Chapter 482 – Uncle Come Sit On The Bed

“Uncle, Bally is missing, are we looking for Bally?”

“Bally might have gone back home.”

Huan Qing Yan looked at the darkening sky, “Uncle, since Bally has gone home, why not we go home as well? The sky is already dark.”

Every day when night arrived, Huan Qing Yan’s homesickness would appear for a moment.

This was a common situation for kids, they would think of returning home when the sky turns dark.

Ji Mo Ya has already solved this problem earlier on, he took out an exquisite wooden cabin from his storage ring, this cabin was more than a hundred square meters in size and possessed a living room and several bedrooms; its interior was elegantly furnished, and the largest bedroom within this cabin was allocated to Huan Qing Yan.

Whenever the sky turned dark and Huan Qing Yan talked about going home, he would call out this little wooden cabin.

And Huan Qing Yan would energetically enter it.

Whenever they were in the living room, Huan Qing Yan would be obediently seated at the dining table, “Uncle, its time for us to eat dinner.”

She was implying for Ji Mo Ya to start serving food.

Ji Mo Ya took out a large food box from his storage ring and started placing several plates of pastries kept within onto the table.

As they have wandered the Purple Cloud Mountain Range for a period of time by then, the spirit energy dishes that have a low storage period had all been consumed, only pastries and cakes remained in his ring.

Being a glutton, Huan Qing Yan was not picky with her food and ate everything that was given, after having her fill, she wanted to go for a shower to wash up.

Ji Mo Ya said, “You do not need to go for a shower, I can cast a Cleansing Spell on you.”

Who knew that Huan Qing Yan glare at him with a serious face, “Mummy said that little children who do not shower or brush their teeth before they sleep are not good children, they will not like me and will send me to the orphanage…”

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes, orphanage?

He was by now very sure that Huan Qing Yan came from somewhere outside of Spirit Treasure Continent, or at least, a place that was not within the territory of the Five Great Empires.

But where was this mysterious place?

In addition, this lass’s background was an orphan? She was adopted?

His heart unconsciously ached, he must make sure to never wronged her in the future days to come.

Let her do whatever she pleases!

A large tub has been installed within the wooden cabin that could allow her to clean and wash as she pleases.

It was also the period where his determination was put to test where he must control his divine sense from peeping in while she was bathing. Only after an hour, did she finally come out dressed in her pajamas and laid down on the bed to sleep.

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Ji Mo Ya learnt about two new items due to her routine.

The first was a toothbrush, it was not a complex item, so he was able to easily create it simply from her description.

The other was the pajamas, she requested that the clothes must have the picture of a teddy bear…

This was also not difficult, Ji Mo Ya drew one using his Cosmos Brush.

The one that Ji Mo Ya felt the most challenging about, was to read bedtime stories every day before she sleeps…

“Uncle tell me stories…” Huan Qing Yan laid on the soft big bed and stared at Ji Mo Ya with her sparkling eyes.

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Before today, Ji Mo Ya has been sitting on the edge of the bed, however, after today’s incident of ‘excitement’, he was not very confident of his self-control for the moment. For her safety, he chose to seat on a chair and positioned himself a meter away from the bed.

“What do you want to listen?”

“Monster fighting. Uncle tell me the story on the bed, you are too far away, the monster will eat me…” Huan Qing Yan said with a logical expression.

Ji Mo Ya threw a cool gaze and ignored her request, “We are not talking about monster fighting today, I will tell you the story of a gnome. The gnomes are a rare race and have a small build…”

Huan Kiddo interrupted, “Smaller than Qing Yan?”

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