Chapter 442: Hell Angel

“Stop, go from the other side. This side has already become a death zone for everybody.” A girl said as she frowned. The place in front of them should be the battlefield that had yet to be thoroughly cleaned up. Corpses were piled up, bloody and baleful qi filled the skies. Since the weather was hot, the corpse poison around the area had already become miasma.

Everyone nodded their head in succession, especially the girls. Although they were not considered weak, where had they ever seen such a disgusting scene? It was like a scene taken from hell. Currently, their beautiful faces were deathly pale without a single drop of blood.

They were only able to relax after making a huge detour around the battlefield. Warfare was extremely cruel. Just a glimpse of it already made them shudder. They truly didn’t dare to imagine the scene of two armies fighting against each other on the battlefield.

“Big sister Si Bi, do you think second brother is in the military camp now?” Ximen Wuhen asked Si Bi.

“This is the most important point of the battle between the two armies. He would definitely be in the military camp.” Si Bi gave her deduction on the matter. The moment she heard it, Ximen Wuhen’s calm heart began to speed up. It had already been so long since they parted, how could she not miss him?

All of the women started chatting with each other as they walked towards the military camp. As for Li Qing, he silently followed them from behind. He would hardly speak, and throughout the day, a single word might not even come out of his mouth. As such, the women quickly treated him as though he was a walking statue. They forgot about his existence.

“There is a brook in front! Let’s take a rest there. The weather is so hot, I can’t take it anymore.” Lin Na cheered and rushed ahead. The sixth month of the year had just begun. However, the weather was already extremely hot. There seemed to be no place to hide from the blazing sun as well.

When they reached the brook, all of the women started to wash their faces. Washing off the dust accumulated on their faces with the refreshing water from the brook, they felt extremely comfortable.

As for Li Qing, he just stood at one side. Seeing the girls’ dripping wet appearance, he took out his Ice Sword and started circulating cold qi within his body. He condensed a big chunk of ice which fell from the sky. With a bang, it appeared beside the girls. The temperature of the entire place started to fall the moment the ice cube appeared.

“Big sister Si Bi, is he really Long Yi’s friend? Why does he behave just like an ice cube?” Lin Na whispered into Si Bi’s ear.

Si Bi was startled. With a bitter smile on her face, she replied, “He specializes in ice magic of the water attribute. That might have some influence on his temperament.” As for the complicated relation between her, Li Qing and Long Yi, she didn’t talk about it at all. It was a complicated and ill-fated relationship.

“No wonder. However, didn’t he address Ling’er as Madam and Wuhen as Miss? That makes him sound like some kind of servant. Is he Long Yi’s servant?” Lin Na continued to ask.

Si Bi’s expression stiffened and she didn’t speak. She had no idea how to reply to Lin Na’s question.

Long Ling’er pulled Lin Na away as she shook her head.

All of a sudden, Li Qing, who was quietly resting against a tree stood up. With a cold light glimmering in his eyes, he said with indifference, “We are surrounded.”

When they heard what Li Qing said, all of the girls became aware of the strange situation around them. They quickly gathered together and concentrated their senses. Roughly one hundred people had surrounded them from in all directions. From the aura they were emitting, they didn’t seem to be strong. However, they had actually been surrounded by these weaklings. Not to mention the fact that they had arrived within 100 meters of them without anyone noticing them.

Rustle, rustle, rows of arrows, dazzling with pallid lights shot out from the thick clump of grass not far away from them. The girls were obviously the targets.

“These are the arrows from a magic crossbow. Everyone, don’t underestimate them.” After all, Si Bi was someone with a lot of experience. The moment she saw the arrows, she was able to ascertain that they were not ordinary arrows.

“It’s a small army squad. I think we will be fine if we state our identity.” Ximen Wuhen said.

The encirclement slowly shrunk and several armed Master Magicians appeared in the sky.

The encirclement stopped 50 meters away, and a sharp-eyed young general with a tough and stocky build walked out from the troops. His body was emitting a dense bloody aura. Although his strength might be weaker compared to the four girls, his tyrannical aura he developed from the piles of corpses could make a chill go down anyone’s spine.

The general looked all around. Although he was startled in his heart, he appeared to be indifferent on the surface. Suddenly, when his gaze swept past Li Qing, he was stunned. Seeing Ximen Wuhen, he was shocked and unexpectedly used his hands to rub on his eyes like a child. When he confirmed that he wasn’t seeing things, he exclaimed, “Big sister Wuhen, why are you here?”

Ximen Wuhen was dumbfounded and she had a blank expression on her face. Big sister Wuhen? Why doesn’t she recall having a younger brother like this?

“Big sister Wuhen, don’t you remember me? It’s me, Nangong Nu.” Nangong Nu said as he rushed over to Ximen Wuhen.

Li Qing’s expression changed. However, he didn’t stop Nangong Nu. When he was at Soaring Dragon City, he had naturally seen Nangong Nu. However, he was still a wimpy kid at that time. It seemed as though warfare had accelerated his growth. Otherwise, how could a mere 15 year old lad possess this kind of aura?[

Ximen Wuhen sized up Nangong Nu who was now a head taller than herself. She could vaguely see the shadow of that mischievous wimpy kid on him.

