Chapter 492 – Evil

If a voracious glutton could be disinterested in food, it was enough to prove how unpalatable the food of the gnome kingdom was.

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During the latter half of the banquet, the glutton eventually got tired and laid down on Ji Mo Ya’s thigh and rested.

Although Huan Qing Yan was picky with her food, but the gnomes who participated in the banquet still consumed everything without wasting any food, looking as though they could not wait to finish everything and were also very satisfied with the sumptuous food.

Only when the banquet reached its end, did the gnome king brought up the matter about the Treasure Vine, enquiring his officials if they had any in their estates.

The gnomes all shook their head while the gnome priest translated for them.

“The Treasure Vine is also an extremely rare plant within our kingdom, with food going scarce currently, how could a rare thing like that be around?”

Ji Mo Ya asked curiously, “Why did the nobles fell into a food scarcity situation?”

The gnome king sighed, “The halo of the totem suddenly disappeared and caused a drought for half a year already. The plants outside have all withered and what food we have left were all dried rations… However, we believe that our ancestor has yet to forsake the gnome race, we believe the totem will eventually shine once again.”

The gnome king’s use of the human language has gotten fluent after frequent use of it while communicating with Ji Mo Ya.

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Ji Mo Ya also stopped asking.

He had done his homework properly before coming to the gnome kingdom, the books have recorded the information about the totem’s power within the gnome kingdom.

A sage-level gnome cultivator had once appeared amongst their race before, and this totem was left behind by that sage.

It was said that the gnome totem possessed the power of that sage as it was created using its essence blood as a main ingredient, its purpose was to bless the gnomes of each generation and ensure their prosperity.

The gnomes have an innate talent in creating magic equipment, thus the effects this totem possessed was without a doubt true.

Of course, since the beginning of time and throughout the river of history, any race that remained on the continent now had all produced sages before.

However, for the past hundred years, the two largest race of the continent, the humans and demons have not produced any sages so far, their peak fighting power were only Half-Sages.

The gnomes on the other hand only have mystic level cultivators currently; as a race, their powers were pitifully low.

If not for the protection of the Sage’s Totem, the gnomes might have been wiped out or enslaved by the other races a long time ago or might have even turned extinct by now.

With that, the banquet ended; there was still no news of the Treasure Vine but the gnome king had advised Ji Mo Ya to not be worried, he had promised to sent men to search for it within the kingdom’s territory.

Ji Mo Ya gave his thanks in return.


A desolated great forest.

When Bai Chen Feng walked out of the cave, several months had passed.

When he entered the cave, he was a Seven-Star Spirit Master, but now, he had become a True Spirit Master!

The current him was no longer the original person, there was a qualitative difference to him now compared to before.

In the past, he was a domineering prince who stood high above many, but now his entire person gave off a trace of indescribable negative energy.

The once jet-black hair was also turning golden from the roots.

He was only in his twenties but wrinkles were already appearing on his forehead.

They were not caused by aging but from a long period of frowning from holding in extreme pain.

His gaze was cold and was also much calmer and patient then before.

That evil charm he had was much heavier than before.

Bai Chen Feng checked his bearings after leaving the cave, and surprisingly, he headed towards the demon territory.

As he ventured deep into the demon lands, the long shrubs at the side suddenly shook violently and the animalistic sounds could be heard.

Very soon, several demonic energies wrapped around him.

Within the bushes, several black wolves the size of bulls silently surrounded him.

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