Chapter 882 – Black Spider!

Ji Mo Ya was still feeling uneasy, his eyelids were twitching. He started walking outside; Bai Li Zi Xi who was beside had noticed the expressions on Ji Mo Ya and Mo Si and she knew that they were conversing in secret.

Now that Ji Mo Ya suddenly walked outside, she was beginning to feel anxious and quickly said, “Young Master Ya, your injury has yet to recover, there is still Devil Energy inside you. Where are you going?”

Ji Mo Ya ignored her.

As he strode out, the Feather Guards did not dare not stop him.

By the time Madam Ru and the Ji Mo Clan Elders have arrived, Ji Mo Ya had already left Holy City on Flowing Cloud Flying Carriage, heading towards the Desolate Great Forest.


Huan Qing Yan traveled through the forest quickly.

She had a clear goal, if the ancient bowl has no notifications for her as she passed through a place, she would just continue to travel forward quickly.

She has been traveling in such a manner for the past five days, but there were no results.

The ancient bowl did, however, notify her of many other spirit plants and treasures, but Huan Qing Yan ignored them as she was in a rush.

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Also, she continued to have a faint feeling that she was being followed and so several times, she deliberately stopped to check, but she did not discover who was following her.

After being on alert for two days, the faint feeling of being followed disappeared. As Ji Mo Ya was still in danger, all her thoughts were only about him.

Desolate Great Forest was a type of tropical forest.

Rain would fall, unpredictably, and the entire forest would become extremely humid after the rain.

The rain was just starting to fall again and Huan Qing Yan found a cliff to avoid the rain. Coincidentally, the ancient bowl gave a notification that a spirit plant she did not own was nearby; thus Huan Qing Yan decided to use the free time to harvest it.

The cliff was not high but had many strange rocks, the random piling up formed a cave.

The spirit plant was located inside the cave.

A careful Huan Qing Yan entered and saw a small flower emitting a faint blue glow, the thing was what she was seeking.

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She checked her surroundings and except for those black rocks, there was nothing else; Huan Qing Yan quickly went about harvesting it.

However, before she could even start admiring the plant, a situation suddenly happened!

“Swoosh!” a cold light appeared, bringing along wind as it swept towards her legs!

Huan Qing Yan was shocked. Fortunately, she was able to see the incoming attack, thanks to the Clear Sight Spell she used before entering, allowing her to quickly move away.

The cold light struck nothing and hid inside the black rocks.

Very soon, these black rocks suddenly rose up and started shaking.

These were not black rocks, but five huge black spiders!

Huan Qing Yan quickly retreated.

The small eyes on the spiders revealed a murderous cold light and quickly chased after her.

“Piggy!” seeing that she will be unable to escape, Huan Qing Yan quickly released Pig Spirit Treasure.

Piggy grunted and appeared like a shining star.

Just that the shine came from the living fire on its trotters, making it look mighty and domineering.

It looked like it had obtained pretty decent treatment for some time.

Piggy did not display any traces of fear when it saw the huge spiders. It gathered strength on its trotters and charged forwards.

The spiders might be vicious, but they were hesitant when they saw piggy. 

They are not stupid, they knew immediately from a glance that this fella uses fire, which was their natural nemesis!

Piggy did not care what they thought as it charged, straight at them.

The five spiders were flustered, some evaded in panic, while some spit spider silk and another tried to use its legs to block piggy.

One must say that these spiders were not weaker than Piggy, just that they have bad luck.

Their spider silk was useless against Piggy, it had instantly burned into ashes upon contact.

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