“It’s truly you, little troublemaker, you have grown so big now!” Ximen Wuhen laughed. Time really flew. When she left Soaring Dragon City five years ago, she was just 16 years old. Now, she was already over 20.

“Now I am already a General. I am a genuine General.” Nangong Nu hit his breastplate as he puffed up his chest in front of his big sister.

“You becoming a General is definitely Long Yi supplying water to his own field. Ximen Yu probably made you a general in order to let you enjoy yourself to the fullest.” At that time, Lin Na chipped in. She guessed that Nangong Nu should be the subordinate of Long Yi which was why she didn’t think before she spoke.

The gaze of Nangong Nu become ice-cold. With a ferocious glare, he scolded Lin Na, “Now, if you were not standing next to big sister Wuhen, I would have made you pay for that sentence. We, the Unparalleled Battalion, are molded by iron and steel. You are insulting the honor of our Unparalleled Battalion.”

The girls were intimidated by Nangong Nu’s response. Lin Na was even more overwhelmed. She had just spoken carelessly and she had never expected such a big reaction from Nangong Nu. He actually looked at her as though he bore a deep hatred for her.

“If I’m wrong then so be it! Why on earth are you shouting at me?” Lin Na was somewhat fearful when she sensed Nangong Nu’s killing intent. Her voice involuntarily softened.

Nangong Nu snorted coldly before turning to Ximen Wuhen again. He said, “Big sister Wuhen, at this moment, General Beitang is in the camp. We have just captured a group of prisoners and General Beitang is interrogating them. How about coming with me to the barracks?”

Ximen Wuhen thought for a good while before she realized that the General Beitang Nangong Nu was talking about was Beitang Yu. These years, her reputation was booming in Soaring Dragon City because she was the only female General in the Violent Dragon Empire. It was obvious that she was someone with extreme pride. Naturally, Ximen Wuhen had yet to come into contact with her.

Ximen Wuhen nodded her head before looking at Long Ling’er who was standing on the other side. Seeing that Nangong Nu didn’t recognize her, she reminded, “Little Nu, you said that your Unparalleled Battalion is an army forged with iron and steel. Why are you all not saluting Her Highness the Princess?”

Nangong Nu was stunned as he directed his gaze over to Long Ling’er. As a princess, Long Ling’er rarely went out of the imperial palace. Moreover, she also rarely participated in the banquets held by the imperial palace. Also, Nangong Nu was still young when he saw Long Ling’er for the first time. As such, he didn’t have any impression of the Princess at all.

“This subordinate Nangong Nu greets the Princess.” Nangong Nu respectfully performed courtesy. He was respectful not because she was the princess. He was respectful as she was Long Yi’s woman.

“No need to be too polite. We will go with you to the barracks.” Long Ling’er indifferently said.

This moment, Nangong Nu gave a signal. It was only then that the whole squad relaxed. The hundred people squad silently dispersed into the forest. They truly came without a shadow and left without a trace. It seemed like the result of the concealment training was pretty good.

“So amazing! When did our Violent Dragon Legion become so amazing?” Ximen Wuhen exclaimed.

“It is the Unparalleled Battalion. This is the battalion lead by brother-in-law. You will never imagine that this Unparalleled Battalion was put together only a few years ago. Moreover, it was pieced together with miscellaneous troops. However,  our name can shock the entire Blue Waves Continent now.” Nangong Nu proudly said. When he mentioned Long Yi’s name, worship was written all over his face.

“Oh, by the way, is my second brother in the barracks?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

Nangong Nu shook his head and replied, “No. After returning from Mea Principality, General stayed for only one night before leaving in a hurry. I can only say this much. Everything else is a military secret.”

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When they heard what Nangong Nu said, all of them were dejected.

At that time, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen wanted to stubbornly follow Long Yi no matter what happened. When they approached Lin Na later on, Lin Na suggested a lousy idea. After Long Yi left, they would stealthily sneak away from Mea Principality and look for him. They believed that Long Yi would definitely go to the Yatesianna defense line after leaving Mea Principality. However, that fellow had actually disappeared.

Currently, Nalan Empire’s border was completely sealed. There were only a few people who knew the news of Nalan Empire falling into chaos.

After passing through layer upon layer of checkpoints, as well as the tight defense line, the group arrived at the campsite of the Unparalleled Battalion.

The moment they entered, they were able to sense a heart palpating silence. They were also able to sense a baleful aura coming from everyone in the camp. Rows of soldiers were neatly standing on the open and spacious field. At the front, a platform was built. A beautiful figure wearing the purple robes of a general was standing on that platform. As she was too far away, her facial features were somewhat blurred. However, her name was known to everybody in the army. It wasn’t just the army of the Violent Dragon Empire. It was every single army in the Blue Waves Continent. She was known as Hell Angel, Beitang Yu. Her name alone could make many veteran soldiers tremble involuntarily. They called her a rare genius in the military field who was the first of her kind in the history of the Blue Waves Continent. She used strange military tactics, was cold blooded to enemies, and she possessed a goddess-like beauty. She was an immortal legend in the military.

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