Chapter 94- Housemates

A few days before the tournament ended and the award ceremony was conducted, Winter took 1st place, while the others took six out of eight. When they got their results; Adam sighed, Brian was annoyed, and Elsa missed the booth girls. KMega6KMegacharacter was the first to feel sorry for them, but he still treated everyone to his cooking by making lasagna and a salad. For Winter, he made a small congratulations cake for dessert that he left in her room. Making it isn’t actually true though, he store bought it. However, before that, the six of them decided to watch a movie of a streamer2streamerstory mechanic raiding a dragon4dragonspecies’s lair. KMega wasn’t amused though considering he was also in the dragon’s lair of Astrid7Astridcharacter’s uncle in a game right now.

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When the movie ended, Adam walked over to KMega and put an arm around him.

“Hey, why don’t you join us next week for the local tournament? It’s only mid-tier, so it shouldn’t be that much challenge of a to you.” (Adams)

KMega hesitated because he knew that Adams was asking something big of him. For one, he was on a race quest and was currently being trained by a dragon, which isn’t something just anyone could achieve. Secondly, it’s the fact that they would have to spend all day at the tournament, which means he would have to miss streaming for that day. He hasn’t missed very many daily streams since he was nine. Last of all, he knew very little about everyone else’s fighting styles.


However, KMega could see how much they needed his help. There’s also a problem with everything that’s happened in-game; being a hero of a country, a demon invision, and the constant threat of the empire. His streams have been rather exciting lately. Earlier in the day, he finally managed to pass Neirlar’s first test of walking across a lake of dragon fire. The damage he received while completing this task was over one thousand points a second. Considering he only had about 15,550 HP total, he only had fifteen seconds to cross the entire lake. Luckily, there were no death penalties other than a short respawn timer. While in his draconian form, the damage was halved and he wasn’t allowed to ‘cheat’ with his dragon bond sword either, as non-consumable items weren’t allowed. To survive, he had to have a balance of recovery potions, speed enhancement spells, and resistance skills. Even with all of that, he got to the other side after over two dozen attempts and with less than fifty health left. Neirlar actually admired his determination and was genuinely surprised he survived.

Whenever he logged in tomorrow, he had to take the next trial.

Since Astrid synced up with her in-game avatar, she understood what happened in the game in full detail. She also did most of the cooking for the house of gamers, while KMega just made the salad. Cooking let her practice her motor skills and acuity, which she was still having problems with because of her body. In truth, her current body was very inefficient and lacked her needs and desires.

When she heard Adam’s request, she immediately looked up some information on the tournament. The event is actually a tech expo, while the tournament is just an attraction. However, it was still almost as famous as the actual expo.

Astrid then grabbed his hand before leaning over and whispering in his ear.

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“I wanna go. We never go anywhere.” (Astrid)

KMega thought about it for a moment before nodding. He just can’t say no to her.

Weise immediately went back to work after giving Astrid her new body and the permission to use the factory to improve, repair, and make adjustments to it. All of the equipment and materials were about ten years old, but he left it all to Astrid after putting her into the mechanical body. She had made about six sets of limbs for herself, each of which were remodeled over a dozen times and used for only a short while. While their outsides looked alike, their insides were all different. From the first generation to the current one, she increased the number of sensors over ten thousand times. The joints were also reworked dozens of times with refinements going down to the microdegrees of angle bend. Even the synthetic muscle in her limbs had been reworked to be a lot like a normal person’s. If Weise’s wife was still alive to see all the modifications that Astrid made, she would be speechless because of the rapid AI grow and free reign that she now had over her body.

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