Chapter 97- Heart of the Jungle

KMega6KMegacharacter’s only instinct was to run away in terror. If there was anyone at all that witnessed this change of events, they would think that he was coward if they didn’t see his first two deaths at the hands of the monster. KMega couldn’t rely on a players strengths either, items and stats. When he came face to face with the jungle ape, he turned tail and ran. He then quickly lost his bearings before he lead the ape to a nearby leopard, letting him quickly escape as the two fought each other.

With all the running, KMega was naturally hungry. When he arrived at a river, he caught some fish and cooked them with a campfire he made using fire breath. He then proceeded to climb a tree before going to sleep. Since he just got on today, he could spend as much as three days in-game before needing to log out for dinner.


As night set, the really dangerous animals started to appear in the jungle. Not long after, the leopard from before came for a dragon4dragonspecies snack before diving into the water and escaping. The next predator that hunted him was a kind of boa constrictor snake that nearly grabbed him out of the tree, but he was barely able to escape. The third predator was tens of thousands of insects that tried to eat him alive. He could deal with them though for a short while using breath attacks, but he eventually had to back off once again. He then found a hollow tree to hide in and camp out for the night since he considered it rather safe.

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As dawn broke, KMega thought about the night before. He was tired and sore, but he never gave up as he walked up from fish the day before to a small land animal that he managed to catch. After eating, he started to walk through woods until until he arrived at the river once again and started heading upstream. While he was heading towards the dragon’s lair, he soon came across the waste of civilization in the river. The waste wasn’t advanced like modern times, or even like medieval waste. This was even more primitive than that.

The clear and trademark sign of tools being used on wood showed that something was ahead.


KMega quickly began to hear beating drums as he came to an isolated village of kolbods.

He caught the smell of rich roasted meat on his nose as he began to scout the village. He then climbed a tree to get a high vantage point before noticing about two hundred kobold’s surrounding two dragons. The dragons were rather young and not as big as Neirlar, almost like children. One of them was tied to the ground with heavy rope and stakes, completely terrified. The other less heavily bound dragon wasn’t as lucky, it’s body missing huge chunks of meat and being eaten by the kobold’s. KMega then took a moment to compose himself. Including dragons, he has butchered tens of thousands of creatures over his gaming career, but since he was half dragon right now, he felt a little uneasy. KMega had no heart for the Kobolds either though since he wasn’t affiliated with them. The dragon that was still alive was another matter though. If the survivor wasn’t there, KMega would have just moved on and reported his findings to Nierlar.

When Astrid7Astridcharacter woke up once again without KMega under her arm, she sighed to the new day. After reporting the matter with the demon general to the church, they got off their a*ses and sent in a whole unit of support, making Astrid obsolete.

When Yirk heard about her depression, he immediately came to see her.

“If you miss him that much, then you should go. I will handle things here.” (Yirk)

With a huge hug and a grateful smile, she left Yirk with the children.

Only a few people actually know, but a dragon doesn’t trust that many people with their children.

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