Chapter 495 – Young Master……!

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Princess Qing Luo looked over enviously.

She had gotten the palace maids to use a few opportunities when Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan were not aware, to steal some of the sweet food that Ji Mo Ya feed Huan Qing Yan with. It tasted extremely delicious; especially the candy, the sweetness literally entered her heart.

She had since yearned for another taste ever since she ate it for the first time.

This was also one of the reasons why she wanted to live amongst the humans, the humans possessed so many delicious foods that she was unable to identify; compared to her life with the gnomes, living with humans seemed richer and much more colorful.

While Huan Qing Yan sucked on the candy, she asked Ji Mo Ya in a muffled voice, “Uncle, one more.”

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Ji Mo Ya immediately took out another one without question and gracefully passed it to her.

Huan Qing Yan took it and walked to Princess Hong Luan, “The one in red, here is some candy, it’s very sweet.”

Princess Hong Luan was slightly overwhelmed, she already noticed it earlier on, could she call Qing Luo and herself princesses?

This human girl should be the real princess instead, as long as your man was good, you can have whatever you want…

“¥%×?%#” she replied with thanks in her gnomish language as she received the candy.

When Princess Qing Luo saw her twin getting candy, she had also prepared herself to receive one as well, but Huan Qing Yan completely ignored her and went to hold Ji Mo Ya’s hands before they walked away.

Qing Luo was furious, she steeled herself and spoke in the human language she learnt over the past few days, “Young Master, Qing Luo, wants candy also.”

Ji Mo Ya paused his steps, but before he could speak, Huan Qing Yan spoke out first, “They are all mine, I am not giving you, make you angry!”

Qing Luo’s pair of unusually large eyes suddenly started to tear as she pitifully said, “Young Master……!”

She had secretly observed Huan Qing Yan’s expression for the past several days and had noticed that Ji Mo Ya liked it when Huan Qing Yan acted spoilt…

Therefore, she had practiced this expression in front of the mirror in her room for countless of times and finally decided to use it today.

Who knew that Ji Mo Ya’s expression remained unchanged and replied, “Deepest apologies, the candies belonged to my family’s Yan Lass. I did not prepare extra but if Princess Qing Luo likes it, I can arrange my men to deliver some to you the next time.”

Huan Qing Yan said domineeringly, “We can deliver to everyone but her!”

“Sure, then so be it, since it was not something important.” Ji Mo Ya secretly curled his lips when she noticed her reaction, this lass’s jealous tendencies were not reduced at all, even with her childish intelligence.

Huan Qing Yan threw a smug look at Princess Qing Luo…

After being beaten down like a dog by Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan, Princess Qing Luo’s heart was deeply injured.

It was fine if they were in another place, but this was her home the gnome kingdom, so how come she still lost to a human outsider? She must teach that human a lesson!

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Seeing that the situation was about to explode, the Gnome King quickly calmed both sides.

“Hahaha, Young Master Ji Mo, your partner is so tricky yet young master still possessed such patience towards her, what deep affections! Hahaha, respect, respect! Let’s go, since we are here today, let us look at the latest batch of defensive equipment that are just made. If Young Master Ya saw any that you like, just go ahead and take one.”

“Oh? Then I shall not stand on the ceremony, I thank you in advance!” Ji Mo Ya hooked his arm around Huan Qing Yan’s waist and followed the Gnome King.

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