Chapter 95- Trial of the Heart

Neirlar stared at KMega6KMegacharacter in amusement as he slept in his brood’s lair. His brood wasn’t as amused though, even secretly scorning KMega. In particular, a dragon4dragonspecies named Electra hated KMega’s presence and was staring at her father with confusion and jealousy. She was there when Neirlar told his brood about bringing a human into the fold. When Electra heard about him completing the task to cross the lake of fire, she wasn’t impressed at all because she did the same when she was fifty, half the age that the other young dragons took to cross. After the human woke up, her father joked that if anything, the lad slept like a true dragon. Neirlar then sent the runt to the second trial, which even Electra thought best to wait to do until she matured. She snorted in annoyance when she saw the human stripped down to his underwear. They only had value as basic protection, so Neirlar allowed them. For his second trial, KMega was sent out into the wilds to fetch meals for the brood. When Neirlar passed his daughter that was observing the both of them, he had different thoughts than hers.


Neirlarconsidered Electra among the most talented of his children and would most likely inherit his position. He knew for a fact that the other dragons would never allow a half breed to take his position, even if they crossed his genuine lake of fire at less than twenty winters old. He wanted his niece in his brood because she was surely like his elder sister who chose to live outside the politics of dragons. If KMega knew how strong she actually was, he still wouldn’t have bragged about her, but Neirlar compared his niece to KMega. Since he was a half breed like individual, he did make the right assessment that Astrid7Astridcharacter would be stronger out of the two of them, despite their age difference. If KMega can complete the second trial as easily as he completed the first, Neirlar didn’t have any doubts that Astrid would be able to do the same, if not better.

If they both completed the trials, his decision to take them into his brood should no longer be questioned.

Astrid stood on the battlements of the fortress with a depressed look on her face because she missed KMega. Ever since they got back, she’s been making the soldiers run drills a lot harder than normal. They took this training to heart because they were at Crosstrees. The thought of their commander training with dragons and the memory of being all but useless in the demon wolf raid pushed them to be better. On top of all that, they have to deal with the empire afterwards. They were breaking their bodies and their habits in order to get even stronger. In doing so, they were mastering their prefered magic enhancements and sword skills much faster than the others. In response to this intense change, their appetites and discipline far exceeded the people that Yirk personally taught. When Yirk got wind of this, he took charge to merge the two groups into one and create what will be now called the Elite Knights of Eastguard.

J, the priest and son of the paladin that came from the church to help the fortress with the demons, was currently rubbing the back of a direwolves ears that he recently formed a contract with, causing J to receive a second class called summoner.. This contract let them telepathically communicate and become good friends. The direwolf is a powerful beast that any summoner would be envious of. He also understood that it must follow a being stronger than itself because that’s what lesser wolves did for him. When J told the wolf the about gods, he didn’t believe him at first. He did understand ancestors though, which is what he thought J was referring too.

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