Chapter 441: Free lunch

Long Yi looked into the starry skies as he sorted everything out in his head. He was trying to find answers to everything that was happening around him.

If that shadow was Lafaer, why did he go and look for Mu Hanyan? One was the Hell Priest of the Dark Church and the other was……

Long Yi was startled and he suddenly sat up. He was unable to clarify Mu Hanyan’s true identity. However, he knew that she was related to the dark force behind Long Zhan. Both of them were believers of the Dark God. Could it be that there was some kind of secret between them?

This was truly nerve-wracking, it seemed like he needed to go and look for Mu Hanyan, that lascivious hussy, in order to get his answer. However, that woman was an extremely slick person. It would be very difficult to get anything out of her.

Suddenly, Long Yi raised his eyebrows and Long Two beside him jumped. Long Two stared past Long Yi into the space behind him. Long Two’s eyes were glimmering with red light and a strange black mist appeared around his blood-colored scythe.

“Come out. Why is the Holy Priest Karen hiding her head and tucking in her tail?” Long Yi sneered. He didn’t think it was necessary to put away Long Two. In any case, she should have already seen him.

The moment Long Yi finished talking, a white shadow flashed before him. Karen’s graceful figure appeared. She had already changed her red priest robe into a piece of white priest robe with no designs on it. However, this robe was able to clearly showcase her gentle and warm temperament.

Karen scanned Long Two who was standing beside Long Yi. The strong pressure emitted by Long two gave her endless shock. She was unable to identify Long Two and accurately guess the type of dark creature he was. In her eyes, Long Two was insanely powerful and there should be no dark creatures on the same level as him.

“This beach is so big. Is Young Master Ximen the only one allowed to see the stars here? Am I not allowed to take a stroll here?” Staring at Long Yi, Karen gently said.

“Of course you can stroll about here. However, meeting each other by chance is so much better than meeting each other through invitations. How about we accompany each other? I am not in the mood to sleep in this endless night. Being able to spend some time alone with a beautiful woman brings me endless joy.” Long Yi laughed in ridicule but a trace of killing intent appeared in his heart.

“Do you want to kill me?” The tone of Karen was still gentle.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed and he calmly confirmed her suspicions, “Correct.”

“Is it because I saw this dark creature?” Karen looked at Long Yi who was emitting a dense killing intent. Not to mention the fact that Long Two was incomparably fierce and was already in a posture to fight. Currently, both sides have their swords drawn and blood could splatter at any moment.

“Why are you still asking me if you already know my answer?” Long Yi said with indifference. When he thought about Murong Bo who was a teacher and also his friend, his killing intent faded. In any case, Karen was an old friend of Murong Bo. Long Yi’s improvement can also be linked to Murong Bo. How could he kill his teacher’s friend?

“What if I tell you that I can keep this secret for you?” Karen faintly smiled and added, “If my guess is correct, then you should have the incredibly rare, seven attributed magic physique. This is a physique that doesn’t even appear in a million years. Light and dark coexist, water and fire interlink. It is not a big deal to practice dark magic. No matter what, you are already the successor of the Lightning God. This is no secret. Even our Pope knows about this.”

“Oh? Even that old man knows about me? This is an extremely big joyous occasion. Now, tell me, what is your true objective? Why did you come and look for me?” Long Yi said and various thoughts were running in his head. At that time in the Lightning Shrine, Dongfang Kexin had taken away the light spirit tablet. That was clearly instigated by Light Pope Charles.

However, what happened to her afterwards? Why would she change the way she looked at him after that day? After taking away Long Yi’s items, she didn’t feel remorseful or uneasy. Instead, she looked at him with despise. That was truly xxxx.

Karen organized her thoughts and slowly said, “Now, the Dark Church is running wild and is openly confronting our Light Church. However, our Light Church suffered heavy damages from the Extreme Yin Day. We have yet to recover since then. His Majesty, the Pope, wants you to join our Light Church and fight against the Dark Church. In order not to get corroded by the Dark Church, we have to stand together.”

“Want me to join Light Church? This joke isn’t funny at all. I like my free and unfettered days, so why on earth would I want to be subjected to your rules?” Long Yi rejected her offer without thinking.

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“After you join our Light Church, you will not be subjected to any restraint. His Majesty the Pope has made it clear that you can still be free and unrestrained. Also, he said that you could use the Light Church to do anything you want.” Karen said lightly. Even though she was the one explaining everything to Long Yi, she had no idea what the Pope meant.

“Is there such a good thing in this world? I understand that there is no free lunch in this world.” Long Yi shook his head and said with a smile.

“The Light God is above us. As the most loyal believer of the Light God, I will not lie.” With the face of a devotee, Karen said.

Long Yi sneered in his heart. Well, you won’t lie, but the sinister Charles if different. He could believe that the sun would rise from the west but never in his life would he believe what Charles said.

When she saw that Long Yi didn’t believe her, Karen took out a scroll emitting milky white radiance. Handing it over to Long Yi, she said, “This is the thing His Majesty, the Pope, wanted me to give you. Take a look. If you have any problems, you can look for me at any time.”

Long Yi doubtfully took the scroll and Karen flew away.

Opening the scroll, magic words appeared vividly. Long Yi browsed through the scroll and suddenly, he understood everything. Giving a light snort, Long Yi knew that the terms given by Charles were too good. It seemed as though Charles had this intention. No wonder he was ready to pay any cost in order to recruit Long Yi.

Actually, when Charles obtained the light spirit tablet, he was unable to gain a shred of light magic power. No matter what method he tried, there was no reaction from the light spirit tablet. This spirit tablet was no different from a piece of scrap iron in his hands. Since he knew that Long Yi was able to obtain the inheritance of the Lightning God by relying on the lightning spirit tablet, Charles wanted Long Yi to help him.

“Truly f*cking shameless. zit’s truly rare to see such a thick-skinned person.” Long Yi sneered. He was able to sense that Charles had some sort of Qi deviation through the letter. This was indeed a good chance for Long Yi. He could use the Light Church’s to support Nalan Ruyue. His plan of supporting Nalan Ruyue’s ascension to the throne wasn’t too far from completion.

Long Yi strolled around the sandy beach and different thoughts appeared in his mind. However, the most important thing to him now was to find out the relationship between Lafaer and Mu Hanyan. Moreover, where did that woman supporting Nalan Wen come from?


On the sixth month of year 87**, the first strategic pass of the Yatesianna defense line collapsed under the joint attack of the Nalan Empire and Violent Dragon Empire’s allied army. Both sides suffered heavy casualties. Although the allied force admittedly suffered heavy casualties, the army of the Proud Moon Empire was not much better. Also, there was the issue of army provisions. With a severe deficiency of army provisions, the Proud Moon Empire’s soldiers were starving. How were they able to battle against the allied forces with no food?

If this were to go on, within several months, Proud Moon Empire would be removed from the map of the Blue Waves Continent. Its name would be etched down in history as one of the perished empires.

Not too far away from the Yatesianna defense line, a group of people appeared. In front of the entrance which where a bloody scent was lingering, beautiful young girls appeared. They appeared together with an icy youth.

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