Chapter 150: Finally returning back.

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The next I did, after making Metron and Korola apologize, was to explain the situation to Tenjouin and his classmates. All of this happened because of misunderstandings. That is why I wanted them to be more careful next time to not cause any unnecessary troubles for me. I don’t want them to keep seeing me as weird guy like Metron, after all.

“I had no clue that God could be a child.”
“I thought that his voice was too young the first time, but I wasn’t expecting his appearance to be young too.”
“Don’t get deceived by the appearance. Despite his appearance, he is hundreds of years old.”

I added a minor warning to Tenjouin and Miki who were expressing their impressions on the Metron and Korola. Each member of the class reacted differently when they listened to my explanation. Tenjouin and Miki were relatively calm compared to the others who suddenly felt empty from realizing that their hard work here was meaningless.

They crossed over the level of rage reaching a state where all they could do was quietly accept the situation. The members who kidnapped Saya and Karen looked quite relieved to have failed. It would have been serious if they ended up committing a crime out of a mere misunderstanding. As regretting it won’t be enough.

I realized that watching their reactions was quite interesting, honestly. As I kept on gazing at the class members reacting to what I said, Lina tapped on my shoulder.

“How long are you intending to keep Metron-sama and Korola-sama kneeling down on the ground. Isn’t fine already?”
“Oh yeah! Right”
“Release us!”
“You guys aren’t even reflecting on what you have done, are you?”

Metron and Korola started fussing again while using Lina’s remark as their shield. Perhaps I should make them rub their foreheads on the ground again. As I was considering that, both of them were having a friendly conversation with each other and were ignoring me.

“I bought you a present from the place I visited the other day.”
“Yaay! Thank you!”

Weren’t they having a dispute just now?

I let out a heavy sigh and lost the mood to get angry at them. Metron used that opportunity and urged me to let him go.

“Can I go already? If I don’t go back now, Rene-chan will throw away my treasure.”

He was restless from the time when Lina whispered that message into his ear. I don’t need him here anymore, so I guess I will let him go before he causes some random trouble again.

“I will let you go if you create a magic circle to send the class back to their world.”

That would be better than me sending them by myself.

Immediately, Metron turned to Korola and requested him to do it instead. Korola willingly accepted his request then searched for something inside his chest pocket. The item he took out was a rolled up paper-like form. He unfolded that paper in a slightly separated area and made a magic formation appear on it and covered the entire place. It then started glowing with a shining light that gradually grew brighter.

“What is that…?”
“That’s a paper form that creates the magic formation drawn on it. It can be used anywhere and at anytime, but only once.”

Lina answered the question casually by explaining the function of that item. It was a convenient magic tool. It’s more like a disposable magic formation.

“It looks pretty easy to use.”
“Well, magic items are evolving day after the other.”

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Lina and I had a short conversation while watching Korola setting the magic circle, before Tenjouin who was quiet all this time called me.

“Kamiya, what is the meaning of this…?”
“What? He is preparing a magic circle for you guys to go back to your world.”
“We can finally go back!?”
“That’s what I just told you now.”

The moment I confirmed his doubts, Tenjouin trembled from the pure delight. He told me that he will go inform the others and ran off.

“Okay, so I will be leaving now.”

The moment when Metron was about to leave after setting up the teleportation circle――――― another magic circle appeared from the other side.

“Nice! I landed properly this time.”

The figure of another person jumped out from the circle and landed down on their legs. Black reddish hair and a bikini armor. Only by noticing those two traits, my entire body alarmed. I revealed the most distorted frown I could make when I saw her face.

“Huh? Scala?”
“Ah, it’s the【Goddess of Destruction】.”
“So you guys were here. I was looking for you.”

Metron and Korola looked confused to see Scala appear all of a sudden, but she didn’t mind their reaction and immediately lifted them in both of her arms.

“Alright, let’s go now.”
“Eh, W-Wait, where? Scala! What are you doing all of a sudden?! Explain to me at least!!”

Metron sought an explanation from Scala who looked as if she were abducting him and Korola. When he started struggling to get off from her arm, she restrained them with a light warning before continuing to her explanation.

“Don’t move too much. Anyway, you were slacking off from work again, right? The Divine God found out about that and is planning to punish you. That’s why he sent me to arrest you first.”
“Eh… Seriously?”
“Yeah, seriously. He said that you are slacking off too much recently and that he’s planning to put the fear of Divine God in you.”
“How did he find out…”
“Huh, then why are you arresting me as well?”

While Metron realized the hopeless situation he drove himself in, Korola raised his hand on Scala and complained.

“That’s because you interfered in a world that’s not under your authority.”
“Eeeh! Why!?”
“Don’t ask me that ridiculous question! It’s your fault for breaking the rules!!”
“I don’t want to hear that from you.”

I unintentionally interfered in the conversation when I heard Scala’s last line.

How could a rule breaker talk about protecting rules?

My eyes met with hers due to my remark and she happily smiled at me for some reason.

“Yo, Yato! I missed ya!”
“I can’t say the same for you.”

I replied to Scala’s warm greeting in a cold attitude. Nothing good happens from meeting with her. When she noticed that I was reflexively taking a defensive stance and staring at her, she talked to me with the same happy smile on her face.

“You don’t need to be so wary. I’m busy with work today, but I will come to hang out with you later.”
“Just don’t come forever.”

