Chapter 21: Depressed

Wei Chu was very serious in his work and this was the first time Su Le watched Wei Chu as he worked. She suddenly remembered a sentence one of her writer friends used to say: men are very handsome when they are serious in their work. As Su Le stared at Wei Chu’s side profile, she agreed with her friend’s statement.

Focusing herself on her work, she discussed the process of the collaboration with Wei Chu. Since Su Le did not fully understood the details of the collaboration, she did not go deep into her company’s data. It seems that Wei Chu had noticed but he remained silent. Instead, he paid attention to not ask any sensitive questions.

After eating lunch with Wei Chu at noon, Su Le returned to BaiSheng. She carried the signed contract to the executive manager’s office, and only after she entered the office did she notice that the boss was also present.

“Boss, Executive Jiang.” Su Le stood at the entrance. For a moment, she was unsure whether she should actually enter or not.

“Su Le, come in quickly,” Jiang Ting exposed a smile, “What did the boss of JinChu say?”

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“Nothing much,” Su Le entered the office and placed the contract onto Jiang Ting’s desk.

Jiang Ting’s face expressed some unhappiness, “Did Wei Chu have any suggestions of his own?” If there weren’t any then this collaboration would be difficult to proceed.

“Suggestions?” Su Le did not really understand but it wouldn’t do her any good if she inquired too much either.

“This is the new employee that Executive Jiang praised about?” Yao Bai Cheng, who stood at a side, finally spoke, “You don’t have to be too worried. Wei Chu, that youngster, had always been that way. If we’re unable to collaborate then let’s just forget about it.” Yao Bai Sheng was very forward looking. From the beginning, he understood that as an elder, it was not proper for him to be pushing for a cooperation that was only advantageous to his own company. So Wei Chu was not to blame for the refusal.

“Why can’t the collaboration be formed?” Su Le asked blankly, “Is there a problem with the contract?”

“Of course there is no problem with the contract,” Jiang Ting was somewhat shocked as she stared at Su Le, “What do you mean?”

“The contract’s signed,” Su Le saw that both the boss and Jiang Ting’s expression were slightly strange and she started to explain, “I didn’t discuss the collaboration in detail with CEO Wei because I wasn’t very familiar with it so he had asked me to return tomorrow at 3pm to discuss the details with him again.”

“Did you just say that Wei Chu had signed the contract?” Jiang Ting took the contract off her desk. The contract really did have Wei Chu’s signature and JinChu’s stamp on it! As for all the terms within the contract, they remained unchanged. Originally when she decided on those terms, she did her best to be fair, but not to a point where none of the terms needed altering. She stared at Su Le in surprised, “You mean, you discussed the contract with Wei Chu and not one of his department managers or his assistant?”

Su Le’s mind had spun a couple of times. All Jiang Ting’s words were indicating that Wei Chu seemed to be easy to deal with. Su Le smiled, “En, I actually know CEO Wei, so maybe that’s why he wasn’t too hard on me.”

“Oh?” Yao Bai Sheng took the contract from Jiang Ting’s hand and glanced at the signature, “That child really treats his friends well. Haha.” Thinking back to how Wei Chu would waste no opportunity from making a profit from even his uncles, he looked at Su Le a few more times, “Then Executive Jiang and the new employee shall be put in charge of this collaboration. If there is anything, you can report to me.”

Su Le only came back to herself once she left the executive manager’s office. She hadn’t been working in this company for long and already she was given such an important project to be responsible for. Truth to be spoken, that really did not follow the unspoken career rules and she felt pressured by it.

Looking at the red circle around Saturday on the little calendar on her desk, Su Le sighed. On Saturday, one of her writer friends will be holding a wedding in the neighboring city. As Su Le stared at the red circle, she suddenly felt depressed without a reason.


When Su Le left work that evening, she remembered that she had ran out of milk. So instead of heading home immediately, she went to the supermarket to buy some. But what made her mood suffer was the milk price that had increased substantially.

Once she returned home, she opened the packaging around the milk cartons and placed each carton into the fridge apart from one. Su Le then put a straw through the milk carton and sat on a sofa before turning on the TV.

“Reporter Ju reports XX milk caused many students to be poisoned but this has yet to be verified and all related departments are currently investigating.”

Su Le quietly put the milk carton in her hands away because on the carton were the big letters ‘XX milk’. Relief flashed across her eyes.

She switched off the TV in grief and went to sit in front of her computer. Switching it on, she went to the chat group. In the writer’s chat group, they were all currently talking about the author with the pen name ‘Xiao Yao’, whose wedding was going to take place in three days.

