Volume 3 Chapter 110: New Legend Of Alcott Valley

Outskirts of Olsylvia Academy, Alcott Valley.

Bella had refused invites from a few mercenaries as their strength was not up to her standard. Over ten people needed to use half a day to besiege the rock magic. If she had really formed a team with them, she was better off fighting with her own few people.
Many mercenaries’ lines of sight were sneakily aimed at Kriss which made Bella feel uncomfortable. What made Bella felt was even more unbearable was that these mercenaries didn’t even have one girl. What meaning was there to join a troop without girls? This kind of troop was not worth saving.
Grand Duke, my mercenaries are ranked in front…”
Grand Duke, my mercenaries do possess a lot of experience in killing demonic beasts,”
“Alright, all of you please kindly go back. All of your mercenary groups don’t even have one girl, how could I believe in all of you!”
The few mercenaries who were continuously “marketing” their mercenaries in front of Bella were baffled by Bella’s weird reason and they could only bid farewell after saying a few conventional greetings. Bella was currently wearing the uniform of Olsylvia Academy and on it was a lapel badge that only an empire’s duke was fit to possess.
Those mercenaries that had traveled extensively over the years had recognized the sign of the human race’s empire nobility. This was the principle of survival that they had to learn. Previously, their original intention was to invite Ariel, who was a mage, to join but after seeing Bella’s Duke lapel badge they changed their intention and hoped that Bella would employ them.
With regard to their selfish calculations, Bella could take a guess. But, this did not affect her rejection towards those mercenaries who wanted to join; it was completely out of the question. The mercenaries did not dare to offend the nobility so they could only bid goodbye. Although Bella came alone, she had the identity of a duke and the nearby Manasvir Empire’s garrison troops were her hidden guards.
The rock puppets’ height basically started out at three meters; the tallest of them was over ten meters but this was just a legend. At Alcott Valley, the normal rock puppets were only about three meters. The more powerful rock puppet was about five meters in height and that was the king of the rock puppets.
The moving speed of the rock puppets was not fast but their physical attack was very frightening. Also, the attack of the rock puppets would bring about a certain possibility of dizziness and fighting it would be difficult. But that was for other people. Towards Bella and the few people with her, the rock puppets were not a problem.
The mercenaries who left were not willing to just leave. They stopped over at a distant place and decided to observe the hunting operation of Bella and the others in secret. They were certain that Bella and the few delicate girls would be unable to handle the rock puppets by themselves.
Just now the leader of the mercenaries had seen through Ariel’s identity of being a girl. Because of the near distance, Ariel’s perfume, that was frequently used by girls, was directly in his face and if he had continued to treat Ariel as a boy, he would really be foolishly blind. Since their group was without men, then the mercenaries would have the chance to perform.
These mercenaries were waiting for a chance to be heroes and save the beauties. Not everyone would have a chance to rescue beautiful Grand Dukes. Not every mercenary could claim connections with the upper level of nobility and the opportunity to climb up the summit of life.
Towards the existence of the onlookers, Bella felt indifferent. She led Kriss, Ariel, and Ivy towards the nearest rock puppet and moved close to it. Besides the mercenaries over here, there were also many students of Olsylvia Academy who came to do society tasks and their expressions were even more nervous than the mercenaries.
Many people had recognized the identity of President Ivy, and Bella, Kriss and Ariel’s identity had been recognized soon after. Although Kriss and Ariel had not worn their own imperial family’s lapel badge, there were still many people who remembered them.
On the outskirts of Olsylvia Academy, in the surroundings of the Alcott Valley, the garrison base camp of Manasvir Empire Simon Quarry.
In the General’s tent, a beautiful girl was sitting upright, handling official business. Her spacious black ebony desk was filled with various military documents and the space behind her was filled with many tall bookshelves. The bookshelves had masterpieces from various empires of the human race spread out on it and the whole General’s tent’s atmosphere was very solemn.
“General Pamela, subordinate has an important matter to request for an audience! General please grant permission.”
“Please come in!”