I never wish to go through what she made me do in my life ever again. Scala who misunderstood my defiant attitude as something else told me to stop acting bashfully with the same grinning face. She doesn’t know that I don’t want to die by her hands.

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After finishing her conversation with me, she turned her back and walked to the magic circle from which she came from, but this time carrying Metron and Korola in both of her arms.

“Aight, later.”

Leaving those parting words behind, she jumped into the magic circle and disappeared. Soon after, the circle vanished as well leaving only the teleportation one in the area. I wasn’t waiting for her to show up all of a sudden. The memories I was trying to erase from my mind started haunting me again. I held my head with my hand and let out a heavy sigh as Lina made a dry titter from behind. The next moment, I heard Tenjouin calling me from behind.

“Kamiya, I’m done informing everyone else so we’re ready to go… Wait, where are the two Gods?”

“They left… Erm.. Taken away forcibly.”

I wasn’t in the mood to explain any further and replied with only those words. Tenjouin sensed something strange in my response, but he didn’t ask any further and nodded.

“We will be leaving too. Everyone is worried about the kingdom.”
“I see. Well, just don’t die there.”
“Yeah, I will do my best. And by the way…”
“Let me tell you this first. I’m not going with you.”

I interrupted him before he continued his words as if I predicted what he was about to say. Tenjouin returned a bitter smile to me while seeming somewhat impressed. I just felt that he will ask me to go with him at some point. I’d rather live my life peacefully here instead of going to another world.

“I predicted that you’d answer like this…”
“If you did, then go back to your world already.”
“Yeah, I will. Everyone, gather inside the magic circle!”

Bidding a short farewell to me, Tenjouin ordered his classmates to get inside the circle. They also dragged the unconscious Maxis with them inside.


I heard a voice coming from behind me when I was watching them off. It was Kokonoe casting her eyes downwards and looking a bit dejected.

“T-Thank you, so much, for saving Houdou-kun, and, the others.”
“It wasn’t me who saved them but this angel here. And besides, I’m grateful to you too for telling me about your situation.”
“I-It’s fine! Well then.”

She bowed down to Lina once and rushed inside the circle to her classmates. The moment all of them stepped inside, the magic circle got automatically activated and started shining. Lina and I watched them as they left.

“Was that the girl who informed you of their situation?”
“Yeah. It’s thanks to her that I was able to prepare a counter plan for Saya and Karen’s abduction. Although, it was useless anyway in the end.”

I mean, both Lina and Ouka failed at guarding them. Lina awkwardly averted her eyes from mine while groaning ‘uu…’ when she heard my last remark. A short while later, she randomly expressed a thought that was on her mind.

“But still, you are lucky in meeting girls although you have very few male friends.”
“What do you mean?”

Is she telling me that I don’t have male friends, huh?

Well, she’s not wrong. When I asked her back by looking at her in the eyes, she averted her sight again while saying never mind. The next moment, we heard a yelling voice coming from the teleportation circle.


I turned back to look at the circle and saw Tenjouin looking at me.

“We apologize for troubling you these days!! And also, thank you!! Next time I won’t lose!!”

Tenjouin looked very satisfied as he apologized and thanked me. I’m impressed that he was able to say that line without feeling embarrassed. I was the one who felt ashamed from watching him wave his hand at me.

Ah, I forgot to tell them something.

I pointed at a certain person among them and spoke with a loud voice.

“You over there.”
“Eh? Me?”

Miki looked confused when she noticed that I was addressing her, but I continued without paying any mind to her reaction.

“You need to train your【Teleportation】skills more if you want to teleport in between the worlds, like me.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

She asked me back by impulse, but the time was already up as the magic circle reached its maximum radiance.

“Anyway, that’s how it is. Farewell.”

Right when I finished my words, the light of the circle wrapped the entire class and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared from that place. Only Lina and I were left gazing at the tasteless scenery in front of us.

“They finally returned.”
“I can finally relax now.”

Now that I’m not wary of anyone targeting my life, I can take it easy. I will go take my afternoon nap. I raised my arms and stretched my limbs.

“Let’s go back.”
“Yeah, you still have to hear out Saya and Karen’s request.”

Just as I let my guard down and started to feel refreshed, Lina pierced me with that truth. I froze in my place stretching. I forgot about that matter.

“Well, I will take care of that matter when we go back.”

It’s not like they’re going to ask me to fight someone. That is for sure. Thinking about it optimistically, I turned my back and walked away.

“The first thing I will do is to take a good afternoon nap.”
“You’re still going to sleep again?”
“It’s fine today, come on.”

Lina and I teleported to my place while having a casual conversation. The sky above our heads was as blue and as refreshing as usual.


I will do something about it.

In Metron’s side.

“Hey, Scala. Can you do something about this situation?” ←Metron
“No, I can’t.” ← Scala
“Please!! I’m begging you!” ←Metron
“I told you, it’s impossible. Rather, you were found out by the Divine God, so it’s already game over.” ← Scala
“What a useless Goddess of Destruction.” ←Metron
“Did you say something?” ← Scala
“O-Ouch! Ouch! Don’t tighten your arm!! My ribs are creaking!! Rather, why are you doing it to me too?!” ← Korola
“My ribs…” ← Metron

After that, they obediently went to the hall of the Divine God.

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