Scrolling up the chat, Su Le looked at the couple of wedding photos that was posted. The groom’s appearance was not bad. He was wearing a mild smile that gave off a feeling of steadiness and reliability. As for Xiao Yao, she was smiling with such happiness that it made everyone who saw it envious.

Su Le made up her mind that she was going to the neighboring city.

【Qi Jiu: Congratulations, congratulations! I’m coming this Saturday for a free feast】

【Xiao Yao: Come, come. Just remember to bring a red packet o(≧v≦)o】

【Qi Jiu: There are no red packets but you’ll get a +1 in the number of people attending】

【Mei Chi Bang: \(^o^)/ QiQi wants to bring a person, won’t that be her husband/adulterer?】

【Qi Jiu: I’m also a person. Please don’t make my morals look questionable, thanks! There are no adulterers, thanks!】

【Xiao Yao: To think that QiQi is actually a human, I express my shock ╮(╯▽╰)╭】

【Mei Chi Bang: Also shocked】

【Tian Xia Yi Shuang: Also shocked +1】

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【Two Two: Also shocked +2】

Looking at the +3 and +4 that followed after, Su Le typed a line of words while smashing on the keyboard.

【Qi Jiu: As a pure woman, I do have to say that I have a lot of pressure. +_+】

【Tian Xia Yi Shuang: It’s fine as long as we don’t have any pressure】

【Mei Chi Bang: Tian Xia Yi Shuang!】

Su Le felt helpless. Although there wasn’t many of them in the group, they all had a good relationship with each other. They were good friends that had known each other for at least two years now. The only downside was that this group of women was exceptionally valiant, so Su Le felt exceedingly pressured when she was first introduced to these women.

【Xiao Yao: QiQi, if you’re coming, tell me what time your flight arrives so I can arrange someone to pick you up】

As a woman who was about to get married, her degree of valiance was not over the top and that made Su Le feel gratified.

【Qi Jiu: No need, I’m not flying since I’m not far from you. You just need to tell me the address of the wedding venue.】

【Tian Xia Yi Shuang: Oh yeah, QiQi, anything new happened? It seems you’ve been very busy recently.】

【Qi Jiu: Just started working at a new job so I’m still putting most of my effort at work. Was actually thinking of relaxing after getting this job that has a higher pay, but before I can even bask in happiness, the price of living would increase. How can I pass the days! This is too deceptive! (ˇˇ)】

【Tian Xia Yi Shuang: Great God, please conduct yourself with dignity!】

【Two Two: Conduct with dignity!】

As for the other Super God who earns more than a few thousand in her day job as well as being a famous author, she smartly did not speak and pretended to be dead as Su Le was once again surrounded and attacked by the group.

Su Le’s mood that was not very good before, was uplifted as she dallied and joked with the group. Soon after, she closed the chat window and opened up WORD to continue with the argument scene that she had done partway. Every time when the argument scene between the main leads occur on the bed, she wish she could use simple but self-explanatory words like ‘After one night’ instead of describing the scene.

After half an hour, she was done with 100 words. In the end, she decided to use some ambiguous idioms to made the readers think that they’re going to get some action but there was actually none. She also included some typical plot before posting it online without any guilt.

It wasn’t even 10 pm when she completed her to-do list. Su Le felt a little bored but she didn’t know what to do. In the past, she would take a walk with Zhuang Wei or accompany Zhuang Wei to a bar that she didn’t really like.

Afterwards when she moved in with Chen Yue, they would chat or watch television together, but now that she was alone, she had no interest in watching TV. As for chatting, there was no one to chat with and calling someone would only increase her phone bills.

Opening up the online game that she occasionally plays, she went to the cave under the cliff to kill monsters alone. Then, she went to light up a wishing light at the lake and made a wish at the wishing tree by herself. She was so bored that she went to DaLi city to choose a gold box that won her a bowl of congee a little HP boosting effect. Once done, she went to plant some flowers which ended up getting stolen when she went to LuoYang to send a letter.

After that, Su Le went up to Mu Wan Qing, an NPC, and clicked on her but she was only staring into the direction where her lover went. Mu Wan Qing was faithfully waiting but what she did not know was that her lover had already eloped with another pretty lady. Su Le could not help herself and went to the NPC to do a hugging action.

[Nearby] XX: Wow, that womanizer wouldn’t even let an NPC off!

Su Le’s hand, that was holding the mouse, shook and she exited the game. She felt immensely depressed so she opened up her WeiBo and typed a line of words.

【Qi Jiu: A silent night】

She originally wanted to add a few more words to express her feelings but she thought that doing would not be her usual style. That phase was already enough the describe her bitter mood.

Half a minute later, Su Le switched off the computer and was ready to go to bed but her phone started to ring just a minute later.

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