Chapter 485 – Is Your Habit Of Seeking Death Developed Since Young?

Huan Qing Yan reacted by jumping out of the window as well and gave chase.

“Bally, don’t run.”

It was completely dark outside, although there were no living trees, there were still many rocks, stones as well as withered logs and branches that were scattered around the area, making it a dangerous terrain.

There were also several vicious looking gnomes that stood guard nearby, surrounding her; within the darkness of the night their emerald eyes were like horrifying glowing lamps.

‘Bally’ was forced to stop as it turned towards Huan Qing Yan and growled, indicating her to return.

Huan Qing Yan started to cry due to its fierce display, “Bally, why do you not want to play with me…”

‘Bally’ got extremely frustrated as it lowered the water bag on its back and dashed towards Huan Qing Yan. Despite only coming up to her knee level, it grabbed Huan Qing Yan’s dress with eyes filled with anger and pulled it.

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Despite its small frame, it had a surprising large amount of strength and managed to drag a staggering Huan Qing Yan back to the wooden cabin.


Huan Qing Yan blinked her eyes and wanted to speak but the patience of ‘Bally’ had apparently reached its limits as it said, “Idiot woman! Quickly go in and close the window. Do not open the window again if any gnomes come again! This gnome is not called Bally, I am called Dorna! If you call me Bally again, I will stab you to death!”

As he spoke, he hugged Huan Qing Yan’s legs and threw her over the window.

Huan Qing Yan was thrown back into the cabin!

With a couple of bangs, the window was locked tightly again.

Huan Qing Yan’s head was laying on the ground but fortunately, the floor of the cabin was soft. After being unconscious for some time, she finally awaken and stood up before she noticed that the gnomes are gone.

She sat on the ground and wailed without crying about her image.

“Bally don’t want me, wuu wuu wuu, uncle is also gone…”


Ji Mo Ya was ambushed by gnomes as well.

He had followed the well-developed gnome tunnels and ventured deep down and discovered nothing. He eventually arrived at a dead end and turned around to retrace his path, but what appeared before him was a hundred densely packed stone spears that were carried by gnomes.

At the back of the gnome pack was an existence that was at the level of a human True Spirit Master.

The gaze that each gnome gave him was as though he had killed their father.

Ji Mo Ya felt strange, although rare races normally do not welcome other races, but they would not develop hatred to such a level, what went wrong?

“My apologies for my abrupt visit, I am a human and this is my first time visiting this precious place. I am here to seek assistance…”

Before he could finish talking, a rain of stone arrows flew towards him!

Ji Mo Ya felt even more confused, and it was at this moment, he had also sensed that the defensive formation that he placed for Huan Qing Yan had been opened.

That defensive spell formation could not be open by someone that has a lower cultivation then him, and he had also confirmed that there was no individual of such level within a radius of several kilometers.

That was why he came out, to search for the Treasure Vine with a peace of mind.

What was happening?

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What happened to Yan Lass?

He immediately used his divine sense and saw a girl opening a window and let a group of gnomes with obvious hostile expressions into the cabin…

Ji Mo Ya immediately moved, after a few blurs, he left the group of gnomes that circled him without even giving them the chance to pursuit him.

When he arrived back at the cabin, he saw a girl wailing sadly on the floor.

“Bally don’t want me, wuu wuu wuu, uncle is also gone…”

Ji Mo Ya picked her up and casted a Cleansing Spell to remove the dirt and water on her body as well as the tears on her face. Then he calmly looked at her and said, “I only forgot to tell you not to open the window and you became like this, is your habit of seeking death developed since young?”

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