Chapter 489 – Flirtatious, Wild

Fortunately, Ji Mo Ya was able to maintain his calm temperament and he ignored what he saw.

“Esteemed guest, the room of the lady is in front, please follow me…”

Ji Mo Ya rejected, “No need, one room is enough.”

The gnome maid revealed an expression of pity that was colored with envy and jealousy.

The banquet would be starting soon.

Huan Qing Yan was still not awake, so Ji Mo Ya continued using his one arm hug to carry her and participated in the banquet.

The banquet was nearly filled with guests, they all looked towards Ji Mo Ya and the sweetly sleeping Huan Qing Yan with shiny eyes of interest.

Night was the time that humans sleep, but it was the time of peak activity for the gnomes.

Ji Mo Ya magnanimously walked towards his designated seat while carrying Huan Qing Yan.

The others were using miniature tables and chairs as well as bowls and utensils, only the table and chairs arranged there were suited for humans.

On the table were a few bowls that contained several peculiar looking foods that were emitting pleasant fragrances.

Some food were meat dishes, while some foods looked like a cross between noodles and root, there were also insects and a jar that was holding an alcoholic liquid…

The gnome king had already arrived, accompanying him were two gnome ladies situated on each side of him, these two gnomes were also wearing a similar style as the king, covered in jewelries from head to toe.

In fact, they looked even more outrageous than the king.

The two gnome ladies looked at Ji Mo Ya with expressions of interest.

These was the same as the gnome officials present; they all observed him curiously.

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Ji Mo Ya gracefully took his seat and placed Huan Qing Yan on the cushion seat beside him.

Huan Qing Yan continued to sleep deeply.

This fella has developed the habit of sleeping after eating her fill.

The gnome king introduced Ji Mo Ya to the other gnomes and it was apparent that they were not as hospitable towards Ji Mo Ya as their king was, however, they still observed the proper formalities of greeting Ji Mo Ya.

Most of these greetings were not in the human language but done in the screechy gnome language.

The two ladies that were seated beside the gnome king seems to be the princesses, on a closer look, they even looked alike and seemed to be twins. Their only difference was that one princess was wearing a green dress while the other was wearing red.

“Young Master Ji Mo, this king, twin daughter, Hong Luan, Qing Luo…” the king introduced the two princesses with a face full of smiles.

The princess in red slightly bowed at Ji Mo Ya in greeting.

The princess in green leathery dress on the other hand, stood up and walked towards Ji Mo Ya while wearing a pair of extremely high heels.

“%×#¥%%¥#?……” a series of incoherent language came out of her mouth.

Ji Mo Ya maintained his elegant, graceful demeanor and lightly smiled in return.

Arrogance and admiration flickered within Princess Qing Luo pair of huge eyes before she suddenly started dancing in front of Ji Mo Ya.

Her skirt rose up to reveal her twenty-centimeter-tall heels that were basically half her height!

It looked as though she was walking on stilts.

However, despite her dancing, she did not trip and fall.

Her dance was flirtatious, wild, bold and exposing, it caused the younger gnomes in the banquet to whistle in cheers as they stood up to encourage the gnome princess.

The banquet has yet to officially start but the atmosphere was already getting warm.

Her dance was definitely not ordinary, Ji Mo Ya had travelled to many places and have seen and experienced many things; he was able to guess what this dance might meant.

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