Chapter 491 – What Are You So Fierce For?

Ji Mo Ya coldly replied, “Lord Priest has thought wrongly; this one has brought my cultivation partner with me, yet your esteemed princess deliberately caused a scene, what is her intention? This one is very confused, are you trying to bully another race and force a marriage?”

Huan Qing Yan was currently chewing on a piece of jerky made from an unknown meat, after chewing for some time and noticing that it was not getting any softer to eat, she spitted it out, “Pui! Disgusting! Uncle, the wine and food here are bad, I want to go home…”

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This was a blatant act of slapping their faces, and caused the gnomes’ anger to rise another notch.

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The elder gnome priest slapped the table, “What audacity! The gnome race is currently experiencing a period of drought and hunger, but we still brought out our best wines and food to welcome, yet both of you still dare to show such behavior! In addition, this human, your cultivation partner, has a low cultivation and an incomplete soul, how could she be better than our Princess Qing Luo? To have the princess like a human like you is your blessings! Today, other than agreeing, there is no second answer…”

Princess Qing Luo, who was still on the floor as no one came to help her, displayed a moment of joy.

She said something in a shy and happy tone.

Huan Qing Yan did not understand what they were talking about, however, she still understood from the atmosphere that it was an argument. She immediately picked up a piece of hard meat from the table and threw it towards the old gnome priest…

And she said, “Old gnome, what are you so fierce for? If you dare to be so fierce to my uncle, I will beat you!”

No one has dared to throw meat jerky at the old gnome priest throughout his long lifespan.

Yet several pieces of it all landed on him squarely…

The atmosphere within the banquet exploded instantly, yet the Gnome King remained calm without expressing his thoughts.

With such an accurate godly throw of Huan Qing Yan, Ji Mo Ya was secretly preparing for the worst outcome.

The old gnome priest had already summoned his magic equipment in preparation to act.

Ji Mo Ya maintained his calm and bland expression, “This young master is a member of the Ji Mo Clan, one of the Eight Great Clans of humans; since I am able to discover this place, I am naturally well prepared. I have posted men outside your barrier, if this young master did not go out within the prearranged period…”

The Gnome King stopped him halfway and laughed out loud, “Misunderstanding, it’s all a misunderstanding. Qing Luo is only admiring the esteemed guest’s demeanor and Lord Hasa is also joking, I hope the esteemed guest does not take this to heart.”

Princess Hong Luan who was watching the show at one side earlier on had silently approached Princess Qing Luo and helped her up before chuckling, “Indeed, its all because the esteemed guest is just too attractive, it caused my sister to lose her bearing.”

Princess Qing Luo was unwilling to admit her defeat so she gave Ji Mo Ya another coquettish glance before fixing Huan Qing Yan with viciously stare. After that, with the assistance of Princess Hong Luan, she walked away with while swaying her hips.

The old gnome priest had also kept his magic equipment and returned to his original seating position.

In the end, when the king spoke, the tense atmosphere immediately disappeared like an illusion.

Ji Mo Ya also resumed his graceful noble young master attitude and spoke with a mild smile.

Huan Qing Yan adapted even more easily, she completely did not understand their conversation, when everyone was showing hostility, she would help Ji Mo Ya. Now that everyone was back to friendly terms, she also went along with them.

“Let the banquet begin, everyone, come, let us welcome the arrival of our esteemed guest…”

Everyone raised their cups rowdily.

Huan Qing Yan had tasted every dish served on the table and found none that suit her tastes.

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