Chapter 149: It was all a misunderstanding.

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Everyone went quiet once they heard the abrupt voice of a child. It was the voice of the person behind sending the class back to the Earth. The first to interrupt the silence and speak was Tenjouin.


He uttered that name with his eyes open wide. It’s confirmed that he is the culprits behind this. I also confirmed another thing after hearing Tenjouin uttering that name. That is, the one behind this voice is not Metron. I realized it the moment I heard his voice. Even Lina realized the same thing and silently nodded back to me when I looked at her.

“Who are you?”
“You’re not Metron.”

Tenjouin revealed a baffled face when he heard me stating that fact.

“What does that mean? He is not Metron?”
“I have already met Metron many times, so I can tell that it’s not him. This guy is not Metron.”

All the class members seemed stunned by hearing that the person behind the voice was not Metron and that I’ve already met a god. The fake Metron stayed quiet since the first time I spoke before speaking again and denying my remark.

“… What are you talking about? I am the same Metron who sent you all to that another world.”

So now he is feigning ignorance. The culprit doesn’t want to admit that he was fake, but this time Lina entered the conversation.

“I am an angel who serves Metron-sama. I assume that you are a God of another world. Please stop what you are doing! If you keep acting selfishly like this, you will receive a severe punishment from the Divine God!”

Despite getting warned by her, the fake Metron still insisted on the fact that he wasn’t fake.

“H-Hmph! Who cares! I am the real Metron so that doesn’t apply to me!”

Judging that it would be lame to admit it at this point, he kept on persistently acting like the real Metron. A few signs of impatience reverberated from his voice before he cleared his throat by coughing and took back his calm.

“Anyway, I wasn’t expecting you to lose even after I gave you that sword. I can’t tell if the heroes are just too weak or if the opponent is strong. In either case, I’m disappointed.”

Tenjouin directed an irritated glare to the sky when he heard the fake Metron’s haughty words. We can’t see his face, but we know that he is annoying. I replied to his arrogant remark in a cool tone.

“Then what now? Aren’t you going to give up already?”
“Of course I won’t. I wouldn’t have come talk to you if I were to give up ― I shall take you on personally.”

Both Lina and I couldn’t stop a nervous expression from reaching our faces when we heard his confident declaration. By taking me on, he means that he will personally come here, to Earth. There is a rule among Gods prohibiting them from interfering with worlds, though it often gets violated by many of them.

Only allowed on

So this God is intending to break that rule as well. Tenjouin and the class members who don’t know about this rule looked astonished to hear that he will be coming here. Despite his childish voice, the enemy is still a God and his powers are not to be underestimated. They shouldn’t get deceived by him. Lina asked him to change his mind in a slightly flustering voice tone.

“Did you forget the rules? If you do that, your sin will become serious afterward.”
“Of course I know that and I wouldn’t act so carelessly and get punished at the end either.”
“Then what are you planning to do then?”

If he weren’t intending to get punished later, then what is he going to do?

The fake Metron returned a childish giggle when I asked him.

“You will find out soon enough.”

Saying that, he started contemplated his plan. I don’t have any clue about what he will be doing, but I’m sure that it won’t be something good for me. I took my defensive stance the moment I sensed that he started making a move.

“Well then ―”

― Stop right theeeeeeeeeeeere!!!

For some reason, I heard another voice resounding in my head right before the fake Metron was going to execute his plan.

“A-ah? Metron? What are you doing here…”
“I came back here because I had an unexplainable bad feeling, and it turned out hitting the mark. No, it exploded the mark!! Just what are you doing to my world for Heaven’s sake!”

The fake Metron who sounded provoking just now lost all his dignity when the voice of the true Metron came out.

The real Metron is back?

Lina and I kept listening to Metron and his fake counterpart’s conversation with dumbfounded expressions.

“Wait, stop shaking me back and forth! Calm down first, please. Just listen to me!”
“Why do you have to make me go through this all the time!? I can’t even slack off from work like this!!”

Metron vented his exhaustion and piled up stress on the culprit who was trying to calm him down fruitlessly.

“In the first place, what did I do, huh!? I only acted in at the first time!! Yet, look at you!! Look at what you’re doing to me ―!!”
“Stop shaking me first! What if you clicked on some dangerous button… Ah!!”

