, and the other was the noble and elegant series worn by Mist Fairy. Among them, there was that purple robe with golden edges worn by Mist Fairy when she showed up at the drinking party.

It seemed as though these two women were living together. Their relationship was unnaturally good as well. Long Yi racked his brains to think of the relationship between them. Could it be that they were sisters? Long Yi started to feel that Mist Fairy was familiar. However, the temperament of those two women was completely opposite. Also, even though they had their advantages, the two of them didn’t resemble each other at all.

“Mu Hanyan ah Mu Hanyan, who exactly are you?” Long Yi muttered.

All of a sudden, Long Yi heard a ‘kacha’ sound coming from the innermost wall of the room. The wall quietly slid to both sides.

“Why on earth did you run to my room so late at night? Don’t tell me that you are here to steal fragrance?” When she saw that Long Yi was in a daze, Mu Hanyan walked towards the bed. She asked him with a smirk on her face. Within seconds, the wall behind her closed automatically.

“What do you think?” The black pupils of Long Yi wanted to see through her heart.

Mu Hanyan smiled but didn’t answer. However, she shot him a strange look as she asked, “Didn’t you succeed in stealing fragrance? Seizing petty advantage is still an advantage…”

[1] pick flowers: To enter houses at night in order to r*pe women

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