Chapter 96- Second Trial

After removing all of his items except his underwear, because even Neirlar understands the need to cover someone’s most exposed weaknesses, and he has high expectations of KMega6KMegacharacter. He was then sent out of the protective den in his dragon4dragonspeciesoid form. Perhaps the one blessing for this whole thing is that his stamina won’t decrease as fast while in this form. KMega was told to bring back enough meat to completely feed a hundred dragons, but he was banned from using tools and traps to succumb his prey. When KMega saw the dragons eat earlier, he immediately noticed that they have rather large appetites. The smallest one of them could even eat a whole cow.

In comparison, he needed to bring back a hundred cows.

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Luckily, even normal dragons didn’t have to complete this trial in one go. At the least, he just had to bring back one meal at a time. The question is how to do that though.

Upon entering the jungle near the caves, KMega encountered a jungle ape. With a face full of surprise, KMega slowly backed off as soon as he recognized the ape as a superior monster. He then remembered his first few days playing the game and fighting the wolf. However, the jungle noticed KMega as he noticed the ape. Without armor or weapons, the differences in their abilities was too much for his skill to overcome, so he wasn’t even able to escape.


[Death Counter: 16

Only allowed on

Time Alive: 31 minutes and 51 seconds

Play Time Lost: 29 minutes and 14 seconds

Death By: Level 266 Jungle Ape

Since you are currently on a race quest, there is no death stat penalty. When you respawn, you will awaken outside the lair of the dark sky dragon brood.]

KMega stood up in annoyance. He wasn’t even in the jungle for five minute before something like a gorilla attacked him at random. In a rage, KMega quickly stormed back into the jungle to try and kill anything at all before dying even faster this time. After waking up a second time, KMega saw one of the brood watching him and almost mocked him for his failures in rapid succession. He got so angry from the ridicule, he stormed into the jungle once again. However, after losing sight of the dragon’s lair through the woods, he paused and stood still. A new emotion was welling up inside him, making his rage subside; fear.

Electra watched in amusement as the half breed ventured into the woods alone. As a child, she exceeded level three hundred when she took the second trial. She had caught a pair of giga steers that fed several dozen younglings. It was an accomplishment no else in her brood was capable of accomplishing. After seeing the half breed come out of the jungle twice in such a short time span, she was very pleased. However, when he went into the jungle a third time, he didn’t come back out. An hour soon passed, then two, then four…

When night finally fell, she laughed to herself while thinking that the runt got himself killed. Even she wouldn’t dare to venture into the jungle when it got dark. As the entrance guard for the day, she counted her brothers, sisters, and cousins returning from their own trials. She then noticed that three hadn’t returned, one being that half breed. She scoffed at the thought of them surviving since death was a normal thing for their family.

She then relinquished her guard duties to the next soldier in line before walking away.

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