Chapter 483 – Like An Octopus

Ji Mo Ya’s mouth twitched, and against his will he replied, “That’s right.”

“Okay Uncle, please continue…” Huan Qing Yan said cheerfully.

“These gnomes have arms and legs like humans, but they have green skin and likes to live underground…”

Huan Qing Yan sat up excitedly and interrupted again, “Uncle, are they rats? Why must they live underground?”

Fortunately, Ji Mo Ya was born with an innate grace, plus he was exceptionally patient towards Huan Qing Yan and was able to hold back his temper, “Not rats, they do not like sunlight. They are fairies of the dark night and specialize in making magic equipment, especially defensive types…”

After a while, Huan Qing Yan started nodding her head from drowsiness as her eyes began to shut.

Leaning forward, she felled off the bed.

Ji Mo Ya quickly went forward to carry her while Huan Qing Yan clung onto Ji Mo Ya’s body like an octopus capitalizing on the chance…

Ji Mo Ya tried to push away but was unable to do so.

On the ceiling of the room was a Night Light Pearl that was emitting a soft glow, the light revealed his expression of helplessness and adoration, and since she has fallen asleep, he might as well give her a light peck on her face.

However, once he interacted with her soft skin, he was unable to control and went towards her cherry little lips.

As he was worried of waking her up, he only lightly sucked on her lips and tongue, slowly circling around them…

Huan Qing Yan grumbled in her sleep, “Bad gnome…”

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Ji Mo Ya froze his action of stealing kisses and forcefully gathered his mind before releasing her.

He glared at her.

He will tolerate for a while more!


After Huan Qing Yan slept, Ji Mo Ya covered the wooden cabin in an isolation formation.

After another round of detailed inspection, he left the cabin and flew towards the direction where the ball went…

He had placed a trace of his divine sense on the ball, no matter where it went, he would be able to sense its location.

He had long guessed that the thing that was hiding in the ball, was most likely a gnome.

He had wanted to ask it many things, but it remained timid and never came out.

He guessed that this was likely the underground world of the gnomes, however, the size of this world was much bigger than he had expected, so he need to quickly chase after it and ask for more details.

This place was very different from the records within the ancient books he had researched; within the books, they have stated that the gnomes usually dwell in tropical forests. Due to their nature of disliking sunlight, they like to plant many tall and huge trees and either live under the trees or within tree trunks…

However, the vegetation within this place was completely wilted, other than aridness and death, things that possessed the energy of life was extremely few.

He wondered what transpired.

In addition, the gnomes race would rarely leave their underground world, so why had one appeared within the auction house of humans?

Very soon, Ji Mo Ya arrived at the location where the ball had rolled into.

It was an underground cave, it was just large enough for one to travel within, however it was sized for gnomes and not humans like him.

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Ji Mo Ya lifted his head and checked his surroundings before he warmed up his limbs. Sounds of joints cracking could be heard as his entire body shrunk…

After a moment, his entire body shrank to less than half of his original size and he rolled up his clothes before bending down to enter the tunnel.

The tunnel was filled with different paths making it maze like, and in addition, the passage started to widen and eventually looked like the streets of humans.

It was also filled with crossroads.

His guess was that this must be one of the entrances that lead into the gnome kingdom.

Ji Mo Ya used his divine sense to make a marking before he picked a passage to enter…

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