Chapter 148: He finally showed up.

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The first thing I saw when I teleported was Lina and Ouka talking to each other.

“Lina, Ouka.”
“You’re here.”

They stopped their conversation when they noticed my presence and approached me.

“Is everyone okay?”
“Yes, everyone is okay.”
“Obviously. I just went through my training, after all.”

Ouka answered politely while Lina spoke in a voice full of confidence. Well, she did go through an intense training indeed. The way she dealt with the heroes in this room is enough to prove her capabilities.

“I can see that.”

I uttered while looking at the deeper side of the room. The place was brimming with boys and girls falling unconscious. On the other side, the room itself wasn’t very messy as I thought it’d be.

“You did well sending Ouka here too. She helped me a lot with dealing with them”
“No, it was all thanks to you, Lina-sama.”

They both praised each other as they smiled and acted friendly together. I wonder when they did get this close. Maybe they got closer through this battle. As I was nonchalantly thinking, Lina addressed me with a slightly surprised face.

“I didn’t know that you had a Youkai familiar.”
“Many things happened recently, so…”
“You didn’t do anything weird, did you?”

She looked at me with doubting eyes. As if I would do anything sort of weird. The moment I heard Ouka giggling, I instantly replied to her saying that I didn’t do anything and changed the topic before it gets even worse.

“Anyway, how are Saya and Karen?”
“Ah, they’re fine.”
“They are sleeping there.”

They both answered me as they shifted their gaze to the corner of the room. I followed their sight and noticed Saya and Karen leaning against the wall and soundly sleeping. They didn’t look injured in any way.

“… U… Umm.”

A short moment later, Saya opened her eyes and yawned with a faint voice.

“Where am I?”

The first things she saw was the pile of heroes crumbling on the floor.

“Eh! C-Corpses?!”

For an obvious reason, she mistook them as dead bodies and revealed an astounded face.

“Eh? What is happening? Um, should I call an ambulance first?!”

While panicking, she searched for her phone while flustering. I guess that’s the normal reaction anyone would make if they find themselves in an unknown place with unconscious people. She was really confused. I kept watching her reaction without interfering until Lina interrupted her in a tender voice tone.

“Calm down, Saya. Those things are not dead.”
“Huh? Lina-chan… and Yato? What is happening here?”

Realizing that both Lina and I were with her, Saya was able to take back her calm. Following her confused question, Karen woke up as well.


She stiffened in her place after opening her eyes and didn’t speak a word. She was probably examining the situation to get a better understanding.

“I see…”

A short while after she moved her sight right and left by looking at me and the fainted heroes, she agreed with the situation all by herself.

“Huh? Did you understand your situation in this short time?”
“Not at all.”

Then why did you say that?!

As I was let down by Karen’s anticlimactic answer, Saya asked about what happened.

“Um, can you tell me what happened here?”
“Ah, actually——-”

Thus, Lina explained to her all what happened from the start. She told her about Tenjouin and his classmates wanting to defeat me and how they resorted to kidnap her as a way to find my weakness and all the other details. Both Karen and Saya listened to her explanation with a cool mind.

“——– And that is what happened.”
“I understand.”

Saya reacted with a slightly confounded face. I’m impressed that she didn’t lose her coolness after hearing all of that. I was expecting her to react differently, to be honest.

“You’re pretty composed today.”

I told her my remark in a casual voice tone, but she made a face as if she already realized it and replied.

“I wonder why… All that I felt from hearing Lina’s explanation was something like, ‘oh, so it happened again…’”

Apparently, she got used to this kind of things happening. Even Karen agreed with her while nodding repeatedly. Well, I guess anyone would get used to this kind of occurrence after they get kidnapped by a Fallen God and played with by a tentacles monster. If only she could get used to dealing with men as well. I had that last thought in mind before I saw Lina bowing down her head to Saya.

“I’m sorry, Saya! This all happened because of my neglection.”

Saya got taken aback to see her bowing to her all of a sudden, and hastily asked her to raise her head.

“Don’t mind it. It was also my fault for leaving your side at that time. So please, raise your head. Okay?”

Saya finished her word with a gentle voice making Lina look at her with an emotionally moved face while muttering Saya’s name.

“Saya-dono… You are…”
“Please don’t use ‘dono’ for my name, okay?”

