Chapter 443: Prophecy in the dream

After passing through the heavy human barricade, Si Bi and others saw several hundred soldiers from the Proud Moon Empire kneeling on the ground. They wore bloodstained clothes and their clothes were tattered beyond belief. Their hands and legs were tied behind their back and their body was subjected to Gravity Magic.

“They are the war prisoners from the Proud Moon Empire. What does Beitang Yu want to do with them?” Long Ling’er muttered.

Nangong Nu smiled a bloodthirsty radiance flashed in his eyes. With his coarse voice, he muttered, “What else is there to do? Naturally, use them to commemorate the departed spirit of our brothers who died on the battlefield.”

“They are already unable to resist anymore. Why do you want to kill them?” Ximen Wuhen couldn’t help but ask.

“If we don’t kill them, do we nurture them? They are the elites of the Proud Moon Empire. They took part in burning, killing, looting and ambushing our rear. Which one of them don’t have their hands tainted with the blood of our brothers? If we were to release them, they would only continue to kill our men.” Nangong Nu coldly snorted. The views of soldiers living on the battlefield and people who lived in the ordinary world was completely different. Their views seemed to completely differ from each other.

“Can’t you let the Proud Moon Empire pay to redeem them? Don’t tell me that all of you never acted like them before?” Long Ling’er said.

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“Buy their lives with money? Ask the brothers of our Unparalleled Battalion. I am willing to bet all everyone will disagree with you. In order to capture them, our Unparalleled Battalion lost more than one hundred brothers. They only have one road left to walk. It’s the road to hell.” Nangong Nu coldly said. None of them had ever expected to see such a ruthless expression on the face of a 15 year old youth.

Although the girls felt like no one listened to them, they knew that this was the military after all. Even Long Ling’er didn’t have the power to change the decision made by the general. Unexpectedly, a trace of admiration flashed in Li Qing’s ice-cold eyes. He stood at the side and looked at Nangong Nu with admiration in his eyes.

When the girls were thinking about how they could salvage the situation, Beitang Yu, who was standing on the platform, raised her hand. Two rows of crossbow-men from the Unparalleled Battalion raised their crossbows at her command. When the Soldiers from the Proud Moon Empire saw the tip of the arrows pointed at them, desperation rose in their heart. Despite being soldiers who already knew that they might die on the battlefield, they still felt afraid when they were staring at death in the eye.

All of a sudden, Beitang Yu made a cutting motion with her hand. The arrows immediately left the crossbows and shot towards the troops kneeling on the ground. Sad and shrill blood-curdling screams resounded in the air. Before long, everything became quiet and the smell of blood permeated the air. Those soldiers from the Proud Moon Empire had forfeited their lives.

In an instant, blood drained from the faces of the girls. Especially Lin Na, Long Ling’er, and Ximen Wuhen. Although these three women might have killed several magical beasts before, they had never actually killed another human being. Killing magical beasts and killing people two completely different matter.

“Cut off their heads. Tomorrow, use bamboo shafts to display them to the enemy on the battlefield.” Beitang Yu coldly commanded without any fluctuation in her emotions. The moment she gave her command, a group of soldiers carried a huge sword in their hand as they strode over to the corpses. With a single slash, several hundred heads rolled on the ground like calabash.

*vomit*, Lin Na who usually was extremely fierce became the first person to vomit. She never wanted to see anything like this again in her entire life.

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Beitang Yu slightly shifted her gaze to the girls. With a light jump, she appeared in front of Si Bi and the other girls. She brought along a unique fragrance when she appeared in front of them. Unlike Nangong Nu, the bloody and baleful aura Baitang Yu had on her was hidden. No one could imagine that such a beautiful woman was the person called the Hell Angel. She was the general who brought hell upon her opponents on the battlefield. Leading the Unparalleled Battalion, she practically killed her way through the Proud Moon Empire. Even after battling against the five great legions belonging to the Proud Moon Empire, she had yet to suffer any defeat.

Beitang Yu stood in front of the few girls without talking. Although she didn’t say anything, she had an awkward expression on her face. Behind her awkward expression, she was laughing at herself in her heart. She was laughing at how she didn’t care about what others thought of her. Her opponent might slander her and her subordinates might fear her. However, she didn’t care about what they thought. She only knew that everything she did was because of Long Yi. She wanted to help her man build a big empire and nothing could stand in her way.


In Blue Moon City, it was raining cats and dogs. The sound of a typhoon ripping through the city could be heard and the strong winds wreaked havoc. Claps of thunder could be heard and snake-like lightning bolts streaked across the sky.

As this was a coastal city, it was not uncommon for typhoons to occur. All the buildings in the city were designed to withstand typhoons. As such, there was no fear that the buildings would collapse due to the typhoon.

The imperial palace of the Nalan Empire was built on a steep cliff. The roaring sea waves were colliding against the cliff again and again, and the water would enter the rooms from the balcony when the gale blew towards the imperial palace. The taste of the sea was overwhelming to say the least.

All of a sudden, Long Yi opened his eyes. His sea of consciousness pulsated several times and the lightning spirit tablet hidden within the lightning vortex began to buzz. Long Yi immediately experienced a splitting headache.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched violently and he felt as though his sea of consciousness was being churned up by some unknown force. It was as though his sea of consciousness was Blue Moon City, and the unknown force was the typhoon. He gritted his teeth and gently left the beauties in his embrace. Getting out of bed, he trembled slightly.

“My husband, where are you going?” The moment she left Long Yi’s warm bosom, Nalan Ruyue woke up. She was startled and she rubbed her eyes as she looked at Long Yi who was leaving the room.

