Chapter 490 – Princess Qing Luo

However, he did not react and treated as though he knew nothing, not even displaying any curiosity.

When Princess Qing Luo finished her dance, Ji Mo Ya clapped along with the rest, even skipping the courtesy of praising.

The gnome king was clapping while laughing out loud on the other side.

After finishing her dance, Princess Qing Luo swayed her hips while walking up to the front of Ji Mo Ya. She lifted a cup placed on his table and filled it up before giving a toast to Ji Mo Ya.

The gnomes in the banquet started a commotion.

The elderly gnome priest coughed, “Esteemed human friend, our princess Qing Luo is attracted to you and is offering you a toast with this sweet wine of love, will you accept it?”

The blazing gazes of every gnome present landed on Ji Mo Ya.

The gazes were varied as each held different meanings behind them.

Ji Mo Ya was currently thinking of what to say to reject the offer… the gnome king should have known that he already had feelings for another; from how he treated Huan Qing Yan since the beginning, anyone not blind would naturally understand their relationship.

Yet he allowed his daughter to act as such, what was the gnome king’s intention?

At that moment, the sleeping Huan Qing Yan slowly opened her eyes and woke up.

Her nose twitched, and she took a few sniffs, her gaze then fell on the wine cup that Princess Qing Luo had offered Ji Mo Ya.

“It smells really nice and seems delicious, I want to drink it.”

As she spoke, Huan Qing Yan boldly stretched her hand out, took the cup and poured everything into her mouth.

Till the very last drop!

Next, Huan Qing Yan suddenly cried out and jumped into Ji Mo Ya’s embrace, “Spicy, it’s very spicy, Uncle, is this poison? It’s so disgusting!”

All the gnomes were flabbergasted at the abrupt situation.

Princess Qing Luo also revealed an angry expression, that was the sweet wine she meant to offer the person she likes, yet it a bystander drank instead, this act had made her lost all her face.

Ji Mo Ya maintained a calm expression while lifting a cup of water to feed Huan Qing Yan, “That is wine, not poison, the spiciness will disappear in a while.”

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Huan Qing Yan downed the entire cup of water in an instant, but she still felt a burning sensation within her body.

She was angry now and wanted to throw a tantrum, her spoilt behavior was developed very early on due to a certain person’s overpampering.

She stood up from Ji Mo Ya’s embrace, took the now emptied winecup and threw it at Princess Qing Luo, “Such a disgusting thing, yet you still dare to name it a sweet wine of love, are you trying to kid me? Take it back, don’t try to poison my uncle!”

It hit Princess Qing Luo accurately.

The gnomes were born short, when Huan Qing Yan used her 1.65 meters of height ad threw the winecup downwards, it hit Princess Qing Luo directly on the face.

On top of being hit on the face, the force used was also quite powerful; additionally, due to the stilt-like heels worn by Princess Qing Luo, the strike on her face shifted her center of gravity forcing her to take a few steps back before falling onto the ground with a loud thud.

That action left all the gnomes speechless.

On top of that, their faces darkened and they furiously looked at Huan Qing Yan.

Especially Princess Qing Luo, who was on the ground, she revealed her sharp teeth and roared.

Ji Mo Ya lightly smiled before pulling Huan Qing Yan back to her seat, “Stop fooling around, eat up.”

Hearing that there were things to eat, Huan Qing Yan’s attention immediately shifted.

She curiously looked at the table for delicious food to eat.

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Ji Mo Ya faced the gnome king, “Your majesty, Princess Qing Luo, my deepest apologies. My duo cultivation partner’s* soul currently has some problems, that was why I have an urgent need for the Treasure Vine, it is to cure her. I seek your forgiveness for her unusual behavior.”
(Cuppa: This literally says that she is his wife or girlfriend.)

Although he was giving his apologies, but his tone was neither servile nor overbearing with absolute absence of fear.

In a solemn voice, the elderly gnome priest said, “Human, you are only one Mystic Spirit Master, yet you came to the territory of the gnomes accompanied by a low realm spirit master. No matter how weak the gnome race is, we still possess several Mystic Spirit Masters! Your current actions do not seem to show any respect towards our race.”

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