The culprit desperately warned Metron to stop acting out of anger, though it was already late since I heard him exclaiming at the end. The next moment, a giant magic formation appeared above all of our heads.


The magic formation didn’t show a sign of function after it appeared until the figure of two persons fell from within it. The first one is the real Metron. The second one was ―

“You are, Korola-sama!”

Lina who saw the face of the second God muttered his name and looked as if she grasped the entire situation.

“Lina, you know who this person?”
“This is Korola-sama. The【God of Affection】and Metron-sama’s friend.”

So, he is the【God of Affection】, huh…

It was a nice and promising title. I moved back my gaze and looked at Metron’s friend, Korola. He had green hair and eyes and a very young appearance just like that of Metron. It was pretty hard to tell if Korola were a male or a female, but judging from his voice, I assumed that he is a male.

“Hm? Is this…”

Metron and Korola stood up from their crash while both groaning from the pain. Metron could tell where he was at first until he pointed at me while screaming the moment he noticed my presence.

“Uwaa!!! It’s him!!”
“What do you mean by ‘it’s him!’?”

He looked at me with eyes as if he saw a monster. As I complained to Metron for his rude attitude towards me, Lina was muttering to herself ‘I see, so that’s how it is’ while seeming to have understood everything.

“So, it was Korola-sama.”
“What did you find out, Lina?”
“As I just told you, Korola-sama is the【God of Affection】. Exactly as his name proves, he is a kind God of friendship who takes great care of his friends. It’s just that…”

Lina hesitated on whether to continue her words or not.

“Just that?”
“Sometimes his love for his friends crosses the limits, driving him to go a bit too far.”

I think there is a limit on how someone could go a bit too far, but anyway, that explains all that happened. In other words, this guy tried to kill me for Metron’s sake.

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How annoying…

As I was coming to an understanding of the situation, Korola who just stood up glanced at his surroundings.

“Don’t tell me… Did we fall into your world!?”

He then eventually started flustering as he realized where he fell.

“This is bad! We need to go back before we get punished!”
“You’re going to get punished by me first!!”

Metron replied to Korola with a shout before he started pressing him to answer his questions.

“Rather, what are you doing to my world!? I may end up getting punished too you know!”

Korola looked at the enraged Metron with a confused face before he answered in an upset voice.

“You told me to do it!”
“Huh? I did?”
“Yes, you did! I remember you crying that time and saying I wish someone would do something about it, I’m tired.’”
“I wasn’t crying, I was just complaining! And I didn’t ask you to do anything!”
“I did it for your sake!”
“I didn’t ask you to!”

They both continued quarreling and fussing in front of us. Their voice was gradually getting louder as they were both getting upset. To summarize their conversation, Korola misunderstood Metron’s complaints as a plea and used Tenjouin and his classmates to attack me, the victim of all of this. I dropped my shoulder once I got a full grasp of what happened.

Metron and Korola continued their ineffective dispute. All I could see before my eyes were two children quarreling for a troublesome reason. At this rate, they will never stop. I interrupted the both of them after letting out a sigh.

“You guys need to calm down firs――”
“You’re always like this Korola! You never listen to me!!”

“Calm down alrea――――――”
“I was just acting nicely because you’re my friend!!”



Guessing that they will keep ignoring me as they heat up even more, I decided to use my fist to stop them. The conversation halted after a dull sound came from both of their heads.

“Listen to me!”
“Ouch!? What is this! It hurts!! I feel like I already got hit like this!! It hurts more this time!!”
“My skull probably cracked from this hit…”

Metron started screaming from the pain while Korola crouched while holding his head. Korola didn’t like how he got punched in the head unreasonably like that and looked at me while complaining.

“Hey! How dare you hit a child on his head! Child abuser!!”
“Lina, how old is this guy?”
“He is the same age as Metron-sama.”


Knowing that Korola was lying at me, I chopped his head with my hand. Feeling the intense pain from that chop, he groaned loudly and held his head while crouching again.