Pamela put down the quill pen where she was annotating the military documents. She raised her head and looked towards the position of the entrance. In this period, Alcott Valley should be very stable. The students of Olsylvia Academy and the mercenaries had helped them alleviate burden of monitoring of the rock puppets slightly.
“What… This is simply causing trouble. Why didn’t the brain-dead Captain Lauren stop them immediately? Please gather the camp’s calvary for me quickly.”
“General Pamela, they are alright, but …”
“Stopping uttering nonsense, I have really got to hand it to all of you. To sit and watch a Duke and two princesses making trouble; all of them did not bring subordinates and if by any chance they were injured by the rock puppets, the Gabriel Empire and the Aldridge Empire would perhaps hold our empire accountable.
Pamela did not dare to delay and wore her helmet immediately as she walked out of the army camp. A Duchess and Princess of the Gabriel Empire with the Princess of the Aldridge Empire had run to Alcott Valley to play the game of “monster hunter”. They did not bring any subordinates with them and if by any chance there was a mishap, then the person in charge of the region would get into trouble.
The garrison of Manasvir Empire was allocated about two thousand cavalry soldiers. This cavalry was basically light cavalry and there was also medium-sized calvary mixed in between. They were not comparable to the Octavia Empire who was the empire of cavalrymen and had a lot of heavy cavalry.
Pamela’s speed of sending troops was very rapid; about two thousand cavalry had finished the process of assembly and set off in less than half an hour. As the vast stretch of cavalry set off, the surrounding undergrowth of the garrison had many fuzzy shadows who were assembling.
“Kelvin, General Pamela had left in a hurry, I am not sure what she’s doing.”

“Steven, stop drooling. General Pamela is our general, do you have improper thoughts about her!”
“You, a guy with no dreams, although we are just soldiers of the sentry, what’s the difference between a soldier without a dream and a salted fish. A certain famous general had said that the one who refuses… refuses to become a general is not a good soldier.
“You shall continue to dream. After I am done with my duty this month, I will go back to the village to get married to a girl. You will be envious…”
“Kelvin, your life…. The hand behind you is …”
Guard Steven looked at his comrade and was frightened when he saw that a dagger had pierced through Guard Kelvin’s chest, where the heart was. Behind Kelvin, a big hand that was wearing a black glove had directly covered his mouth. This unlucky guy had no chance to speak and died.
Steven wanted to shout that there was an attack from the enemy but before he did not manage to do so, there was a burst of coldness on his neck and his line of sight fell onto the grass; he could not see the sky anymore.   
The two guards who were in charge of on duty of standing guard at the gate of the army camp were busy talking big and did not realize that a black shadow had gone behind them. After a round of sneak attack by the black shadow, the two guards died on the spot. One was stabbed to death on the back and another was directly beheaded.
Obviously, the attacker had come prepared and at the army camp’s lookout tower, the few soldiers who were in charge of keeping a lookout had already died. They had died earlier than the guards who were standing guard at the gate. The few arrows on their bodies were accurately aimed at the throat and directly pierced into the neck. This gave them to have no time to sound the alarm before they died.
General Pamela led the cavalry and headed to Alcott Valley at top speed. With regards to the “attack” on her base camp, she did not know at all. The location of the Manasvir Empire was located in the central district of the human race continent and because there was no immediate danger of war, the soldiers had become relaxed.
The garrison consisted of over ten thousand people and more than half were new soldiers. The fighting strength, as compared to other empires, especially those in the Octavia Empire who were on the frontline all year round, as well as those people in Gabriel Empire who had many fierce battles over the years with the Ocra, was definitely worse.
  Pamela was lucky to have dodged this calamity in this round of sneak attack. The sneak attackers’ original plan was to capture General Pamela alive, then make trouble. Pamela’s departure had upset their plan. If the start of their plan had been even earlier, then a segment of history would have been edited.

