Chapter 92- Message to Astrid

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An NPC would usually never have communication like Astrid7Astridcharacter and KMega6KMegacharacter do, but after a hearty meal hosted by Neirlar and an uncomfortable bed of gold, he went to sleep and logged out.

That is when he told Astrid’s IRL body about what occurred. Just to be sure that the system didn’t confused it as a bug, KMega logged in again after coming up with a plan and put a note in his storage explaining what they discussed. Naturally, the in-game Astrid wasn’t made aware of it, but she knew that if there’s anywhere where KMega can send word to him, it’s there. As the Astrid in-game wasn’t aware of the discussion on the outside, the one on the outside also wasn’t aware of the proposal. When KMega hugged her before sending the note, she was pleasantly surprised. With that all said and done though, KMega went to sleep with Astrid watching over him wanting to know just what happened in Sword Kingdom.

A medium sized dragon4dragonspecies appeared in the skies near Crosstrees as the bodies of the demonic wolves were purified by Xandor and J. It was hard work, but with the proper training, the job was easier. This was the reason they were sent to Eastguard’s greatest stronghold instead of a contingent of paladins and priests. They were among the few lower ranked individuals of the church that knew how to purify a demon properly. Nearby, a direwolf howled in pain seeing it’s pack dead, but it knew that it was better to be killed like this then continue living as a demon.

Its appreciation for the two increased significantly as it watched them act, but its attention was quickly drawn to a figure slowly falling from the sky. It was a rare and rather familiar beast, but it was as dangerous as any demon. It was heavily injured as it landed with dozens of soldiers surrounding it. One of its forelimbs was bloody and limp, while fresh battle injuries were seen all over it’s back and sides.

“What are you all gawking at? Hurry up and fetch me a mattress to lay on and prepare some bandages.” (Astrid)

The voice was familiar and high pitched like a young woman’s, but louder in tone.

It took a moment before the first soldier realized who they were dealing with.

“Lady Astrid has returned. Fetch the priest. Seize some comforters for the lady; she’s injured.” (Soldier)

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When the soldier screamed those orders, the solemn village awakened. The soldiers that were resting were the first to arrive. They all know that she was able to slay beasts up to Level 250 with little difficulty, so when they learned that she was injured, they came prepared with whatever food, water, bandages, and whatever else they could find. When they saw her, they hesitated because they didn’t expect for her to be in dragon form, but they all knew that she was actually a true pure blooded dragon. However, the villagers, on the other hand, were cautious of the strange beast in their presence.

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As Astrid laid there, she had time to think and calm herself down. Even as a Level 250 dragon, the demon put up enough of a fight for their battle to count as a draw. What she underestimated the most about Enel though was his attack power. However, with both of them injured, she bought enough time before the next major demon attack. With her patience with KMega being on its last legs, she decided to check the shared storage that they both use. Astrid usually only used it to store the extra loot she received, while KMega used it to store his broken gear that needed to be repaired. With an amusing thought, she started thinking about how she was more like a wife everyday by supporting him and his take charge attitude, which Astrid was fine with. If a note would appear, it would be at the end of the item list. Following her whim, she found it and began to read.

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