(ED: dono is used when attached to a name, roughly means “lord” or “master”. It does not equate noble status; rather it is a term akin to ‘milord’ and lies below ‘sama’ in level of respect. This title is not commonly used in daily conversation, but it is still used in some types of written business correspondence, as well as on certificates and awards. It is/was also used to indicate that the person referred to has the same (high) rank as the referrer, yet commands respect from the speaker.)

Getting her next line tenderly refused by Saya before she even said it, Lina made a disappointed face. She was really planning to call her using dono honorific.

“By the way, Karen. Your guard was Ouka.”

I pointed at Ouka who is supposed to be invisible to them and told Karen who then exclaimed as if she solved a mystery.

“No wonder…”

“I saw people around me in the street fussing about floating items and strange occurrence. So it was Ouka’s doing.”

Ouka was lifting items in the bare sight of ordinary people?

I turned to stare at her and got back an embarrassed response from her saying that she couldn’t hold back. I seriously need to get her used to the city by showing her around. This is important in order for her to stay serious in serious times. I confirmed that decision with myself and shifted my gaze back at those fainted heroes. I almost forgot from talking with Karen and Saya that I still need to do something about these guys. I started dragging every single one of them on the floor to a single corner.

“Yato-kun, what are you doing?”
“I’m going to send them back to Tenjouin. It would be bad if they wake up here.”

We need to solve their misunderstanding and the best way to do that is by sending them to Tenjouin who will explain everything to them. Replying to Saya, I continued dragging the heroes in the floor.

This is a little tiring.

In the middle of the process, I started to roughly throw them one by one at the corner of the room.

“Aren’t you too rough in your acts…”
“I’ve gone through a lot because of these guys. I wouldn’t go out of my way to act kinder than this.”

Besides, it would be a waste of magic to send each on them to Tenjouin alone. Therefore, I’m pilling them up in the corner to send them all together and conserve my magic. I managed to gather them all quickly since they were close and went to touch as many of them as possible. In the end, sending them all at once was impossible, but I was able to send them by a few teleportations. It’s all done now. As a consideration from me, I sent them exactly to the place where I left the others in the battlefield unconscious. I was left alone with Lina, Karen, Ouka, and Saya.

“Alright, let’s get out of here too. Let me teleport you first.”
“What are you going to do, Yato-kun?”
“I will go back to Tenjouin after this. I still have something to do with him.”

I doubt that the class will attempt to kidnap someone else after what happened, but there’s still a risk of Metron creating another trouble. I need to send them back before anything else happens. Although, I don’t think Metron would break the rules and interfere any further in this world. When I told Saya about my plans, Lina agreed with me.

“I will go with you. I will prove to them that Metron-sama is innocent from this case.”

Well, I guess I will take her with me. She won’t fall behind if things turned out into a battle again. Approving Lina’s suggestion, I placed my hand on Karen and Saya’s shoulders to send them back home.

“Be careful, Yato-kun.”

Saya casted a few words of concern at me while looking a bit uneasy. She still makes this kind of expressions even though she got used to this type of situations. Karen followed her words by easing her up.

“There nothing that calls for concern, Saya. He will come back home soon like he always does.”
“I guess, you’re right.”
“Let’s ask him to do something for us as a punishment when he comes back.”

Saya returned a flustered reaction when she heard Karen’s suggestion while I exclaimed in a confused voice.

What is this little sister of mine saying?

Saya revealed a little bit of restraint by telling her that she can’t do something like that. Sadly, Karen didn’t give up and pushed her to her side for the last time by whispering something into her ears.


The next moment, Saya’s face got dyed in red as she let out a strange voice. Karen asked for her response, but Saya still resisted by bashfully clouding her words.

Wait a minute here. Wait a minute…

“What did you tell her?”
“It’s a secret.”

When I asked Karen what she told her, she refused to speak. I don’t know what she told her, but it’s surely nothing of good. As I kept staring at Karen, I noticed that Saya was glancing at me with eyes full of hope and expectations. Maybe she’s waiting for my consent. Honestly, I’m lost on how to react. All I could do at that time was speak incomprehensible words.

“UUh, uum, eem…”

In the first place, it’s also my fault that they ended up kidnapped by those idiots. After working up my mind and trying to find the best way out of all this, I ended up letting out a heavy sigh.

“… Do as you like.”

The moment I said that, Saya’s face became cheerful in the blink of an eye. Karen felicitated her for some reason then they both smiled at each other. I feel that she is plotting something. I was at fault when I thought that she only wanted to cheer up Saya. With a complex feeling floating in my mind, I bid farewell to the two of them and sent them back.

