Chapter 127: Worry and Fear

Xiao Zi Xuan felt frightened at how Ling Luo had changed. Was Ling Luo losing interest in her? No, she did not want this to happen. All of this happened because of Ning Meng Yao, she could not let this be.

Ning Meng Yao looked at the person in front of her and her eyebrow rose: “Why are you here?”

Qiao Tian Chang approached Ning Meng Yao and sat down beside her: “It seems that Xiao Zi Xuan is planning to attack you again.”

“Really?” Ning Meng Yao asked indifferently.

“You’re not worried?” Seeing how she was acting as if it had nothing to do with her, Qiao Tian Chang couldn’t help but ask.

Ning Meng Yao suddenly turned to Qiao Tian Chang and laughed, which made him shiver.

“Xiao Zi Xuan probably thinks that Le Le’s matter is impossible to connect with her. You tell me, what would happen if this matter was exposed to public, and then Yang Xiu Er hands out the jade token?” Ning Meng Yao asked while smiling.

Qiao Tian Chang felt that he had thought too much about the matter. He was also worried about this girl but who knew that she actually didn’t care at all about what Xiao Zi Zuan does.

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“Tian Chang, I have only one question for you. Will the people above pursue this matter?”

“Yes.” Surely, they wouldn’t care if it was just an ordinary robbery case. However, the matter isn’t ordinary like that, in fact it was a bureaucratic collusion, and the party involved was a country’s general. This is a big deal.

Besides, this matter not only involved General Qiao now, but also the Xiao’s family. It would be difficult for the people above not to pursue this issue.

Ning Meng Yao smiled: “If that’s the case, then what do I have to be worried about?”

The people above would naturally pursue this matter so she didn’t really have to do anything by herself. And in the end she could even achieve the outcome she wanted. Wasn’t that great? 

Qiao Tian Chang couldn’t hold back anymore, he reached out to pinch her cheek: “If they found out what you’re trying to achieve, I’m afraid you might be in serious trouble.”

Ning Meng Yao smacked Qiao Tian Chang’s hand away from her face and then she scolded him: “Don’t pinch my face, it’s not mud.”

Qiao Tian Chang wasn’t angry at all. He smiled and asked: “How can you compare yourself to mud?”

“Okay, go away elsewhere.” Ning Meng Yao waved him away.

This man was here only to mess with her. She was too busy to play with him.

All this while, Yang Xiu Er had been waiting at home. Initially, there was nothing for her to worry about. However, just when she thought that everything was alright, a pair of people came all of a sudden. Her face turned pale.

Those people were well-dressed and they even had a few young servants with them. She did not go and see, but then she overheard that they were here to investigate.

Upon hearing this, cold sweat rolled down her back. I thought there won’t be any issue? Why are these people here suddenly? They weren’t even the county magistrate, they were rich people from God knows where.

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After getting the news she wanted, Yang Xiu Er stumbled home quickly. Completely ignoring Madame Luo’s asking gaze, she dug out the jade token.

Holding it tightly in her hand, Yang Xiu Er calmed down. She watched the jade token coldly. If they really didn’t want to help her, then she would treat them the same, she wouldn’t let them off.

In Yang Zhu’s house, two people were questioning Yang Le Le. When they spotted Qiao Tian Chang standing at the side, their eyes sparked: “Don’t be nervous, we’re only here to ask you about the robbery.”

Yang Le Le looked at Ning Meng Yao with evident worry in her eyes. After getting a nod from her, she felt relieved.

“What do you want to know?”

“What do you remember about the robbers?”

Yang Le Le thought carefully, then she shook her head: “Their faces were covered with black scarves, but there were actually two expensive carriages that crossed that road before me.

Initially, no one felt that there was anything wrong about this, but soon they felt something was strange. There were two wealthy carriages that came before her, but the robbers didn’t attack them. Instead, they targeted an ordinary carriage, and in it was just an ordinary village girl. This incident didn’t seem so simple.

“Other than this, was there anything else that seemed strange?” The men exchanged a few glances, and their eyebrows wrinkled.

Yang Le Le shook her head: “No, but brother Lei An should know something. After he saved me, he looked strangely at those people and even found something on one of the robbers.”

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