Chapter 487 – Long Live His Majesty!

When the elderly gnome observed Ji Mo Ya’s poise and etiquette, he immediately knew that Ji Mo Ya was not an ordinary human. Although Ji Mo Ya was carrying a female human with one arm, the act did not hinder or affect his graceful demeanor.

The elderly gnome turned around and started speaking in an unknown language with a person within the horse carriage.  

The window curtains of the horse carriage were shifted to a side to reveal a middle-age gnome wearing an exquisite and beautiful armor that was adorned with various gems and jewels.

On his head was a heavy looking crown while each of his finger bore a jeweled ring.

Even his ears and nose were decorated with jewelry as well.

That image would immediately made one have the impression of a new rich and upstart, this caused Ji Mo Ya to lightly frown his brows, this was the king the gnomes?

The gnome king who was covered in precious gems opened his arms to display the act of friendliness while using a very stiff language, he said, “Welcome, human, what, happen, here, just, now? It, felt, like, a mob, appeared?”

The gnomes possessed their own language and could basically be said to be secluded from the outside world, thus it was natural that they were not proficient with the human language.

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Only priests or professions that specially researched and learnt the human language would know how to speak it. Although it was poorly spoken but it was already pretty good that the gnome king was able to speak the human language to the point of being understandable.

Being able to communicate was ultimately a good thing.

Ji Mo Ya sighed a breath of relief, that gnome elder priest possessed a rather high cultivation.

Being in the territory of others plus he was here to seek their help, it would be best for him to maintain cordial relations with them first.

So long as their attitude was friendly, then negotiation would be easy. From what he has saw of the gnome king thus far, he was able to determine that the gnome king possesses a greedy personality, anything that could be solved by money were essentially not a problem to him.

Ji Mo Ya grinned warmly, “Thank you your majesty, this is what happened…”

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Demon Lands, territory of the Bird Clans.

Thousands of bird species have gathered together, now that a new emperor has emerged, they could finally rose in their standing.

For more than a decade, the bird demons have been living poorly due to the lack of an emperor to lead them.

On the battlefield, the other demon species have their respective emperors to protect them and cover for them, allowing them to receive minimal losses. As the bird clan lack an emperor, their losses were in turn much higher than the other demons.

In the end, the bird demons either chose to go into hiding, or went to serve under others, to put it simply, they became scattered and isolated.

Now that the Roc Emperor has returned, the ten thousand bird species have all returned to worship it.

The Roc Emperor still maintained the appearance of Huan Jiu Li, however, his muscular body was now filled with a powerful and untamed charm; his eyes that looked honest and sincere in the past have been replaced by a pair of eyes that were wild and arrogant.

“Long Live His Majesty!”

“Long Live His Majesty!”


The bird demons all cheered happily.

The Roc Emperor ‘Huan Jiu Li’ swept his gaze coldly across the whole area, his cold and domineering aura immediately caused the bird demons to shiver in fear for a moment.

“This emperor has returned, and us bird demons would only prosper from now! The things everyone has done in the past, this emperor shall not pursue it, let bygones be bygones. But from now on, I expect everyone to work together as a united entity, anyone found to have their hearts elsewhere, will be executed immediately!”

The thousands of bird demons immediately prostrated on the ground and worship, “Yes! Your loyal subjects will follow your majesty’s orders.”

‘Huan Jiu Li’ then calmly said, “King level Greater Demons come out!”

Six birds instantly flew in front of the Roc Emperor and kneeled.

‘Huan Jiu Li’ continued, “Commander level Greater Demons come out!”

Several hundred birds flew out and landed in neat rows in front of ‘Huan Jiu Li’ and kneeled.

These bird demons could all be considered the elites of the bird clan, ‘Huan Jiu Li’ coldly stare at them with a look of displease, “This emperor was away only for ten years, how come the numbers have become so low?”

Everyone on scene did not dared to utter a single word.

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