Chapter 493 – Can No Longer Go Back To How It Was Before!

They were demons and each wolf possessed the cultivation of a peak stage demon soldier!

Bai Chen Feng paused his steps, there was no change in his expression except a cruel cold glint within his eyes.

With the encircling formation formed, a powerful demon wolf started the attack with a howl and pounced, its sharp claws created a slashing sound as it striked forward.

The wolf demons were proficient with group tactics, as the first moved, it was quickly followed by the other five coming from various directions.

Bai Chen Feng produced a low roar with his throat while his expression instantly turned sinister and atrocious, fine dense hair began to grow on his arms while his hands also turned into long sharp claws that flashed with a cold light.

Clang! Bai Chen Feng crossed his claws in front of him and produced a metallic sound*, with a roar he dashed towards the demon wolf in front of him.

(Cuppa: Imagine Hugh Jackman’s wolverine character…)

Two claws met but it was the demon wolf which uttered a cry of pain when its chest was ripped open as Bai Chen Feng’s claw pierces its heart!

The other five demon wolves used the opportunity to strike at Bai Chen Feng’s back and shoulders, causing blood to spill in all directions!

Bai Chen Feng acted indifferent as he tossed the demon wolf in his claws before capturing another wolf by its neck and with a loud howl, he used his two claws to tear the wolf’s head from its body, causing even more fresh blood to splatter!

The wolf’s warm neck was held in front of him and Bai Chen Feng was unable to control himself as he lowered his head and bit on a chuck of the bloody flesh!

Bai Chen Feng then released a long howl as he raised his head, his teeth have turned into sharp fangs, blood covered his body from head to toe, creating an extremely terrifying image.

The remaining wolves immediately released a whimper as they all quickly ran away!

After a long time.

Bai Chen Feng slowly calmed himself, his heart was filled with agony.

The ruthless and tyrannical energy within his body went beyond his imagination.

He had overestimated himself and had thought he could control it.

But with his earlier action, how does it differ from those demons?

This was not the outcome he wanted.

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In his heart, he still sees himself as a human.

Yet reality slapped him on the face, he could no longer go back to how he was before!

He can never go back…


Ji Mo Ya was warmly asked to stay by the gnome king and would be invited to visit and play within various places of the gnome kingdom.

Playing and eating was Huan Qing Yan’s specialty, so she was enjoying herself thoroughly.

No matter how the gnomes treated her, no matter how unfriendly or a bully they were, she did not hold any grudges as well, forgetting about it the instant her attention shifted.

After a night of sleep, she would continue treating this small race warmly.

Ji Mo Ya’s plan was to wait for the local ruler to bring news, then drag Huan Qing Yan around the unknown territories of the gnome kingdom.

From the ongoing drought situation of the gnome kingdom, even if he were to search personally, his chances would also be close to none.

The Treasure Vine was known to grow in a damp place as it requires large amount of water to grow, once such growing conditions were affected, it would immediately turned dry and decomposed into powder to merge with the ground.

If the gnomes did not store any in their treasury, then his trip to the gnome kingdom was likely a waste.

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However, the silver lining was that Huan Qing Yan was able to thoroughly enjoy herself every day.

Today, the gnome king brought Ji Mo Ya to visit the place that made the gnomes famous; the equipment factory.

This was the place were the gnome kingdom produces magic equipment, the factory was built to be big and majestic, covering a radius of several miles.

To be able to construct such a huge factory underground also proved how advance the gnome’s construction technology was as well.

Within the equipment factory were several large fiery red furnaces, forging platforms, and on top of those, there were also rails, flying strops, elevators et centra, and most of all, specialized tools for equipment creation.

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