Chapter 480 – Uncle Is A Bad Man

When Ji Mo Ya heard her words, he repressed his emotions with a dull grunt, this bothersome lass!

“Wu wu wu, I want to go home, uncle bully me, wu wu wu…”

When Huan Qing Yan saw that Ji Mo Ya’s forehead was covered in sweat and he also wore an ugly expression, feelings of feeling scared and wronged welled up uncontrollably within her, so she wailed.

The sounds of her crying only got louder, “Uncle is a bad man, wu wu wu, I want to go home, I want to go home…”


Ji Mo Ya was covered in tears and snot from Huan Qing Yan and he had finally cooled down as well; he pushed himself away from her body while tidying the clothes on her.

Then he took out a bunch of delicious food from his storage ring, “Okay, uncle is a bad man, uncle will not bully you again, eat up!”

He stuffed a Crystal Duck Drumstick into her mouth.

When the wailing Huan Qing Yan smelled the delicious meat fragrance in her mouth, she immediately sat up; she stopped causing a ruckus and savored the drumstick as she munched on it instead…

Ji Mo Ya’s current expression brilliantly varied as he gritted his teeth while he was looking at Huan Qing Yan.

The lass was his destined nemesis in this life for sure; other than that, he could not think of any other reasons.

He will wait till she recovers her memories and soul; after that, he would get her to compensate for everything.

While Huan Qing Yan ate her duck drumstick, Ji Mo Ya sat down and closed his eyes to meditate.    


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While Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan were tangled with each other, the round ball silently rolled out from a ditch somewhere.

After some time, it rolled into an underground tunnel.

In the underground tunnel, the ball that looked perfect without any noticeable seams slowly opened and a miniature humanoid jumped out from within.

With green skin, pointy ears and about fifty centimeters tall, the small person’s eyes had green irises that were exceptionally large and lively. After checking the surroundings, the small person stretched out its small hands to pat on various points of the ball; the ball instantly broke into countless smaller pieces and reformed into the shape of a shield that the small person took and hung on its waist.

That being done, the small person ventured deep underground.


Not far from Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya’s location stood an altar.

Around it stood nine huge pillars neatly arranged in a uniformed circle formation. There was another pillar in the center of the circle that held an altar-like structure that was covered in complex carvings on it.

On the altar was a cylinder made of some unknown material; it has a circumference measured at a length equivalent to that of 2 people with their arms wide open and its surface was also carved with countless ridiculous and strange runes that looked very ancient.

On the top of the cylinder was a statue, although its appearance was blurred, it had a long nose and big eyes were still prominently visible…

This was the vitality totem of the Gnome Kingdom.

It was the spiritual pillar of the entire Gnome race, the place where they entrusted their hopes. Every generation of Gnomes were told that it bestows strength to the Gnome race and was the guardian god of the Gnome Kingdom.

This statue consistently glowed with the light of life that shone onto the entire Gnome Kingdom.

However, nearly two years ago, the glow that it emitted slowly faded away and the glow was lost.

It was as though something had corroded and damaged it.

On top of the nine huge stone pillars that surrounded the totem, sat gnomes of similar size and height, they all wore robes that were wrapped tightly against them and hid their facial expressions. All of them were displaying solemn expressions as they seemed to be performing a ritual of worship.

Each of them would be chanting the same ritual words faithfully, “… may the sage give us your blessings, bestow us the water of life, bless our race of gnomes so that we can thrive on this world forever…”

They repeatedly chanted these words sincerely without missing a beat.

After an entire day and night, the totem continued to remain dull and lifeless, with no signs of the  glow returning.


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