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Outskirts of Olsylvia Academy, Alcott Valley outback center.
General Pamela would see something unforgettable over here. She saw four beautiful female adventurers kill a nearly six meters tall rock puppet. This type of six meters rock puppet had petrified skin that was as solid as granite. The degree of danger exceeded those normal rock puppets who were around three meters in height by far.
Beside the six-meter tall rock puppet, three beautiful girls were attacking it from all sides. Their professions were a swordsman, a mage, and a knight. The blonde beautiful girl, who was a knight, was in charge of pulling aggro while the stunning silver-haired female swordsman was in charge of mounting a sneak attack.
Behind both of them, there was a female mage with her real face hidden and she was in charge of providing assistance from a long-range distance. As for the beautiful assassin who had not been mentioned, she played a small character from the beginning to the end. Her main responsibility, to one’s surprise, was to gather materials on the battlefield.
One side was three companions who were fighting happily, another side was the assassin who had nothing to do and was gathering kiwi fruits and Six-Colored Flowers which were on the floor. This combination not only made General Pamela stare blankly but the mercenaries who were waiting to see Bella and the others make a fool of themselves, enter a state of petrification.
The lawn near to Bella and her team was filled with damaged rock fragments. Before General Pamela had rushed over, ten rock puppets had already been destroyed. Among the fragments, some were left behind by the six meters tall granite rock puppets.
The mercenaries who were watching had sad expressions on their faces as they had waited in vain. After waiting for half a day, they did not expect that the girls were “real capable” and they were the ones faking. Towards Bella and the few people who were shameless in “kill stealing”, the mercenaries were forced to suffer in silence and could only stand there, watching helplessly. People snatch the monsters based on their strength, why would they give it to them?
The stone brain of the rock puppets simply had no intelligence. When facing Bella’s provocation, it swung its arms and two heavy fists were pounded over. A pair of one-meter diameter wide granite fists was ruthlessly slammed onto the body of Bella.
Bella raised a huge pitch-black shield and directly absorbed two hits from the rock puppet. After a loud “bang”, Bella did not even twitch and stood at her original place. The rock puppet did not retreat as well; it was slowly pulling its fist back and preparing to attack again.
Bella appeared very calm but both her hands were beginning to feel numb. The strength of the rock puppet was more perverted as compared to the previous Demonic Beast Earth Demonic Bear. The power of the attack, it was unknown how many Earth Demonic Bear’s strength it consisted of.
With each hit from the rock puppet, the strong wind generated from its fist would flatten the grass under Bella’s feet. Bella finally knew why this thing would have a special effect of dizziness. Without a holy knight’s cultivation and when this fist was slammed down, the person may be directly pounded into minced meat sauce.
Every attack from the rock puppet used its whole body’s strength. Even a holy knight, who had been hit a few rounds, may also get dizzy. Because Bella was not considered part of the human race now, she was able to defend many rounds of attack from the rock puppet without fainting.
If Bella had known in advance of the rock puppet’s great strength, she would have pulled Lisha and Irene along. It would be too painful for one holy knight to fight this type of abnormally violent demonic beast. If there were a few more holy knights attracting aggro, it wouldn’t be as tiring.
In Bella’s little team, she was the only knight and at first, she said that she would be in charge of attracting aggro while Kriss, Ariel, and Ivy would watch from the side; all these words were said by her. To save face, Bella decided to carry on. She dug her own grave so even if her heart was filled with tears she would need to carry on and pretend.
The rock puppet’s speed of attack was not very fast and just as both of its hands were in the process of retracting back, Ariel’s one round of blended magic, a blizzard, smashed over. The mixed magic was ice mixed with wind. Although both were the same blended magic, but Ariel’s blizzard was stronger than Sylvia’s.
A six-meter tall barrier of icy tornado wrapped around the rock puppet directly; its petrified skin surface already appeared to be frozen. This was not finished yet as Ariel’s second round of magic attack followed.
This time was wood mixed with earth type of blended magic, which was earth prison. Below the legs of the rock puppet, two big holes opened in the ground and the rock puppet’s legs were stuck inside. Immediately following that, countless rattan popped up from inside of the hole and tangled firmly with the rock puppet’s legs. It caused the rock puppet to be unable to move from its position.

