Chapter 91- Enraged Dragon

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Astrid7Astridcharacter followed the scent of the dead cows that the wolves stole from the town to the location of an ideal ambush point. She slaughtered the ambusher that was essentially fodder with ease before moving on. Her kill count quickly climbed up by four soon after the ambush point; three of which acted as watchers, and one that she let escape to lead her to the two other packs of twelve each. She then killed ten more wolves when she arrived at their lair. She was breathing heavily and exhausted while two pairs of eyes watched her. The demon general was amused as he decided to make the dragon4dragonspecies he was watching his puppet. He decided to send in his last minion to distract her.

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As the wolf charged, Astrid felt a presence behind her. Since the wolf was a minor threat, she snapped the wolf’s neck with her tail as she turned before slashing the demon’s hand that was reaching out for her. As the demon general stepped back with an amused expression on his face, the wolf’s body fell to the ground. Enel stared at Astrid with surprise. Because of her youthful actions earlier on, he thought that the dragon in front of them was easily impressionable. Through her knowledge about IRL, Astrid was far wiser than she appeared. On top of that, Enel wanted to implant his claws into her open mind, but it was only open to one person. When her mind felt the mental attack, it began defending. At  point in the battle, a dialogue started between the two NPCs that would have put any movie plot to shame.

Neirlar came through the portal with a minorly annoyed dragonid knight in his grasp.

“You b*****d, you didn’t only kill my sister, but you even desiccated her body to make your tools of war.” (Neirlar)

Neirlar was tired of holding back, so he then transformed into his true form. His clothing faded from his body like they were just an illusion and a thirty-foot black dragon stood in front of KMega6KMegacharacter. He was puzzled for a moment before he quickly took a ready stance with his great sword and prepared to counterattack. He was trying to put together the plot.

“Your sister? Are you Astrid’s brother? Is she dead? Did you kill my fiance?” (KMega)

While KMega was becoming enraged and starting to interrogate the dragon in front of him, Neirlar stared at the knight in front of him with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Who is this Astrid? She doesn’t sound like a dragon queen that would mate with a half breed.” (Neirlar)

KMega paused in his rage before the both of them concluded that there was a misunderstanding somewhere.

“I came to Eastguard in disguise to pay my respects to my deceased sister. She died because she became an exile for saving her eggling from the hands of humans.” (Neirlar)

When he said this, it all clicked inside KMega’s head, so he lowered his guard and relaxed.

“Astrid is that eggling. While me and your niece were at death’s door because of a crisis, we shared our life forces and sustained one another. As I recovered, she did so as well. We are soulmates to be formally joined.” (KMega)

Neirlar lowered his head before he rubbed the back of it with his claw.

“I feel like some apology is in order. I kidnapped you without knowing the whole story.” (Neirlar)

KMega put the greatsword back on his back before sighing and looking around at the barren land.

“Where are we anyway?” (KMega)

Neirlar chuckled.

“Nowhere special, just outside my lair in what your people call the northern wall.” (Neirlar)

KMega swallowed.

“How do I get back?” (KMega)

Neirlar looked away with a face full of shame.

“Well, I used a high cost return home spell and dragged you with me. I’m afraid that it will take about a month to fly back if I hurry, but you may not survive the journey. I have seen younglings die in these lands that are far stronger than you. If you want, I can help you beef up and teach you a few things about being a dragon.” (Neirlar)

KMega considered the offer before responding.

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“In any case, I’m hungry and tired. Do you mind if I sleep on it?” (KMega)

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