“You’re going through a lot, aren’t you?”
“I’m getting used to it.”

I let out another sigh and replied to Lina’s sympathizing remark. Well, it was also my fault that they got kidnapped so let’s let them do as they like this time. I tried to convince myself and this time Ouka addressed me with a somewhat bitter expression.

“I apologize, Yato-sama. I’m starting to get worried about my children, so may I leave?”

Come to think of it, she didn’t go back to the shrine this whole day since she was protecting Karen. I guess it’s normal for her to feel worried about the little foxes she left there.

“Yeah, thanks for the help, Ouka. let’s talk next time.”
“Yes. Well then.”

With a short reply and slight smile, Ouka returned back to the shrine where her little foxes were waiting for her. Well then, I guess it’s time for us to go too.

“Let’s go.”

Lina nodded and we teleported back to the battlefield.


The next thing I saw after teleported back to the battlefield was Tenjouin’s confused face standing in front of the members I sent.


He gazed at his friends while hesitating on what to say. Lina and I approached him silently.

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“Kamiya, Hondou-kun and the others are…”
“They’re knocked out and not dead.”

Hearing my reply, he arranged his mind, nodded weakly, and averted his eyes. He was still using his sword as a cane and standing while all worn out. The next moment, he revealed a resolute face.

“Kamiya, who are you exactly?”

He asked me with a serious expression.

Um, even if you asked me like that…

“I’m just an ordinary person with some skills.”
“Don’t lie. There is no way that someone who I can’t even scratch with all my power like you could be an ordinary person.”
“Well, my level is a bit high. That’s all.”
“What’s your level?”

Tenjouin maintained the same serious face and asked for my level. You shouldn’t ask for people’s level you know. But I can tell that he will keep persistently asking me if I don’t answer him, that’s why I decided to tell him after staying quiet for a short moment.

“…… 431.”

Seemingly, it was a little higher than what he expected since his reaction was so loud. This is the truth. I wonder if he can stand it. At first, he kept staring at me with his jaw dropped, though he eventually accepted his reality and let out a dry laugh.

“Haha… No wonder we couldn’t defeat you…”

He kept laughing in a stiff voice. Well, I can’t blame him for doing that. I waited for him until he got back from his absent-minded condition and asked me another question after he took back his composure.

“… Kamiya, are you really the person that Metron told us about? I thought about it many times and you didn’t see that way for me.”
“All that he said is correct.”

He tried to ascertain his doubts and asked me with a face showing faint signs of hope, but I crushed that hope by answering him unhesitatingly.

“I see.”

He replied with only those words and dropped his sight to the ground while making a disappointed face, he didn’t even wait for me to finish my answer.

“Well, there are a few hoaxes in Metron’s explanation.”

Hearing the rest of my answer, Tenjouin lifted back his head and looked at me. I continued without minding him.

“First, I erased people’s memories to avoid them finding out about magic and skills. If I didn’t do that, the world would in a panic right now.”
Huh, is that why you erased their memories?”
“Yeah. For what else you think I’d do it?”

Tenjouin kept blinking with surprise from knowing the true reason I erased people’s memories. The next moment, he looked as if he guessed something and started asking me continuously.

“T-Then what about the AI you stole?”
“That’s just how he sees it in his eyes.”
“My current master is Yato-sama, Desu!”
“The monster you take for walks in the middle of the city?”
“This one?”
“Wan! ‘Hello’” <– Rouga
“… The angel you laid your hands on…”
“I told you that he didn’t do anything to me!!”

His question ended after Lina’s embarrassed yell. He froze in his place when I introduced him to both Meru and Rouga as a proof.

“What is this…”

He then dropped his shoulders in disappointment and casted his sight downwards after realizing his misunderstanding.

“You get it now?”
“Yeah… It was all my misunderstanding.”

Knowing that he admitted his hasty decisions, I placed my hand on his shoulder and caused a faint green light to cover his body. Once the light disappeared, he looked around himself while looking all bewildered.

“What did you do…?”
“You admitted your misunderstanding, so it’s fine now.”

Leaving him looking at his completely healed body with a dumbfounded face, I went to cast the same healing magic on the other class members. In the blink of an eye, all their wounds disappeared and they healed just like Tenjouin. I did good gathering everyone in a single spot and conserve my magic again. The first one to open their eyes after the green light disappeared was Miki.

