Chapter 494 – Pui, Ugly

The gnomes within were all wearing standardized leather jacket and busily moved about, on their heads they wore hats made from stone, while each of their hands held on to various small tools while they perform their respective tasks.

Occasionally, a large amount of ores would be dumped into one of the furnaces to be refined.

On the forging platforms there would always be several gnomes hitting and knocking at something.

Huan Qing Yan was holding on to Ji Mo Ya’s sleeves as she stared with wide eyes and interest at the sights in front of her.

Even Ji Mo Ya himself had rarely seen such a scene.

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The gnome king proudly said, “Young Master Ji Mo, what’s in front of you is our kingdom’s largest furnace room, inside is where our most experienced smiths would practice their craft… Please enter to have a look.”

The two of them followed the king, the two princesses and the king guards into the room, and when they entered, they saw the room had a ceiling more than a dozen meters high and a huge furnace that was multiple times larger than the ones outside.

The gnomes within the room were even more densely packed and busier than the outside as well.

When they entered, a wave of hot air assaulted their noses as well.

Huan Qing Yan took off the green coat on her that covered her snow-white skin.

Ji Mo Ya silently and patiently took her coat and kept it inside his storage ring before casting a cleansing spell on her to clean away her sweat.

With the coat gone, it revealed an emerald silk dress that was cooling and light, the dress made Huan Qing Yan look like a beautiful glowing jade.

After being rejected by Ji Mo Ya, Princess Qing Luo no longer dared to openly flirt with Ji Mo Ya, but instead, used passive and hidden methods to seduce him. She would accompany the king everyday and would sway her hips in front of Ji Mo Ya with every chance she could get.

She even made effort to learn the human language and add her own couple of phrases during the king’s and Ji Mo Ya’s conversations.

“Pui, ugly.”

She was referring to Huan Qing Yan but there was a mix of envy and jealousy in her gaze.

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She was also wearing a green dress but compared to Huan Qing Yan’s the visual impact was not even half as good as what Huan Qing Yan had created.

Leaving aside the fact that the soft fabric of the dress worn by Huan Qing Yan was something she had never felt before, the way that Ji Mo Ya tenderly and caringly took care of her and assisting her while she took off her coat, was enough to cause the princess to go mad.

What a good looing human!

This was the most good looking human she had ever seen in her life!

Her lord father had said before that this human possesses an extremely high status, if she could his protection, then she might be able to leave with this human and live in the human world outside.

She had not felt this way before in the past and felt that staying in this small land of the gnome kingdom was fine, but after the matter that happened some time ago, Princess Qing Luo developed a keen interest to live amongst the humans.

Huan Qing Yan was currently a child, and since Princess Qing Luo targeted her, she also impolitely replied, “You are the ugliest.”

She also made an ugly face while widening her eyes before half squatting, recreating the image of a gnome while acting like Princess Qing Luo.

This caused Princess Qing Luo to nearly go half mad.

She screeched towards the gnome king to complain, but the gnome king on top of not supporting her, even chided her as well.

Huan Qing Yan laughed out loud, Ji Mo Ya used this opportunity to gracefully take out a candy and placed it in her mouth.

When Huan Qing Yan had a candy to eat, she stopped provoking the princess as well.

Candies were rarely seen in the gnome kingdom.

A faint sweet fragrance travelled through the air.

Princess Hong Luan who placed herself on the sidelines felt envy at the candy in Huan Qing Yan’s hand.

The gnomes were talented in equipment making but their food was something that never garnered any praise.

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