“I got hit again!” ← Korola
“I got a deja vu feeling again!” ← Metron
“Don’t you have something more important to do now?” ← Yato
“Huh? What do you mean?” ← Korola
“How about you apologize to these people first?” ← Yato

First, he needs to apologize to the class before sending them back to their world. I told Korola to apologize to the class while pointing at Tenjouin who seemed to have frozen in his place for a while now, unable to follow with the flow of events. Let’s make Metron apologize to him even if it’s just for their sake.

“Huh, even me?”
“Of course.”

I nodded to Metron’s confused question. If he didn’t slack off his job in the first place, nothing of this would have happened. He is guilty just as much as Korola. Surely, there was no way he would obediently agree with me. He revealed a displeased face and refused to apologize.

“Huuuh!? I’m totally unrelated to this!”
“You’re the origin of this mess. If you escape now, I promise to erase all your saved game date next time.”
“That’s too cruel! You Ogre! You demon!!”
“Want a head-chop too?”

I lifted my hand to Metron who didn’t want to stop insulting me, but Lina asked for some time and timidly approached him.

“Metron-sama, I have a message from Rene-san.”
“Eh? Rene-chan?”

Lina nodded to him and quietly whispered the message into his ear. Metron’s face gradually turned pale as he listened to the message until his body started trembling with fear.

“Is, that true…?”
“Yes. Therefore, I advocate you to return as soon as possible.”

The next instant, Metron sprinted to Korola who was crouching and holding his head and urged him to bow down.

“Korola, let’s bow down!”
“Eh? Why so suddenly?”
“Just hurry up and bow down before it gets too late!”

Korola noticed that Metron was acting weird, but his dignity as a God didn’t allow him to bow down.

“Why should Gods like us bow down so easily?! More importantly, Metron, we can defeat this Yato if we combine our powers! Let’s fight him together!”
“This is not the time for your nonsense!!”

Apparently, Korola still didn’t give up on defeating me as he suggested to combine his powers with Metron who immediately refused.

“Please! If we don’t make it quick, my things will disappear!! If we escape like this, my other things will end up disappearing!! So let’s apologize and return!! Please!! If you’re truly my best friend, then do as I tell you now!!”
“B-Best friend…”

Korola reacted happily to the word ‘best friend.’

“Metron and I are best friends…”
“Yes! I’m serious! We’re best friends! So please, help me out here by bowing down and apologizing.”

Contrary to Metron who seemed to have reached the end of his wits for some unknown reason, Korola was immersing in the reverberation of the word ‘best friend’ by muttering it repeatedly.

What’s up with his reaction…?

I wonder if it’s fine for the【God of Affection】to be deceived this readily by the word ‘best friend.’

“Very well. I can’t turn down the request of my best friend.”

The next moment, Korola willingly accepted to apologize.

Are you fine with this, God of Affection…

I couldn’t tell if the reason he got deceived so conveniently was because he loved his friend or because he just doesn’t have many friends in the first place. In either case, Metron and Korola turned to Tenjouin and his classmates and placed their knees on the ground.

““We are very sorry!!””

With totally synchronized tones, both of them apologized as they glued their foreheads on the ground. It was a perfect prostration from them. As for Tenjouin’s reaction…

“… Eh? What is this supposed to mean?”

They were all confused. Since they never met a God before, they couldn’t even distinguish Metron from Korola. Well, it can’t be helped. I will just explain to them the rest later. Anyway, there was one thing that the class understood from all of this.

“Is Kamiya stronger than Gods?”

One of them uttered that question and the rest agreed with it as they all directed their gazes at me. Some of them even took a step back as they were frightened.

C’mon, really? You’re scared of me that much?

All that I did was making Metron and Korola apologize to you them. I heard Lina telling me that she can’t blame them for that reaction, driving me to feel a little shocked.

Let’s explain to them what’s going on later…

That was the only conclusion I ended up reaching while restraining the perplexed feeling in my chest.



“So Korola, your title is the【God of Affection】, right? Does that mean that you love your friends?”
“Of course I do! I love all my friends!”
“Then would you lend them money if they asked you?”
“Obviously, I will lend it to them.”
“What if they asked you for a troublesome request?”
“I will help them out, surely!”
“You’re unexpectedly too nice.”
“Right!? I even treated my friends to a delicious meal the other day as a proof of my love to them.”
“Just be sure to choose your friends wisely.”

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