Chapter 496 – Be Obedient

The gnomes were proficient in equipment making, if he really come across suitable ones, he planned to use the opportunityto buy a couple for Huan Qing Yan.

The gnome king had been tolerating them for one too many times, this attitude he had adopted was really too suspicious.

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Ji Mo Ya was not arrogant enough to think that his reputation and status was enough to cause a foreign race to give in so much.

So what was the real reason that caused the gnome king to be so tolerant?

Even if they were afraid of the men he had outside the barrier, it was still unknown if Mo Si and gang could open the barrier and enter in the first place.

This should not be the reason why the king was restraining himself to such a degree.

It must be some unspeakable matter that he has yet to discover…

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was still yet his heart got even more alarmed than before.

An abnormal reaction meant an abnormal intention.

They reached the warehouse very quickly, from the outside they were able to see a huge amount of exquisite defensive equipment being piled up within.

Ji Mo Ya frowned once more, they were all sized for humans, they were created based on a human’s anatomy, there’s body armor, helmets, boots, armguards, leg guards, belts etc.…

The gnome king explained, “It’s like this, us gnomes are famous for our equipment, yet we lack clothes and food… *cough*, during the time of our ancestors, our race had interacted with humans and both parties had also established an agreement, we used the magic equipment that we produce to exchange for life essentials…”

The gnome king also added, “That human clan that provided you information is likely the one that interacted with us in the past, that was why you got to know of an entrance leading to the gnome kingdom.”

Ji Mo Ya smiled, “So that’s the case. Helping each other out so that both party profits is indeed an improvement that this era requires. If you wish to trade with humans in the future again, feel free to approach this one, this one will be willing to make such arrangements on behalf of my esteemed clan.”

“Good good good, then I give Young Master Ji Mo my thanks. It is difficult for us gnomes to go out, to avoid trouble we need to put on all sorts of disguise, with the help of Young Master Ji Mo, it would make things much easier for us.”

“Your majesty is being too courteous; may I know what grade are this defensive equipment?”

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The gnome king brought Ji Mo Ya closer and introduced, “There are mostly Blue Rank magic equipment, we also have some Purple Rank ones and occasionally, an Orange Rank one would be produced. There is an Orange Ranked one in this batch; it is placed on the other side, does young master wish to take a look?”

Ji Mo Ya pondered for a moment before walking towards the direction.

Huan Qing Yan also followed, but her attention was not on the magic equipment but the gnomes that were wearing stone hats and leather attires.

Those gnomes were currently beside a burning furnace, the flames on the furnace had caused all of them turn red from its heat, as though they were on the verge of burning themselves. Yet the leather attires they were wearing looked completely fine, it seemed like it was protected from the heat from sort of treatment done when they were manufactured.

Along with Huan Qing Yan were also some palace guards.

Ji Mo Ya did not force her to follow him as the freshly made equipment still possessed some heat while Huan Qing Yan’s physique was still too weak to handle the heat so it was better that she stayed behind.

“Be obedient and stand there, okay?” Ji Mo Ya turned his head and instructed.

Huan Qing Yan nodded, “Okay.”

Princess Qing Luo’s eyes started to shoot flames again, but despite shooting flames, she did not stayed behind. This was a rare opportunity to be with Young Master Ji Mo without the loathsome Huan Qing Yan around, she would definitely choose to follow him instead.

As a gnome, the heat from the flames would not affect her much.

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