Chapter 488 –Throwing Coquettish Glance

After ‘Huan Jiu Li’ vented his anger, he indifferently waved his hand, “So be it, just increase your cultivation speeds from now on. If there’s anything you wishes to report, do it now!”

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With that, the bird demons all started to loosen their tongues.

“Roc Emperor, the territory of our bird clan has been robbed by the other demon clans for the past decade, when will we get them back?”

“Roc Emperor, the cultivation manuals of our bird clan have been greatly amended over the past decade. Please come and to the library to inspect when Roc Emperor has the time…”

“Roc Emperor, in recent years, the lion demons have developed tremendously and seemed to be planning to unify the entire demon race under their banner, what should us bird demons do?”

“In addition, the war with the humans has led to greater losses for us bird demons as compared to the other demons…”


The gnome king was very hospitable, when he learnt of Ji Mo Ya’s purpose, he immediately invited Ji Mo Ya to his underground palace.

The gnomes were a nocturnal race who rest during the day and engage in activities in the night.

Because the gnomes were talented in making equipment and digging, their underground constructs were all built to look huge and majestic that reached a height of five meters tall and that allowed ordinary humans to travel within their buildings without any problems.

The gnome king’s palace was built to be even more majestic and exquisite, the walls of the palace were decorated with shiny jewels which glowed beautifully.

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The gnome race possessed some form of night vision, but it was not very powerful, so they still required light. However, they dislike the strong sunlight and prefer soft luminescent cold lights only.

The brave warriors of the gnome king who were in front of them opened up a path, this allowed Ji Mo Ya to walk unobstructed and smoothly. If there were any gnomes found to display animosity towards Ji Mo Ya, they would also be dragged away by these warriors.

When they arrived within the palace, the gnome king happily started conversating with Ji Mo Ya, asking about the latest situation of the humans outside their kingdom. Ji Mo Ya gave a simple summary of some major incidents, that was enough for the gnome king to feel very excited and led him to start talking to the elderly gnome priest in their own screechy language.

The elderly gnome priest translated, “Due to our innate physique of fearing sunlight, the gnomes is unable to travel outside and can only stay here and guard this homeland of ours, but we have always been interested in the broad wide world outside. The gnome kingdom is guarded by a spell barrier, we are wondering how you managed to come in?”

Ji Mo Ya spoke about the map but did not mention that it came from the Lin Clan.

The gnome priest asked, “A human that managed to establish a great bond with us gnomes are not many; truly rare.”

The gnome king happily said, “Come, banquet, invite noble human…”

Ji Mo Ya was still carrying Huan Qing Yan who was still in deep sleep, but it was an effortless task for him, he was also not embarrassed at doing so but continued to display that calm, graceful demeanor, “You are too polite, our visit to the esteemed race this time was for the Treasure Vine, this one wish to use treasures to exchange for it…”

The gnome king swept a glance at Huan Qing Yan before speaking in the screechy language again.

The elderly priest translated, “His majesty says that the Treasure Vine is very rare, and our treasury does not have any now. However, some of the gnome officials might have some, these gnome officials would be attending the banquet as well, his majesty would ask them for you during the banquet…”

Since it was like this, Ji Mo Ya had no reason to reject attending the banquet.

“Then I thank his majesty’s kind grace.”


While the banquet was being prepared.

A gnome maid was tasked to guide Ji Mo Ya to an exceptionally luxurious room.

Along the way, this gnome maid had been fiercely throwing coquettish glances at him.

This race possessed green skin and exceptionally large eyes that was already not attractive to humans in general, now that this female kept trying to throw gazes at him like a mad person, he could not find any of beauty in it at all.

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