Chapter 481 – Really Cute!

The nine gnome priests all stopped their chanting, and each vomited a mouth of blood that was sprayed onto their respective stone pillars.

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When the blood touched the stone pillars, they seemingly seeped into the pillars and then strangely disappeared without a trace.

The nine gnomes were not surprised as their faces all turned ashen and pale like the statue.

They all stood up silently and jumped off the stone pillars.

On the ground, another group of nine priests in the same attire climbed up the nine pillars to continue with the chanting.


When the sun set, it provided some much-needed relief from the hot weather.

However, the air still felt very dry as there was not a single trace of water within the atmosphere.

Ji Mo Ya had waited for four hours at the place they fell but Mo Si and the others did not appear, therefore, he left behind some markings before he walked away with Huan Qing Yan.

They headed in the direction of the setting sun.

Fortunately, the abrupt change in weather condition was bearable for cultivators like them as they were able to circulate their spirit energy to adapt their body to the surrounding temperatures.

“Uncle, I am feeling hot.” sweat started to appear on Huan Qing Yan’s nose

Ji Mo Ya patiently guided her, “Use your spirit treasure to resist the raised temperature.”

The girl with lacking intellect curiously asked, “What is a spirit treasure?”

Ji Mo Ya held up her wrists and pointed at the spirit treasure imprints on each of them; one imprint took the shape of a pig while the other took the shape of a leaf…

From the looks of it, the leaf shaped imprint seems to be much more clearer and pronounced.

Therefore, Ji Mo Ya pointed at the leaf spirit treasure, “This is your spirit treasure, try calling it out.”

“Oh, this is my spirit treasure? But how do I call it out?”

Ji Mo Ya look at her with a languid yet noble gaze, “You are its owner, try using your mind to sense its presence and call it to come out to assist you…”

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Huan Qing Yan opened her large eyes widely and blinked once.

Then blinked another time.

She looked like a brainless bird!

Ji Mo Ya pulled back his sleeves and revealed his left wrist, on it was the shape of a mini dragon, “Look at my dragon spirit treasure…”

And immediately, the mini dragon seemed to look alive and flew out of his wrist.

Ji Mo Ya gave no instructions for it to grow bigger, so it maintained its miniature form and circled Huan Qing Yan once before returning to his wrist.

Huan Qing Yan clapped her hands happily, “Little dragon, what a pretty little dragon, it’s as pretty as uncle.”

“You should try, your spirit treasure is also very beautiful.”

Huan Qing Yan asked, “Is that true?”

Ji Mo Ya gave her an encouraging gaze, that look under the setting sun made him exceptionally handsome.

Huan Qing Yan obtained great confidence as she pointed at her own wrist and instructed, “You, little spirit treasure, come out and play with me…”

There was no reaction.

Huan Qing Yan used her finger to poke at the imprint, “Little spirit treasure, come out and play with me!”

Yet there was still no reaction.

Ji Mo Ya looked at her with a graceful and calm expression, yet the joy within his gaze could not be hidden, ‘This lass is… really cute!’

Huan Qing Yan continued to poke at her wrist several more times with her finger, but the spirit treasure stayed unmoving.

She gave up but did not feel frustrated, she pitifully said instead, “Uncle, it seems like my spirit treasure is broken.”

Ji Mo Ya pondered for a moment, maybe it was due to her low intelligence, the low mental dexterity had prevented her from using her will to control her spirit treasure. Fortunately, her abilities as a Five Star spirit master was still there, it was enough for her to withstand this strange weather condition.

“Not a problem, it will appear in the future, do you want to drink some water?”

When he looked at his surroundings, there were only dunes that were totally bare of life, the shine of the setting sun made the yellowish earth looked exceptionally desolate and arid.

Huan Qing Yan would eat and drink everything offered to her, so she had naturally taken the flask from him as well and drank the water.

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