Kriss, who was standing by the side, grabbed this rare chance to leap up and attacked the rock puppet, that had both its hands extended out. At this moment, Ariel’s first blizzard happened to be over and the hands of the rock puppet were still frozen and stuck in the mid-air.
From her sword dimension, Kriss took out two swords from the air. She sliced through the small crack in the joint of the rock puppet’s arm. This was the only Achilles’ heel of the rock puppet and only when it was attacking would it be exposed.
After two rounds of the sword aura, the six-meter tall rock puppet’s four meters long pair of hands were cut off. The difference between it and the other demonic beasts was that the rock puppet did not have any blood and it also did not feel pain. After both hands were cut off, it lowered its head and decided to continue to attack. Looking at this position, it probably would use its head to smash!
Bella looked at the stone brain, which was bigger than a fist, and felt guilty. In fact, the rock puppet’s stone brain was the firmest position of its whole body. It was firmer than its fist and if its head smashed down, then she estimated that the huge black knight’s shield that she was using now can be scrapped on the spot.
This shield was not sold in the marketplace and if Bella scrapped this, she would not be able to buy another one. In this matter of life and death, Kriss took advantage of the instant that the rock puppet lowered its head, and jumped onto the rock puppet’s joint where the hand had been cut off.    
Kriss’s double swords were directly inserted into the rock puppet joint arms. On the surface it seemed like she had done nothing. In actual fact, there were already many rounds of sword aura following Kriss’ sword that had entered the rock puppet’s granite body. Inside its body, it was already dismembered.
This move was a taboo skill in the profession of a swordsman. Last time, Ivy had mentioned it to Bella. As the scene of the massacre was too bloody and the enemy who was dismembered from the inside by the sword aura usually would usually have their flesh and blood fly everywhere . Due to various reasons, the Gabriel Empire, which was a swordsman empire, had forbidden the swordsmen in using this skill on other people.
The rock puppet’s six-meter tall body stood at a standstill. After a short period of time, countless streams of air sprayed out from its body. As air sprayed out, the huge body of the rock puppet instantly broke up into chunks of stone and scattered onto the floor    
Fortunately, it was the rock puppet that was being killed. If it was another demonic beast, the body would not spray out air but blood. The picture would indeed be on a restricted level. Following the rock puppet being killed, the assassin who had nothing to do finally begun work.
President Ivy, who was an elite assassin, had an accurate judgment on the position of the human heart. This rock puppet, after all, was still human type demonic Beings. The Heart of Rock Magic was equivalent to its heart. Ivy relied on her sharp sense of smell and found the heart position of the rock puppet effortlessly.
Ivy went through a few rounds of dagger digging before digging out a spherical demonic stone. This sphere had lots of weird symbols on its surface; it was the legendary Heart of Rock Magic. Originally Ivy did not want to be lazy and do nothing, but her team members were all gods and she was unable to intervene in the fight.
Ivy looked at Bella, Kriss, and Ariel with a complex expression. The few girls’ strength had already exceeded her expectations. In this semester’s campus ranking competition, her position as first would be in danger because of their appearance.
General Pamela, who was disconnected at the side, had woken up and decided to turn to leave. Bella’s strength had already exceeded all the cavalry that she had brought and if she continued to stay there, she was afraid that her self-esteem would suffer a blow. Three people had beaten a six-meter tall rock puppet; the result would be a new legend and circulated around.
After the rock puppet was defeated, Bella paid attention to Pamela. Since this beautiful general had turned up, she could not think of leaving the place without saying a word. At the very least, say a few sentences before leaving. Bella’s huge shield was going to be scrapped. Coincidentally, she could borrow a few military shields from General Pamela to make up the number!

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