Chapter 93- Training and Preperations

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After reading the letter in full, there was a coded security password provided at the end of the note that linked to her IRL self. Astrid7Astridcharacter didn’t even notice the block of information between the two with her current mental state. She quickly came up with a possible story to tell the others to explain KMega6KMegacharacter’s disappearance. With her arm and body bandaged like a mummy, she laid on the mattress full of glum because she was annoyed that her man went without her and left her home with the young. As the person with the father-like title, she wasn’t expecting the housewife role.

After a deep sigh, she raised her head as dawn started to break over the village.

“All right… we’ll rest for a few hours before heading back to Jork Fortress.” (Astrid)

There was a pause before one of them brazenly asked in wonder.

“Where is the commander? He didn’t?….” (Soldier)

The rest was left unsaid as Astrid looked at the soldiers in slight amazement.

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Despite her best efforts and cunning to lure them under her control, they were loyal to KMega in their hearts. It was because she treated them as assets, while KMega treated them like children. They could feel his heartfelt feelings, while she was far more logical.


A new pain entered her she never felt before; jealousy.

“Don’t worry, little ones. Your mother went with my uncle to grow stronger to protect you better.” (Astrid)

Astrid barely caught herself after saying the first two words.

“Don’t worry…. an unexpected visitor appeared and gave us aid. However, due to…, various circumstances, he had to leave Eastguard and receive training from my uncle.” (Astrid)

There was another pause before J spoke this time.

“When you say uncle….?” (J)

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Astrid chuckled and was in pain because of it.

“I will be happy to teach you a little about it myself and train you while he’s doing the same. I think we should start with having you all cross a parcel of fire that I’ll create. Those that survive might be able to move onto some of the other ‘easy’ stuff that KMega will be doing for his trials.” (Astrid)

All the soldiers loudly swallowed in unison. KMega was kind and loving, but he was also a rather strict parent to the soldiers without him to hold Astrid’s leash. The desire for their hero to return grew each day while they trained.

After sleeping, KMega went out for his morning run. Since a lot of his housemates were on a gaming tour, that left only KMega and Emma alone in the house. As he came in while eating a piece of toast with both hands, he thought that she was rather cute. She caught herself watching KMega run in the morning and was feeling a little strange because of it. She blushed as he looked at her nibbling on a corner of the toast. After drinking a glass of juice and walking past her, she extended her hand towards him and put the piece of toast down. He naturally stopped to look at her as she grabbed his hand and forced it to her bosom. With a quick lean in, she said a few words…., then her daydream popped as he passed on the other side of the table.

Her face was still a bright red as she continued with her fantasy.


After a quick shower, KMega went on his computer and looked up the results of the tournament events. Since speed running wasn’t as popular to watch as VR battles and FPS deathmatches, it wasn’t as closely monitored as the other two mainstream E-sport events. This meant that Emma was left behind this time. KMega began watching Winter go on to win a perfect game in a six-man free-for-all match. Adam, Brian, and Elsa were out of sync with the healer bot though. Since their captain and main healer was fired due to cheating, they weren’t able to perform as well as they could, causing their top five ranks to quickly drop. He hadn’t spent a lot of time watching them play, but he could see how teamwork was essential for players. As someone playing solo though, he didn’t care that much about playing with others, but his interest was growing.

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