Long Yi resisted the head-splitting pain with great difficulty and calmly said, “It’s fine, I am just going to the washroom.”

Although he said he was fine, a silverish-purple lightning bolt flickered around Long Yi’s body.

“Ah, my husband, you……” Nalan Ruyue was startled and immediately jumped off the bed. She stretched her hands out in order to check on Long Yi. However, the moment she came into contact with Long Yi, she was knocked back a few steps. A numb feeling enveloped her and she couldn’t feel her fingers at all.

As she stumbled backwards, Nalan Rumeng was startled awake as well. She opened her drowsy eyes saw that there was someone covered in lighting in front of her. She was so scared that she started screaming and it took her quite some time to realize that it was Long Yi who was standing in front of her.

Long Yi turned around and comforted the two of them, “I am fine. Just stay here, don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back soon.”

As soon as he was done talking, Long Yi rushed out of the room. He quickly disappeared into the curtain of rain.

Long Yi crazily flew forward. He didn’t know how fast he flew, but in the blink of an eye, he arrived at a desolate beach somewhere in Blue Moon City.

“Ah……” Long Yi spread open his arms and roared loudly in the midst of the heavy rainstorm and strong gale. Now, his handsome face was twisted out of shape due to the pain he was feeling. The lightning which coiled around him seemed to be multiplying which made Long Yi adopt an extremely terrifying appearance.

Crackle, boom, a lightning strike entered Long Yi’s body from his head. The instant it entered his body, Long Yi stopped screaming altogether. The clothes he wore was burnt beyond recognition and turned into ash.

The lightning vortex in his sea of consciousness unexpectedly began to rotate in reverse. Since the lightning vortex was the largest among the four vortexes within his sea of consciousness, the equilibrium was broken the moment it spun backwards. However, due to the attractive power from the other three vortexes, the four vortexes quickly returned to equilibrium. It was the moment when the equilibrium was established again, Long Yi ran into the heavenly lightning. That kind of pure energy it possessed was powerful enough to flatten a small mountain. How could Long Yi endure the pain from the lightning strike?

Boom, boom, boom… Several strands of heavenly lightning entered his body again. The lightning vortex within his sea of consciousness began to rotate even faster in reverse. Long Yi’s knees were bent, but he didn’t allow himself to kneel down. He forcibly stood up straight as he tried to endure the pain. When Long Yi was resisting the power of the lightning, huge sea waves crashed against him. Long Yi was swallowed by the waves, before the waves threw him out.

Long Yi stood there for a long time and before long, he started shouting again. A silverish purple radiance shot out from the space between his eyebrows and crazily rotated above Long Yi’s head. It was precisely the lightning spirit tablet.

While all these happened, the Violent Lightning Beast emerged g=from the dark dimensional space. Although Long Yi didn’t summon it, it appeared before Long Yi. Immediately after it appeared, it stood up straight and the hair on its body stood erect.

“Roar……” The Violent Lightning Beast looked up to the heavens and roared. The silver horn on its forehead flashed with pale golden light which covered its entire body.

When all of these happened, Long Yi’s consciousness had already become hazy. He felt as if his body no longer belonged to him, and his soul seemed to be floating in the air.

He didn’t notice that when the purple radiance shot out from the space between his eyebrows, his ** body was covered with a silverish purple suit of armor. Although the armor appeared, it only stayed for a few seconds before disappearing without a trace.

The typhoon which was ripping through the city disappeared all of a sudden and everything became calm again. Similarly, that torrential rain which was like a layer of water curtain ceased abruptly. The change in weather shocked everyone.

The dark clouds dispersed stars in the sky appeared once again. Everyone felt refreshed when they saw that the bad weather had ended. Now, the sky appeared as if it was just washed clean.

Under the countless stars, on a beach full of rocks, a ** man fell unconscious to the ground. His five limbs were stretched wide open and the waves from the sea would wash over him from time to time. Next to him, a small silverish purple puppy-like animal could be seen. It would often use its tongue to lick the face of the unconscious man. Who else could they be but Long Yi and the Violent Lightning Beast?

All of a sudden, the silverish purple hair of the Violent Lightning Beast stood erect and its eyes stared at the sparkling and shining pearl on Long Yi’s chest. It was extremely alert as it stared at the milky white pearl. It could feel an incomprehensible mysterious aura coming from it.

“Xiao Yi…… Xiao Yi……” Long Yi knitted his eyebrows muttered in his sleep.

In his dream, a delicate and pretty young girl descended from the sky. She was wearing plain and simple clothes and she appeared as though she was a female celestial. Her silvery hair was fluttering in the wind and her transparent eyes flashed with great wisdom.

“Xiao Yi, is that you? You finally came out. Didn’t you predict that you will stay inside the pearl for just two years? You nearly made me miss you to death.” Long Yi quickly rushed over and stretched out his hands in order to pull Xiao Yi into his embrace.

Xiao Yi’s figure disappeared and appeared behind Long Yi again.

Long Yi turned around stared at Xiao Yi in confusion. He asked, “Xiao Yi, don’t you recognize me? I am Long Yi.”

Xiao Yi’s transparent pupils turned gentle and soft when she looked at Long Yi. She gently smiled.

“Far-off the sea country, vanish from the continent. Curse of the evil god, my sweetheart, your end will come. Light and Dark would be the final destination.” Xiao Yi muttered in a fleeting voice and her figure began to slowly fade away, she became transparent like her pupils, and disappeared under this beautiful starry sky. She left behind countless stars and a night breeze when she left with a powerless sigh.


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