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“… Uh, hmm?”
“Miki! Are you okay?”

Tenjouin rushed to her while screaming her name.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

He then casted his gentle words on her until the other class members woke up.

“… Where is this?”

Among them, those who kidnapped Saya and Karen woke up as well and Tenjouin sat down in front of them.

“Hondou-kun, everyone.”
“Tenjouin, what are you doing here… Ah! Where’s Kamiya? Where are the hostages?!”

As they gradually recalled their memories before fainting and started flustering, Tenjouin pointed at me. The moment they followed the direction where he pointed to noticed me standing there, they dropped their sight in regret.

“Ah! We failed again!”
“Hondou-kun, we don’t need to fight him anymore.”
“What are you talking about!? If we don’t go now the demon army will trample the kingdom!!”
“The demon tribe was already crushed.”

He replied to Hondou’s furious screams by pointing this time at Maxis who was lying senseless on the ground. After confirming that it was really the demon general Maxis, Hondou frowned in confusion.

“Is that Maxis?”

Tenjouin nodded to that question.

“Yeah, that’s one of the four great demon generals, Maxis.”

“It’s really him?! Then what happened to the kingdom!?”
“The army of demons got wiped out on their way advancing to the kingdom by some unknown party. So the kingdom is safe.”

Hondou revealed a shocked face, unable to believe what he just heard.

“You’re kidding me… How…”
“I don’t know. But Lurian and everyone there is safe.”

He then gradually trembled before asking for a final confirmation.

“They really got defeated, right? The kingdom is safe, right…?”
“Yeah, everyone is safe.”

Tenjouin firmly replied to Hondou’s trembling voice. The next moment, Hondou crumbled back on the ground as if he completely ran out of energy.

“I see, good…”

The trembling in his voice gradually increased until he shed a tear. Tenjouin kept placing his hand on Hondou’s shoulder with his mouth closed.

So they finally calmed down after knowing that their friends on the other side are alright…

“Tenjouin-kun, is that true?”
“Yeah, the demon army is defeated by someone we don’t know and Lurian is safe.”

Tenjouin declared to all the members of the class who then all shouted at the same time. Everyone there including those who kidnapped the girls were relieved from the bottom of their hearts. I guess they all had their troubles on the other side. That’s why they resorted to taking some acts against their will.

“… I’m really sorry.”

After he calmed down, Hondou apologized to Tenjouin.

“I shouldn’t have resorted to a degraded act such as taking hostages… I’m sorry for acting selfishly.”

Tenjouin revealed a broad and gentle smile to Hondou who was lowering his head.

“Are you guys done?”
“Yeah, we’re fine now.”

I waited for the good timing and tried to change the topic, but this time, the class members realized another fact.

“By the way, we still need to defeat Kamiya if we want to go back, no?”

One of the male members uttered that remark. They’ve been told by that fake Metron that they won’t be sent back to their world until they defeat me. Even if the current problem is solved, the original one is still there. The other class members all realized that fact after hearing that remark and shifted their gaze to Tenjouin.

“No, we won’t defeat Kamiya. More like, we can’t defeat him.”
“Huh, what do you mean?”

Some of the members wouldn’t see what he implied and asked him to explain. It would be better to show them the real thing instead of explaining.

“Just see for yourselves.”

I took out the【Concealing Crystal】which I got from Lina and put it on the ground.

“Someone who has an appraisal skill, look at my stats. You can see them now.”

The heroes seemed a bit confused at first until they started hearing those who could appraise me exclaiming with loud voices. The others were told about the reason for those astounded screams soon enough.

“… Level, 431.”

The moment those words left someone’s mouth, everyone became quiet from the intense shock. I was waiting for some of them to not believe in it, but I guess that the two battles they went through were proof enough for them. Some of them looked frightened when realizing that they fought against a monster like me.

“Alright, all that’s left is to send————”

——- I don’t like this.

At that moment, a voice resounding in my head interrupted me. It was the nonchalant voice of a child which exuded a slight tone of anger.

So the culprit is finally here… I was waiting for you.


A request.

“So they will ask me to do something, huh…”
“What’s wrong, Kamiya Yato?”
“I’m just thinking about what will Saya and Karen ask me later…”
“I don’t think it would be anything of serious.”
“I hope so…”
“Well, you can destroy an entire world if you were asked to, so it should be fine.”
“Hey. what kind of monster do you take me for?”

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