Chapter 484 – Bally

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Ji! Ji! Ji!

The sounds of chattering woke Huan Qing Yan from her dreams.

Slowly her sleepy eyes opened, and as she sat she noticed that Ji Mo Ya was not around, “Uncle?”

She climbed down the bed and went towards the direction of the noises, it seemed to be coming from the bathroom.

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A Night Light Pearl was installed in every room and were all glowing brightly; after Huan Qing Yan entered the bathroom, she turned her head and saw that the windows outside the bathroom was filled with some strange little people with green skin, their eyes were very big while their limbs were small…

They were currently using stones and other sharp items to knock at the window.

Although the window looked paper thin, but it was very sturdy, they were unable to break it no matter how many times they knock against it.

Huan Qing Yan’s eyes brightened, “Gnomes?”

She quickly went to the window, and curiously said “It’s really the gnomes that Uncle spoke about! Little Gnomes, what are you doing?”

The gnomes outside the window chattered their teeth to show their might, this caused Huan Qing Yan to jump in fright before she laughed brightly, she saw one of them and said happily, “Bally! You are Bally!”

One of the gnomes twitched its ears and turned its head away, trying to avoid looking at her.

Huan Qing Yan happily said, “Bally, did you bring them here to play with me? Sure, let me open this for you to enter!”

With the defensive magic formation around, entering was difficult but going out was very easy.

She opened the window from the inside.

Dozens of chattering figures jumped into the bathroom from the window, each gnome was about half a meter tall and was carrying a water bag made of soft leather on their backs.

After they entered, and with the guidance of the leading gnome, they found the water tank that was located at the roof of the cabin.

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The gnomes cheered happily at their discovery.

They started to talk within themselves, and as they were not speaking the common language used by humans, Huan Qing Yan could not understand them at all.

However, this did not prevent her low child-like intellect from cheering along with them as well.

These little gnomes carried the water bags that were the same size as them and filled the bags to the brim, there were still a lot that was left and they were yet unable to leave so much behind. In the end, they dived their heads into the water tank and started to drink it.

Only when they have filled both their stomachs and water bags, did these dozens of gnomes surround Huan Qing Yan with their teeth bared while releasing low growls.

A few had also taken out their weapons and pointed it towards Huan Qing Yan.

These weapons were made of wood that has been shaved to look like sharp daggers, one of them charged towards Huan Qing Yan.

Although Huan Qing Yan’s intellect was low, she understood immediately that these gang of gnomes were trying to harm her, this gave a blow to her young child-like heart, “You took water from my home and now you want to beat me?”

As the wooden dagger stabbed towards her, a gnome jumped out and blocked the wooden dagger, before it started to talk its group.

Only then, did the gnomes unwilling left the cabin by jumping out the window they came in from.

Before they left, they would give a vicious glare at Huan Qing Yan.

As though they were trying to warn her.

Huan Qing Yan stretched her hands and lifted the gnome that was positioned at the back of the line, “Bally, don’t go, play with me…”

The little gnome’s green skin turned slightly red as it roared at her with a deep voice that was nowhere childlike despite its childlike physique.

Huan Qing Yan replied while feeling wronged, “Bally, aren’t you my best friend?”

The little gnome viciously glared at her again, the sharpness within its glare caused Huan Qing Yan to drop it in fright. It used this chance to escape and jumped out the window.

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