Chapter 486 – Small Underwear

Huan Qing Yan lifted her head in surprised and said, “Uncle, Bally came back but ran away again.”

Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “Ok, I will catch it for you the next time.”

He carried her from the bathroom to the bedroom and placed her on the bed, he took out a green dress from his storage ring and said, “Change your clothes, there’s people coming.”

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Huan Qing Yan has a small quirk of insisting upon wearing the pajamas with teddy bear prints every night to bed.

Now that he noticed that a person with powerful divine sense was heading towards their cabin, he wanted her to change to normal clothes.

Huan Qing Yan tilted her head and grumbled, “The sky is still dark, Yan Yan still wants to sleep…”

Ji Mo Ya lifted his brows before he lifted her up and pulled off her pajamas, he did not want others to see her in loose pajamas.

The person approaching was someone of considerable strength; he wanted to keep the wooden cabin in case they got into a conflict as he would not be able to get another one till they get out of this place.

Huan Qing Yan protested, “Uncle, I am a girl and should change my own clothes.”

Ji Mo Ya had already removed the majority of her clothes, leaving only her small underwear that revealed her well-endowed and fabulous body. It created a strong visual impact on him and caused his eyes to shine brightly while his temperature started to rise at a startling pace.

As he took in a deep breath, he quickly covered her by making her wear inner clothes, but it was still not enough to cover her beautiful body, the picture of her body being tightly wrapped by the translucent inner clothes created another alluring image. Ji Mo Ya casually swept his gaze but within his eyes one would be able to see a burning fire growing.

After the inner clothes was the mid clothes*.

(Cuppa: The Ancient Chinese attire has at least three layers, that would increase during the cold season…)

There were a few steps to wearing the mid clothes, but Ji Mo Ya was familiar with this phase as he would always be the one that helped Huan Qing Yan with wearing the complex mid clothes and outer robes after she wore the simple inner clothes herself.

After three layers of fabric, the final one was the green emerald color silk dress…

By the time the whole set was worn, Ji Mo Ya was already covered in a fine layer of sweat as he controlled the raging fire of desire that was burning within him.

As for Huan Qing Yan, she casually sat beside him and rested her head on Ji Mo Ya’s shoulders, asleep within a few seconds.

Ji Mo Ya felt both humor and a slight frustration; as the corners of his mouth curled up lightly, he gave her a light peck on her lips.

Before he carried her with one arm and left the wooden cabin before keeping it into his storage ring.

The storage ring was only able to keep non-living objects, if Huan Qing Yan was still inside the cabin, he would not be able to store the cabin into his ring.

After he was finished with everything, the sounds of wheels could be heard from a distance.

Neat rows of armored gnome soldiers with standardized armor appeared with swords in their hands.

After that, a huge luxurious horse drawn carriage with Night Light Pearls hanging at the four corners of the carriage, appeared behind the soldiers, on top of the carriage’s roof was a small flag that was formed using spirit energy.

On the flag was the word ‘King’!

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In front of the carriage was a gnome elder wearing black robes, he solemnly said, “His majesty is taking a night stroll, how dare a human like you appear in the kingdom of gnomes? What is your purpose?”

The gnome soldiers all pierced their swords on the ground in front of them and started to growl.

This was an act to threaten and display their powerful strength.

As a God Chosen, Ji Mo Ya was able to emit a glow within the dark that was even brighter than the luxurious carriage, he wore his trademark noble smile and replied, “Greetings your majesty, this one is Ji Mo Ya. Our appearance here that disturbed your noble race is truly because we had no other choice.”

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